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    Axolotls just got added. I find it interesting how they can remove mining fatigue and play dead.

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    Quote from schmillen2»

    Take a look at some of the latest features they've introduced - Things from 1.17: Goats drop nothing meaningful, the spygalss is utterly useless, the Warden will drop nothing and there will be absolutely no point in killing it. And if we go back a few updates - pandas do nothing, polar bears do nothing, the only useful somewhat thing about turtles are their eggs. It took Mojang months to figure out how to make it possible to place chains horizontally and make them waterloggable. And still - chains are simply a cosmetic block - why didn't they make it possible to pull stuff with them? (video 1)

    The spyglass isn't useless, it allows you to increase your vision, and it works multiple times better than optifine does. Some of these mobs don't drop because they are hostile and intended to add a challenge to the game, not to be exploited. The warden won't drop anything because it's not supposed to be killed but instead avoided at all costs. It makes the game harder rather than more convenient. Turtles can be used to create turtle shell helmets, and the others were added for environmental reasons, which is a poor excuse to add something into the game, but still a legitimate reason. They don't hurt anything by existing, so the only complaints I have are about lost potential. It likely did not take them months to figure out the chain thing - Development in a company like that is slower than individually, and they had to decide that they were going to add these features first (it is not a given that this should be done).

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    Quote from dankest_memer»

    I'm going to be honest, and this probably will never see the light of day, but I'm going to write this anyway. I feel that in the past year or two, Minecraft has definitely taken a turn for the worse. I feel that the only update that has recently actually improved the game in the way that it should be improved, is 1.14. I'm going to talk about every update after 1.8, and say why they added value and challenge to the game, and then why I think 1.15, 1.16, and then when it releases, 1.17, are not, in my opinion, good for the game, and definitely not adding value.

    So, what you're saying is that the three latest updates are completely pointless and don't do anything good for the game? If they even add one good thing, they must be adding value.

    So, what the 1.15, 1.16, and 1.17 versions of the game added, and why I really do not like them.

    1.15: This added Bees and Honey. This itself was decent, and not an issue. What I really feel, however, is wrong with this update, is the Honey Block. Before this, there only used to be slime blocks, so you could move large, massive things, it would just be complicated and a pain to do so. Now, with the addition of the Honey block, which are essentially the same as Slime blocks, accept that they don't stick to them like Slime blocks would if you put them side by side. This made it so that you could build a massive door with a bunch of side-by-side flying machines, alternating Slime Blocks and Honey Blocks, instead of having to make one that was quite complicated due to the properties of Slime blocks. In my opinion, this makes it way too easy to build up what used to be incredibly complicated and elaborate Redstone machines. TL;DR for this update, this makes things that were and should be complicated, much easier than they should be.

    You said yourself that building giant redstone machines was a pain, so why would you intentionally advocate for that pain to remain where it is? What about a pointless challenge like this is so appealing? 1.15 was also mostly a bug fixing update, so the game was improved because it performed better.

    Now, for 1.16: This added many things, including Basalt, Blackstone, Chains, more variations of Nether Bricks, Crimson and Warped fungi, nylium, and wood, gilded blackstone, crying obsidian, lodestone, respawn anchor, shroomlight, a blue variation of all fires, a target block, the mobs Hoglins, Piglins, Striders, and Zoglins. It also added the Bastion Remnant, a building with lots of Piglins, with gold blocks and other loot inside. It added 4 new biomes as well. Basalt Deltas, Crimson Forests, Warped Forests, and Soul Sand valleys. Here is what I find so incredibly wrong about this, starting with this and moving to 1.17. To start off, I feel some of the new mobs and textures look a bit un-Minecrafty, but that's not the main issue. A lot of features, the biomes in particular, as well as the ability to trade with Piglins, feel almost modded to me.

    You know what else felt "modded"? Pretty much every single thing that was added to the game since the modding community started up. This argument is just an irrational fear of change, and it stands in the way of evolution. They've already overhauled almost all the textures, making the game look and feel much different than before. Why can't the game change any more?

    But that's not even the worst part for me. There are two larger issues. The first is converting Zombie Pigmen into Zombified Piglins. This just changes so much of one of the dimensions, one of the key functions of the game, into simply a weird looking version of a new mob. This disrupts the mystery of the nether, the intrigue.

    The zombie pigman has ONLY changed aesthetically, and it pretty much looked like a weird piglin in the first place. If the model hadn't changed, it would have just looked like a slightly weirder piglin, but it still would have looked like one. Otherwise, nothing changed.

    And now, for my least favorite part of this update, the Netherite. This is, by far, the worst change, in my opinion, they have ever made. This takes out a large part of the challenge of the game. To start, you don't take as much knockback, making it so that it's easier to win, and not to be knocked off of ledges, in PvP. Then, there's the fact that it makes it basically impossible to die when you are fighting any mob in the game, because of how incredibly well it protects you.

    Netherite has the exact same protection level as diamond armor, and the knockback resistance doesn't work every time. It's not much better than diamond itself.

    The tools make doing anything basically like mining it in creative mode as well.

    Efficiency is also only barely changed, and instamining is still just as possible as it was before.

    Now. For by far the worst update they will ever add to the game, 1.17. There are three features of this update, as it is at the time of writing this, that I actually feel improve the gameplay experience. I am also talking from the perspective of the current snapshot, 20w49a, as well as the reveal trailer. The three things I do like: 1. Taller, more generated mountains. 2. The ability to path any subtype of dirt block and 3. The ability to waterlog minecarts/minecart rails. Other than that, the textures, the features, all of that, just looks and performs like they went to about 10 mod pages, picked a random feature, and threw it into the game.

