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    Hello Minecraft Server community :smile.gif:. I'm Pursuit, and I have recently started a freebuild/PvP server for everyone to play on!

    What is Pursuit's World of Goodies? Well, it's a freebuild server that is completely new, features designated PvP areas, a freebuild world, contests where admins look at your building work and award you with in-game prizes, PvP tournaments with prizes, and much much more all in the Minecraft Beta.

    WE HAVE A FORUMS (Created by Mulu731) - http://worldofgoodies.proboards.com/index.cgi


    SECONDARY NETWORK:- If the first one is full type this network in-

    same password and IP as the original.

    Info- <-- IP to log into server

    hamachi info- MCpublicPursuit
    pass: protoss

    After joining the hamachi channel you are free to log in and start your building.


    How to get on:You need HAMACHI to log onto my server. Hamachi is completely free, and you will have absolutely no problems downloading it. Here is the DL link-

    https://secure.logmein.com/products/ham ... nload.aspx

    Agree to the terms and download the one on the left, the free version.

    Now, after downloading hamachi, start it up, and click the "network" button at the top right below "logmein Hamachi", the Network button is right next to System.

    After clicking the Network button, click "Join an Existing Network"

    Then, go back to the top of this thread where I posted the info and type in the server name and password.

    After joining my network, go over to Minercraft multiplayer and put in the ip address and join in!

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have joined Pursuit's World of Goodies!

    Griefers on the server will be dealt with harshly. You will be IP banned and you will not be able to appeal the ban.

    Any ban appeals, feedback, etc is done on our boards - http://worldofgoodies.proboards.com/index.cgi

    I HAVE not decided yet if I want to open any OP/admin applications yet, I already have me as admin and another as op. I'm waiting until we need the extra manpower.

    Note: this is a NEW server that not many people have played. There will be some technical difficulties that arise since it is so new. I ask you all to be patient until they are fixed. As of now, there are no technical difficulties.
    Enjoy your time on Pursuit's World of Goodies!!
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    posted a message on Server Outdated Issue - Hamachi
    I can't log into my server because it says its outdated.

    After deleting my minecraft server pack and redownloading it, minecraft is just now crashing on the spot whenever I log in.

    I think I know the problem, but heres how I ran the server PRE BETA

    I used Hamachi and my friends got on my hamachi and they typed the IP adress into the multiplayer, logged in, and good stuff lets play because I inputed my IP adress into a txt file in the minecraft servers pack.

    How do I integrate hamachi into my minecraft server folder so that my friends can log on?

    please and thank you
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    I need help for this server I'm making.

    If you want to be a part of it, please message me on steam (Pursuit3) or PM me here.

    Basically, its a TNT deathmatch server-

    Players spawn in 1 of 6-7 spawn locations in a certain area and rotate their spawns, much like any regular deathmatch game.

    The players will spawn with a certain amount of TNTs, a diamond pickaxe, and 10 Torches.

    At that point it is an all out deathmatch, Monsters are disabled. The terrain also adds in, the lava will kill you and water will slow you.

    This is done in a huge battlefield with absolutely no limiting factors, your TNTs will explode and expand the area or make it deeper.

    Now the server is already up and running, and I've tested this with a friend by adding TNTs.

    If we could make the small spawn location adjustments and spawning with TNTs, then the server is complete.

    Thank you.
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