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    posted a message on combat in 1.9 good or bad?

    VERY BAD! Now I have to hit my opponents one by one, which makes me even WORSE at PVP than I already am. I was just starting to get the hang of it, but they just HAD to change everything. Now even killing a zombie is challenging.

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    Anyone who can get that armor is probably invincible anyway. It's not like the armor will never break, or it protects 99% of damage. It's not like the armor makes you teleport. Once you defeat the ender dragon, every mob is inferior to you. So you don't have to worry about being too OP against other mobs. And PVP already got hard enough when 1.9 was released, so why not add a weapon that does extra damage? 1.9 added so many balancing options, you could balance almost anything! Change the attack speed, add a special ability, or even add some toughness. In my opinion, all materials should have an armor type of sorts. Even Obsidian! This is an awesome suggestion! In fact, I have a suggestion to add to this: protection from levitation when wearing the armor.


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    posted a message on Why are parrots a thing?

    why not?

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