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    Quote from Thutmose»

    are you sure that all the rails are in place? also make sure it isn't being blocked by anything.

    Yepp, I am. I built and rebuilt them several times. On different (1.7.10)worlds, multi player, single player with and without other mods.
    it also doesn't matter, if they're in the same chunk or not or if it is within the spawn area or not.

    If you want, I can send you the world.


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    Hey there,

    first of all, great mod!

    Now to the problem I sadly have. :-(

    I use the ThutMods-2.1.jar with forge-1.7.10-

    I tried it with and without mods and have always the same problem: Elevators in caves or closed rooms wont move. They link and the controller shows the coloured numbers and so on, but if I press a number, the elevator wont move. It happens in single player and on a server.

    I looked into the logs to see if there's something, but nothing there. I also googled a lot but didn't find anything about it.

    Here's a picture:


    The two elevators on the top are working perfect. the one beneath them isn't working (the right ones are not connected). I rebuild it several times and also tried it on another position. But it wont work.

    Any tips? Or is the 1.7.10 version absolutely unsupported?
    Do you need any more information? Please let me know! :-)

    Thanx in advance


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    Hey there,

    I just registered to ask, if there's a fully working version for 1.7.10.

    The Problem is, it's not possible to smelt UBC ores in the vanilla furnace.

    I tested it with a setup of MC 1.7.10 + MC-Forge 1.7.10 - + either UBC 0.7 or 0.8 for 1.7

    EDIT: CosmicDan, I also testet your Version. But it doesn't work too. :-(

    The UBC 0.8 version for Forge 1.8 is working.

    So steps to reproduce are:

    Install MC 1.7.10 + Latest or recommended Forge for this Version

    Install UBC

    I saw a post where this was mentioned but it wasn't answered. so I decided to ask again.

    Thanks in advance, hopefully some one can help me and/or the other ppl who have this problem.


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