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    In-game name: Tamigotcha
    Age: 15
    Skype: cassidyevans_
    Can we trust you 100%(Don't write yes only.)?: You 100% can trust me, because i have been playing since late 2009/early 2010 (anywhere from november-january if i recall correctly) and have never been banned a single time, and have been staff on many occasions :)

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    In Game Name: Pyro219
    Age: 17
    Gender: Biologically male.
    Timezone: Central US
    Have you played any Fallout games? Which one(s): New Vegas, 1, 2, 3, Tactics, and Van Buren Demo

    Why do you want to play on this server?: Because honestly Fallout RP servers are the only thing I found fun and actually
    competent on Minecraft multiplayer, and this one actually comes out in 2 days from posting. And I've been playing far too much EVE Online, so there's that.

    Did you read the rules?: The means justify the ends, dude

    Have you read the lore?: Stonewall Jackson is a hell of a reference, so what the hell does Summit Trading Co. reference? Oh, and Enclave are naughty yadda yadda.


    Name: Joseph 'Joey' Miur
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Character's signifying traits and attributes: He is a snarky, sarcastic d*ckwad, easily distinguishable by his electric blue eyes, scarred neck, and the fact that he spotted you long before you even began to notice his presence. He speaks softly, though, a byproduct of-well, you'll see

    Just like in the game, you have 40 points to add to whoever categories you choose):
    Perception- 10

    Location: 27 mile
    As you're walking north along a desolate highway to a few hundred meters ahead you can see 2 large black birds circling in the sky, to the east a few miles off large thunderheads can be seen. Hopeful to avoid the storm you begin to walk a bit more briskly scanning your area to find shelter from the rain. You observe a small light grey smoke plume coming from the median of the highway only a couple hundred meters away. Before approaching the scene you take a quick look in your bag (below is a list of your items). As you approach the scene you can see that it is a Summit Trading Company Caravan that has been hit, the merchant lies dead near a slaughtered Brahman blood covers his clothing and a box of items is scattered near him. Of the two guards, one lies near a jersey barrier; empty shell casings from the cowboy repeater are scattered around the body. The other guard is struggling to pull himself upright using the one of the carts wheels, his leg has been blown off below the shin and is now nothing but a bloody mix of singed skin and asphalt.

    Bag contents:1x 10mm Pistol
    7x 10mm Pistol rounds
    1x bottle of dirty water
    2x mentants
    1x salisbury steak
    1x Squirrel on a stick
    1x small radio (working)
    1x stimpak

    1x Half-used first aid kit (missing supplies)
    What do you do?:
    Joey moves over to the wounded man, looking his wounds over with a curious, though rather cold eye. Without a word, he takes the Bandages out of his first aid kit, wrapping the stump as best as he could. He sets down the radio next to him, uttering the numbers. "101.5" the frequency of the nearest town. He leaves him the squirrel kebab (finding squirrel bits rather bland, honestly), and standing. He moves around the area, scavenging and taking anything of use, soon stuffing his pack to the brim. He then takes his hands, and, covering them with bits of scrap clothing from the merchant, moves the bodies about half a football field away, putting some rocks over the bodies to keep the coyotes from getting to them. He then moves on, disappearing into the wastes once more.
    Character biography (At LEAST 2 paragraphs)
    Joey was born in a place called, 'The Pitt', a dreadful place east of Ohio with a rather bad disease problem and a habit of slavery. Quaint. His mother and father were both raiders, living with a group just outside the actual city, far enough away to where he wouldn't turn into a Trog. He lived a nice life, kicking the other children into the dust, learning sharpshooting from his mother, an accomplished sniper herself, and learning the fine art of 'not-being-seen-and-therefore-not-getting-your-ass-shot-by-some-junky' from his father. He was destined to become yet another raider, destined to die by either overdose or some sod with a shotgun out in the wastes. Life was okay, except for one little thing: He was a little too curious. At the nice, prepubescent age of 13, he wandered a little too far away from Mum and Dad, finding out just why the hell you need to be strong in the wasteland, or, to say, he was attacked by a Trog that badly mauled him and sliced his throat, severely damaging his vocal cords. A scout, hearing his screams, came by and saved him, dragging him back to his home to where he could be saved.
    Due to the vocal cord damage, he became very quiet, almost an introvert, as speaking was painful for him quite a long while after the attack, only becoming somewhat bearable after he turned 16, inadequate wasteland medicine and all. He sought to improve himself, to become what was called in his area a 'rouge' or 'scout', and not having to rely on other people, therefore becoming quite the adventurous fellow with a knack for shooting people's eyes out 2 blocks away without anyone noticing that he got there. But, after years of adventuring, he became one thing that no 19 year-old should ever be: Bored. So, in the vein of every young man who aspires to be great, he took off on an adventure, taking the tramways out westward towards god-knows-what. He fought and stole and snuck his way west for 2 years, taking a nice, leisurely, slow, wandering path westwards, shedding his gear through breaking and selling like a dog sheds hair in summer, until, eventually, he lost all of his gear, selling his armor and last knife to a roving trader, hoping to make it to the the closest city before he died.
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    sugarspike ftw
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    hemitite is more amazing than griffin.
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    cows dont say moo. they say noo because you suck. lol jk buena vista is amazing
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    buena vista is the best thread bumping town ever.
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    Age: 14

