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    Quote from Cire360»

    You know 'ignoring' the issues with bedrock isn't going to get them fixed. There are way more issues than just 'beacons' within this port. Mob spawning, for example, makes the game for most technical mined players unplayable. The changes to zombie pigmen is not justified and put in place only to prevent farming.

    They are willing to change things only to suit their needs, such as afk fishing farms, I mean really who cares if people fish while they are afk. The changes to the wither make it unable to ever use him within a farm, again pushing technical mined players away from this port.

    Dual way flying machines will never exist within bedrock, and these are just a few issues off the top of my head.

    What really annoys me is when people say its fine the way it is, its utter garbage and needs to be addressed, rather than addressing these issues they simply keep piling on more and more market content.

    We're not ignoring the issues. If we didn't support these features, that would be ignoring the issues. It would be neglecting to support fixing bugs and glitches.

    Farms were meant to be for crops and some animals only. All of these other farms weren't meant to be there. That's all you need for a feature to count as a bug. And, as

    I mentioned earlier, bugs make games undesirable, unstable, and they hinder development. In this case, the developers have chosen not to allow you to do this, and for good reason. It largely inbalances the game. Pigman farming can generate unlimited amounts of gold, which create golden apples, which can be extremely powerful. The player becomes overpowered. Fishing can generate materials of practically any type, and AFK fishing farms can do it consistently without the player even having to be there. That creates some serious balance issues. You can already fly with elytra. Flying machines are essentially useless unless you were trying to build some kind of TNT cannon (or something of the sorts), which can be overpowered in many servers.

    If you are technically minded, Minecraft has made many accommodations for you. Try using the command system or building a data pack.

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    posted a message on Add conditional commands for functions

    When working with command blocks, the conditional property is an essential feature. That is, a specific command only runs if the last command succeeded. Because functions are meant to run chains of commands, I figure they should support conditional just like the chains in the minecraft world do. It would also allow many command creations to be run completely through a data pack instead of a collection of command blocks. Also, the execute store command does not work well with data packs because it needs to interact with a block inside the actual minecraft world. Perhaps we could create virtual blocks/entities that can be targeted and used like regular entities but do not actually exist in the world.

    For the conditional thing, there could be a system that utilizes the tab. If the next line starts with a tab, the chain is run in a conditional way.

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    I'm sorry, I don't currently own any "answers" filed under "stupid".

    Was that stupid enough?

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    posted a message on Top 20 Most Useless Features in Minecraft

    he new 1.14 update is coming soon and with it are some more useless features! There are two main criteria I use to determine whether a block, item, etc is useful or not. It must be worth the cost and be a distinct addition to the game. Although aesthetics are generally good, a block that has a function or seems like it should have a function must be useful. This thread will go over items from the snapshots in addition to items already in the game.

    20. Bells

    The bell may be given more use in the later snapshots, but as of now, all it does is make a sound. Placing a gold block under a noteblock already makes a bell sound making this a redundant feature. To make more sound blocks, the noteblock would have to be seperated into many blocks such as it seems the crafting table is to avoid redundancy. Even so, that seems useless as well. It is not finished yet. Give them some time.

    19. Cauldron

    Yes, the cauldron is uesful in redstone builds, and has a few other trivial uses, but so much more could've been done with the block. Hopefully, the cauldron can one day replace the brewing stand as it has in console edition. It holds water. That's the entire point of the block. Couldrons don't make potions.

    18. Light Sources

    As of now, different light sources are used purely for aesthetic reasons, but what if they had varying abilities. For example, a sea lantern could be brighter than any other source of light underwater. Jack O' Lanterns could be slightly less bright than glowstone to make access to the nether more vital. Light sources DO have different light sources. It's just a little hard to see. And see lanterns do much better underwater.

    17. Crossbow

    There is little to no difference from the crossbow and the bow. The crossbow would be more useful if it could instantly fire arrows. Although less realistic, it at least provides a useful alternative to the bow. It already does less damage than the bow making it balanced. Instant damage is the entire reason 1.9 PvP was implemented. Although I do think this should happen, you would have to change the entire PvP system to avoid inconsistency. And it fires fireworks.

    16. Golden Tools

    The golden tools are for the most part useless- the sword and hoe especially. Yeah. Completely agree. I even made a thread about this.

    15. Dolphins

    Dolphins should be more effective in helping the player find treasure. This would require some other balance changes.

    14. Chest

    Barrels are cheaper and can be opened even if a block is on top of it. The double chest is the only advantage it has over the barrel. Yeah, I'm not exactly sure why this is. I feel that balance changes will probably come to the barrel later on.

    13. Polar Bears

    There's a reason everyone forgets about them. I don't actually no what they do.

    12. Rotten Flesh

    The only reason this is so low on the list is because rotten flesh can heal wolves and be used for trading with villagers. It's also an emergency food source, and can be made into leather.

    11. Egg

    Although they might be useful for chicken farms, they're useless as throwable items. Perhaps since eggs are slightly more difficult to get (without a chicken farm) they could knock the player back further. It does a little damage, and can craft cakes.

    10. Wooden Tools

    The wooden pickaxe is the only wooden tool that anyone creates. Players should be able to craft cobblestone with rocks/pebbles so that these five items can be removed from the game. It's an easy way to start the game, as trees are around you 90% of the time. Using rocks and pebbles would make it a lot harder to start the game. And if wood stuff was removed, new players would notice and ask "Why isn't there wooden stuff?"

