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    posted a message on Regarding Summoning Rotated Armour Stands
    Recently, 14w32a was released. It came with coloured beacon rays, red sandstone, armour stands, and of course, bugfixes.

    The armour stand is a very nice addition, as this is a feature I, and probably many other people, have wanted for a while. There are three variations; Normal, Small, and Armed. Most of you might already know that the armour stand is actually a living entity. By this, I mean that it is not a block entity, so you can not use /setblock to summon it. In order to summon an armour stand, you need to use the /summon command, like with creepers or skeletons.

    The problem I have is that I have no clue on how to summon the armour stand rotated. If you summon an armour stand with /summon ArmorStand, it will simply be in one rotation, and can't be changed. I wanted to know if any people here have found out how to rotate it with the /summon command.

    And also, if any of you guys find out any other interesting things about armour stands, feel free to post it on this thread!

    If anyone wanted to know, you can summon the Small and Armed versions of the armour stand like this:

    Small: /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {Small:1}

    Armed: /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {ShowArms:1}

    Thanks for taking your time to read this!
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    posted a message on DurzoCraft (Enhancing the Default Look & Feel of Minecraft) 1.11.2

    This is super impressive. Not only are the textures amazing, but you were determined to do one every single well as WELL as make a full album?

    This man deserves an award.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 14w11a: ENDERMITES!
    Cool, in survival, creepers run away from detonated creepers.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 14w11a: ENDERMITES!
    Yeah, endermites fall OFF the endermen...ender parasites. I get it.
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    posted a message on Zany Mobs: The Wonders Of The Summon Command

    Welcome to this topic!
    In this topic, I will be talking about all the wonderful (and terrible) things you can do with the /summon
    command that was implemented in 1.7 Minecraft.
    The Summon Command's History
    The /summon command was implemented in the update of 1.7 Minecraft, the Update That Changed The World.
    Ever since, it has been helping map makers to spawn mobs easily, without the use of spawners.
    There is still more data tags being added into Minecraft, which leads to more varieties of things you
    can spawn with /summon.

    Spawning Crazy Mobs

    Here are some of the many crazy mobs that you can spawn with /summon:

    The Zombie Centipede
    /summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {Riding:{id:Zombie,Riding:{id:Zombie,Riding:{id:Zombie,Riding:{id:Zombie,Riding:{id:Zombie,Riding:{id:Zombie,Riding:{id:Zombie,Riding:{id:Zombie,Riding:{id:Zombie,Riding:{id:Zombie,}}}}}}}}}}}

    Ultimate EXP Farm
    /summon ThrownExpBottle ~ ~ ~ {Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:ThrownExpBottle,Riding:{id:Spider,}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    The Bloated Snake
    /summon Slime ~ ~1 ~ {Size:12,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:11,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:10,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:9,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:8,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:7,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:6,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:5,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:4,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:3,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:2,Riding:{id:Slime,Size:1}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Terrified Runner
    /summon Ozelot ~ ~ ~ {Riding:{id:Creeper}}

    The Nuke
    /summon Fireball ~ ~1 ~ {ExplosionPower:50,Motion:[0.0,0.0,0.0],direction:[0.0,0.0,0.0]}

    Sniper Supreme
    /summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {Equipment:[{id:261},{},{},{},{}],Riding:{id:Skeleton,Equipment:[{id:261},{},{},{},{}],Riding:{id:Skeleton,Equipment:[{id:261},{},{},{},{}],Riding:{id:Skeleton,Equipment:[{id:261},{},{},{},{}],Riding:{id:Skeleton,Equipment:[{id:261},{},{},{},{}],Riding:{id:Skeleton,Equipment:[{id:261},{},{},{},{}],Riding:{id:Skeleton,Equipment:[{id:261},{},{},{},{}],Riding:{id:Skeleton,Equipment:[{id:261},{},{},{},{}],Riding:{id:Skeleton,Equipment:[{id:261},{},{},{},{}]}}}}}}}}}

    Fine Dine

    /summon Pig ~ ~ ~ {Riding:{id:Sheep,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Cow,Riding:{id:Pig,Riding:{id:Sheep,Riding:{id:MushroomCow,Riding:{id:Chicken,Riding:{id:Cow,Riding:{id:Pig,}}}}}}}}}}

    Bedrock Dude

    /summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"Bedrock Dude",CustomNameVisible:1,Attributes:[{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.0},],Equipment:[{id:257},{id:305},{id:304},{id:303},{id:7}]}