    Skype: (if you don't have an account don't worry you can still be accepted) no (making a new one, old one got hacked)

    Timezone or Country: USA

    Why do you want to join?: (please provide an in depth answer, around a paragraph) Because i really need a new server that seems like it will last and stay up for a long time, that has PvP but not crazy killing (one of my pet peeves) and i feel i can stay on for a long time without getting bored/ or annoyed by the people online xD

    What will you bring to the server?: I am a very mature person for my age, and i am also a good builder & hunter/gatherer

    Who is your favourite Mindcracker or Hermitcrafter?: I don't really have a favorite, i like most that i find :)

    How much time will you dedicate to the server?: Anytime i can get on the computer, which is a few hours everdyay, almost all day on the weekends and school holidays.

    What type of stuff do you do in real life?: I play french horn, and i am a cheerleader/dancer (yes i'm a girl) i'm also in theatre, but i still have plenty of time to play minecraft with all of that going on.

    Favourite block?: Glowstone

    YouTube channel (Optional) and will you record: (also Optional) None & Maybe

    Will you be interested in the community activities? Possibly

    Do you agree with our rules?: Yes especially :)

    Have you ever been banned on other servers? If so, what for? (Don't worry if you have, you can still get on the server) Sort of, Not for a real reson exept for an old account i had got hacked, so i told them to ban me.

    Rank yourself out of 10 on the following:

    :cobblestone: Building 10/10 :cobblestone:

    :tnt: Redstone 6/10 :tnt:

    :DSWORD: PVP 8/10 :DSWORD:

    :DPA: Caving 10/10 :DPA:

    :DHOE: Farming 8/10 :DHOE:

    :ph34r: Pranking 9/10 :ph34r:

    :Zombie: PVE 9/10 :Zombie:

    I dont prank very often to a rate where it gets annoying, but mostly only to my friends. Hope i'm accepted :D

    (edited for spelling issues, i was typing really fast :| )
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    posted a message on [Looking for staff] new server with new stuff [co owner needed]

    What position would you like:head admin or co-owner

    Why should we pick you :because i am very experienced and have been on minecraft since alpha 1.0

    What are you best at: i don't have a specific great job, I'm good at anything really (not to sound conceded)

    How long have you had minecraft: for about 3-4 years. (since the beginning of minecraft when it first came out not exactly sure when)

    What are you like in real life: im a very funny friendly person who is always eating apples ;) and loves company and helping others.

    Have you ever been banned or done some thing that should have gotten you banned:no

    Other information:im a girl but ill try not to be overly dramatic and well, girly. im also a cheerleader but im able to be on minecraft every day from about 6:00 to 10:00 on weekdays. and almost always on weekends.
    Quote from DeeLeeTek

    flame you can't have played in Alpha is was released :L
    Alpha is in the stage where they are coding everything.
    you could still play it during alpha, it was just not very refined and there was not many materials/ gameplay space.
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    master wanted me to post...boo
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Fallout: Reclamation ☢New Lore Added 7/19!☢New Ownership☢A new serious Fallout RP server!☢Completely new/original map an
    Quote from CalebTheBanana

    wait why am i not allowed to make a night kin or super mutant

    Look, mate, i'm going to be nice. You CAN'T be a nightkin or super mutant. They are too overpowered for RP, and unless we KNOW you can Rp VERY well, and KNOW you well, we won't let you be one. And even then, you'd have to have an absolutely AMAZING app for it, which...frankly....yours isn't the best.