    9. Ocelot

    Ocelots should just be a reskin of the cat mob specific to the jungle biome. They are currently harder to tame than a cat and less useful than cats too. Creating a new mob adds diversity to the game. Reskinning a mob doesn't do that nearly as well.

    8. Dead Bush

    This would have been lower on the list, but dead bushes fit well in the desert. This I agree with.

    7. Diorite

    Ewww... Perhaps dolomite could replace diorite. It's less messy, but not to the point that it looks polished. It was added to increase undergound diversity. Retexturing them WOULD be useless because you aren't obtaining any actual benefit other than a small satisfaction increase.

    6. Pigs

    The pig is one of the most iconic mobs in Minecraft. More useful features needed to be added to them. Perhaps pork could be the best food in the game- even better than steak. This would incentivize pig farms in addition to other farms. Riding pigs, although silly, is rather pointless. It's almost as good as riding horses. With a carrot on a stick, pigs are an amazing transportation system. The only disadvantages are that you can't jump or store anything. Making steak worse than pork would be unrealistic.

    5. Clock

    Clocks can tell the time, but so can the sun. If you're mining, why would you need to know the time anyways. Because more mobs spawn at night, whether you're in the sun or not. And it's much harder to tell time by the sun.

    4. Beetroot

    Beetroot itself only heals 1 hunger bar. Beetroot stew heals 6, but bowls don't stack! Additionally, beetroots can't be used to breed any animals. Stacking is not required to make something useful. And you can say the same things about potatoes, but you don't mention them here.

    3. Hoes

    Hoes only vary in durability. A stone or iron hoe is all you need. If you do a lot of farming, this is not true. And why would they leave out the hoe from the other sets of tools? That would result in a lot of questions like "Why is there no diamond hoe?"

    2. Poisonous Potato

    At least make it a little less obvious that it's poisinous. I understand the reference to the potato blight, but it seems pretty useless overall. I agree with this.

    1. Snowballs

    They don't effect the player who is hit anymore. Snowballs should not damage the player but still do some knockback. They strongly damage fire based mobs, like the blaze. And they're used to craft snow blocks, which is useful in building.

    Responses in red

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    posted a message on A new target selector for command blocks

    Currently, when a player hits a button, the only way a command block can access that player is with @p. And that's not guaranteed to hit the correct player. Just the nearest one. If there was another player that happened to be closer to the command block at the time, it would be executed on that player, and not the one who hit the button. This becomes more of a problem with chain command blocks. At the beginning of the chain, it may hit the right player, but at the end of the chain, it could hit a completely different one. You could use "execute at x y z" to fix this, but that makes commands even more complicated than they already are, which makes for less understanding and harder editing. This problem is nonexistent in single player mode, as there is only 1 player to target. But on a server, this problem gets more prominent the more people are on the server.

    What I'm suggesting is a target selector that gets the person who originally started the redstone chain. Maybe it could be called @x for "executor". If a player hits a button, the button tracks the player and the command block that is activated communicates with that button to figure out which player to target. If the command block was activated by another command block, it asks the command block that started the chain what to target, who asks the button. Same for levers, pressure plates, etc. If you ask a redstone dust (or anything else carrying a signal), it will ask the initiator of that redstone path (the block that activated the first redstone). If the initiator happens to be a block (such as an observer, redstone block, etc.), it will ask the command block or entity that originally placed that block there. If that block was generated by the computer, it will ask whatever player created the world. If the initiator doesn't exist anymore in the world, it will throw an error saying the entity was not found and stop the command.

    If you wanted to target a specific player, use "if @x[type=player]". If you run this selector through the chat box (or any other method that did not use a redstone signal, such as with an "execute as" command), it behaves in the same way as the @s selector. If the command is within a command block, however, it will ask the parent block.

    This is originally what I thought @s would do, so you should probably change the description of that, too.

    EDIT: It will also fix the problem that the selector @p with restraints doesn't work as most would expect. "@p[score={money=10}]" would find an entity if any player existed that had money of 10, not necessarily the nearest player. Most likely the player that is farther away was not the intended recipient of the command. The only solution I have found is to do this: "execute as @p run execute if @s[score={money=10}]". With this selector, you would always know that you are targeting the intended recipient because it can only possibly target 1 entity. You could use "@x[score={money=10}]"

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    posted a message on Change the canPlaceOn nbt tag

    Currently, the canPlaceOn nbt tag will not allow the block to be placed on anything when you don't specify it. This means that if you would like to only limit placement of certain blocks, you need to add EVERY SINGLE BLOCK to the canPlaceOn tag for the blocks you want to act normally. This is extremely inconvenient. My suggestion is to have an unspecified tag specify to be placed on anything and a tag of an empty list ("[]") to specify nothing.

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    posted a message on i have no idea whats wrong

    This seems to be an error with bukkit, as it is an error with a bukkit method. Apparently, there is no method called getTargetBlock inside of LivingEntity.

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    posted a message on Minecon Earth was an Epic Fail

    Compared to the last Minecons, it might have been a fail, but they succeeded in what they were trying to do (that is, hosting minecon on the internet) and it was as close to actual minecon as they could get.

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    posted a message on How to fix PvP combat

    You got my full support just by the title, but when reading the actual suggestion, you got 50% more.

    150% SUPPORT

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    posted a message on If you could have 1 minecraft item in real life, what would it be?

    Totem of Undying. NO CONTEST!

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