    What is with this fear of evolution? Why is change so bad for Minecraft?

    Stalagmites/Stalagtites, where and why? Also, they are the least Minecraft-like texture. The game is looking less and less like itself with every update, and I feel this bodes poorly for the future. The fossils are just odd, and again, oddly textured for a game like this.

    It's literally the exact same as a regular block, just with a snow animation. The game is all about exploring and reaping resources from the blocks, so archaeology fits perfectly into the theme.

    The Warden is a cool concept but looks like it never should've been considered a serious texture, and last but not least. Skulk sensors. Wireless Redstone. That's it.

    The Warden is part of a brand new part of the lore that was never seen at all before the announcement. How are you already going to claim that it doesn't fit when you haven't even seen what it would fit into?

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    Quote from Violette123»

    I just updated to 20w48a.

    The first thing I noted is the compass and the clock.

    I can't find what's changed in 20w48a in Minecraft main page and wiki.

    They added stalagmites, stalactites, a new bundle mechanic, and freeze damage gamerule.

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    Quote from tow4rzysz»

    Cauldrons now have use as powder snow collectors.
    I see no reason to add new food type that doesn't bring anything unique to the game whatsoever, it's mere clutter.

    I don't see how an entirely new food type is required for the suggestion. They do mention new soup types, but soup is not at all anything new to the game. Mushroom stew and beetroot soup are both classics (beetroots were in pocket edition for a while), and rabbit stew is a newer soup type. The suggestion here implies that they be creatable through a cauldron, and I don't see why that shouldn't happen, especially since liquid storage is only limited in use, considering that a 1 block hole works just as well most of the time and you can put powdered snow in a bucket.

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    Quote from pierconick»

    Definitely wouldn't mind more uses for cauldrons. As of right now, they seem pretty useless in Java edition- and I wouldn't mind being able to use them to do alchemy, store lava, etc- however, Soups never occurred to me. I like this idea- it would work well to improve Minecraft's lacking cooking system.

    In new snapshots, they can store lava and powdered snow, and they can grab water from stalagmites. In bedrock they're used for brewing purposes.

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    Quote from Badprenup»

    Everything else is fine by me. Normally I wouldn't say this but beyond dealing with Phantoms (assuming you want to keep game rules their default settings), any other benefit the bed gives are 100% optional and self inflicted. If you are on Single Player you can just never use a bed if you don't like how easy the game is made by them. As for servers, they make their own rules on what is allowed, including rules for beds. Many servers have voting to skip nights or other things like that.

    And I really don't buy that people will *always* use beds if they are an option. I like using beds, but I have absolutely started worlds where I decided I wasn't going to use a bed and then I followed through on that and never used them. It isn't that hard to have a modicum of self restraint.

    Considering the situation with enabling or disabling cheats, I wouldn't be so quick to assume everyone has such self-control. The entire argument for disabling them is that it's easier not to cheat if you don't have the option to opt to, implying that they lack the self-control not to opt for it. It is evident that ultimately the setting doesn't matter since you can change it via nbt, yet people argue that they wouldn't do that because it's too difficult (they don't have the self-control to be willing to do things of this difficulty).

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    The fact that they allow you to skip the night ensures that you are completely safe all the time except if you are in a cave or another dimension. Beds turn the entire overworld into one giant safehouse and remove almost any challenging aspect from the whole dimension. You could opt not to use them, but then the phantoms will come in and start killing you, which is a ridiculous concept if you ask me. If you try to make the game more difficult for yourself, you're bombarded with excessive difficulty and annoyance, and the only way to prevent this is to sleep, which makes the game ridiculously easy. It's black and white, and the only way to escape the trap is to turn the gamerule for phantoms off.

    Further, the bed causes massive explosions that can be used offensively in the nether and end, which makes the fights easier for an incredibly cheap price. That's very overpowered.

    I don't even see spawnpoints as significant in terms of balance, I'm just so mad about the other stuff.

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    posted a message on Microsoft Account Costs Money to Change Minecraft Username

    They specifically stated that this would not be the case. An account can be associated with Microsoft without actually being the Microsoft account itself, and they could very easily allow for multiple usernames or remove the charge via their own methods. Plus, they stated they will.

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    posted a message on Microsoft's recent move with the account migration PROVES they want to merge Bedrock & Java
    Quote from eiche_brutal»

    I welcome their move to increase account protection from hacking.

    The thing with the cape is a nice addition, many players can't visit minecons and would like to have one.

    But i don't understand why the cape backfired that hard.

    You've all seen the official announcement?

    That video wasn't a good move. Yes, they did explain everything,

    which is good BUT the way they portrayed their customers reaction is what i personally don't like.

    I felt like they want to indoctrinate me. Just put someone in front of a cam and let him explain the important deteils.

    That would have been enough.

    Perhaps it was a little exaggerated, but it's shockingly accurate to how things actually went down. I can't count how many times I've seen questions being asked about how this migration will affect the game even though Mojang couldn't make it more clear that the answer is "not at all." And people actually do not seem to care much about security, though I don't exactly see why they would care that much about a cape. It's almost as if this video successfully satirized the audience before they could even be sure what the audience would think. If they were purposefully trying to cause this reaction, then it's a pretty bad move since they literally just summoned a huge wave of opposition that theoretically wouldn't be there otherwise. I think the video was just designed to be fun and address the predicted concerns, but they might have nailed those concerns a little bit too accurately.

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