    And, for your second app with the normal human: Your special is messed up. A perfect shot would have a perception of 8-10, not 2. Character description-wise: What a character LOOKS like are like his facial features, hair/eye color, etc. Clothing is where the Tux would go. And really, your character shouldn't be too overpowered, like yours is. Your character is wayyyy too overpowered. Use punctuation more in your Backstory. WAYYY more. And, please, fix that RP example. Put it more like this

    Raider: I will get the rest of my Raiders!
    Frank: Okay, do that, I am a professional Bounty Hunter.
    And so on and so on.

    Punctuation is a HUGE thing in an application for an RP server like this. If you can use punctuation and grammar well, it can take you a long way.
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    posted a message on SyroCraft - [Survival] [Semi-Vanilla] [Events] [Economy] [Community] Now on 1.12!
    Q: What is your in-game-name?
    Q: How old are you? (Optional, leave blank if you'd rather not answer)
    Q: How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    Q: What do you like to do on Multiplayer?
    A:build with friends and show people my skills
    Q: What are your other interests?
    A:im a cheerleader, in symphonic band (i play french horn) and im in theatre
    Q: How did you find this server? Did someone invite you? If so, who?
    A:i was looking through the servers on the forums and saw this
    Q: Have you read and understood the rules?
    A:i have and do
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] - SUPER INSOMNIAC PARTY - [Vanilla] - [Whitelist] - [24/7] - [20 Slots] - [CoreProtect]
    is there any possible way i could please get on the server? this is the only server i could find that has the things i'm looking for. or do you know of any other servers with the same rules/plugins as you?
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Fallout: Reclamation ☢New Lore Added 7/19!☢New Ownership☢A new serious Fallout RP server!☢Completely new/original map an
    Quote from xXDrnachosXx

    I'm trying to think of a good character to be a legionare. And I can't have it that I'm already in the legion? My idea is that he ends up leaving the vault much earlier say 13 or so. He is captured by the Legion,enslaved and built up to be a legionare. Can I do that?

    No, you can't. You cannot be in a faction from the outset of the server. You must work your way in AFTER the server goes up. And, as the leader of the Legion on this server, I suggest you brush up on your Legion lore a bit. I prefer people who know what they're doing and know a little bit about the faction they want to join. Helps a lot, trust me, especially if you're going to be working with me.

    EDIT: And I most DEFINITELY suggest you come up with a more original backstory than that. Your bio has many parallels to Fallout 3. It would help your app get accepted if you were more original. If you need some ideas, you can always PM me at this account, and I'd be glad to help out.
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] - SUPER INSOMNIAC PARTY - [Vanilla] - [Whitelist] - [24/7] - [20 Slots] - [CoreProtect]
    In-Game Name:Pyro19

    Age (Be honest, there's no age limit):13

    Why do you wish to join this server?:because i've been looking for a server that has PvP but not crazy PvP, and that seems to have a nice staff and community, which this one seems to have. Plus the fact that this is a vanilla server makes it PERFECT.

    How active do you intend to be?: I hope to be able to go online everyday for at least a few hours, as its still summer for me and i practically live on the xbox and computer, so being online hopefully wont be an issue for me.

    Past minecraft/server experience?:I have no experience on the server, but i do have experience on Minecraft from early beta. not sure exact release though. So i do have a lot of experience on Minecraft.

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm from texas, USA, so if i do say some southenr-ish things from time to time, its normal cx. plus i do find myself to be a very good builder, i have also been told that, so i love going onto good servers and showing people that for someone as young as me i'm still a good builder. (i know self praise sucks but i'm trying not to sound conceded cx)

    Do you have any questions?: Yes, one accually. Since you cant look chests, is it possible to lock doors so people cant even get to your chests?

    Other info: Im a girl, pretty much covers it. i use my brothers account even tho we do both share a love for tf2 <3
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] - SUPER INSOMNIAC PARTY - [Vanilla] - [Whitelist] - [24/7] - [20 Slots] - [CoreProtect]
    i hope you dont take this offensively because im not trying to make it seem like that, but idk how i would make my application longer, i answered the questions with detail, so theres really nothing left to add
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