    The Dinnerbunny

    /summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"Dinnerbone",Equipment:[{},{},{},{},{id:397,Damage:3,tag:{SkullOwner:CraftPotato13}}],Riding:{id:"Skeleton",Equipment:[{id:391},{},{},{},{id:397,Damage:3,tag:{SkullOwner:MHF_Sheep}}]}}

    Suicide Bomber

    /summon PrimedTnt ~ ~ ~ {Fuse:80,Riding:{id:Zombie,HealthF:1,Attributes:[{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.4},{Name:generic.maxHealth,Base:1},],Equipment:[{id:322},{id:317},{id:316},{id:315},{id:46}]}}

    Annoying Alliance

    /summon SnowMan ~ ~1 ~ {HealthF:200,Attributes:[{Name:generic.maxHealth,Base:200},],Riding:{id:Wolf,}}

    More coming soon...
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    posted a message on 1.8.3 - Talk About Minecraft Updates -
    Anyone else thinking that the new Slime Block (Bouncy Block) can be used for a LOT of parkour purposes?
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    posted a message on [1.7] ♣ Seeds For All Biomes! ♣

    Welcome to this topic! In this topic, I will try to achieve a goal of finding a seed for every biome, including the 1.7 ones. (I do not know if someone has done this before, but I'll do it anyway :P )

    First biome seed: Mesa

    Seed: Mom

    (Yeah, this is a weird seed, but it works...no kidding. This seed spawns you in a Mesa (Bryce) biome.)

    Second biome seed: Cold Taiga

    Seed: Leave blank for a random seed

    (Spawns you in a Cold Taiga.)

    Third biome seed: Roofed Forest

    Seed: -1618507012

    (Spawns you close to a Roofed Forest.)

    Fourth biome seed: Savanna

    Seed: 61059724

    (Spawns you in a Savanna, right next to a Desert Temple.)

    Fifth biome seed: Jungle

    Seed: Rainforest

    (Spawns you in a Jungle, which was made a rare biome in 1.7)

    Sixth biome seed: Ice Plains Spikes

    Seed: -3172071899326743199

    (Spawns you right next to an Ice Plains Spikes biome. Thanks to Lisha777 for finding this seed.)

    Seventh biome seed: Mushroom Island

    Seed: 8302715476103434037
    Seed 2: 6719172414383781019

    (Coords for first Mushroom Island: x: 19 y: 84 z: 388)

    (The second seed spawns you right next to a village and mushroom island. Thanks to AntOfThy for this seed.)

    Eighth biome seed: Flower Forest

    Seed: 584030580

    (Spawns you in a Flower Forest, along with a nice like and a swamp nearby.)

    Ninth biome seed: Mega Taiga

    Seed: 123456789

    (Spawns you very near a Mega Taiga.)

    Tenth biome seed: Stone Beach

    Seed: Lalalabored

    (Spawns you in a plains, but with a Stone Beach nearby.)

    Eleventh biome seed: Birch Forest

    Seed: -955251022

    (Spawns you near a Birch Forest.)

    Twelfth biome seed: Swampland

    Seed: -2019568609

    (Spawns you near a Swampland, with a Witch Hut nearby.)

    Thirteenth biome seed: Extreme Hills

    Seed: -2019568609

    (Spawns you near an Extreme Hills biome, and is the same seed as the Swampland seed.)

    More coming soon...

    If you liked this post, click that !

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    posted a message on [1.7] ♣ Seeds For All Biomes! ♣
    Quote from Lisha777

    I have one that spawns you super close to Ice spike plains!
    Here it is if you want to use it...

    I'm pretty sure its this one, just let me know if it doesn't work. But you should start of in normal ice plains.

    Yep, this works! I'll put it on the OP.

    Thanks for the help. :D

    By the way, just found a seed that spawns you on a Desert Temple.

    Seed: 1982491454

    And a seed that spawns you near a Jungle Temple.

    Seed: 2493504
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    posted a message on [1.7] ♣ Seeds For All Biomes! ♣
    Added a poll! :Diamond:
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    posted a message on [1.5.2/2.0] XCommands - Public Release (Last updated: 16th July)
    Quote from q3hardcore

    Own coding :) No MCP here, but it makes it easier when MCP is updated, because I can lookup its mappings.

    Cool. So MCP just makes modding easier?

    (Sorry, I have no idea what mappings are.)
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