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    posted a message on Needing a 24/7 ~1GB Tekkit Server
    So the topic is the basic rundown of what is needed. I am wanting to pick up a server for my family / friends to be able to play on, without worry. The following must be available :
    • MUST be Tekkit Compatible
    • 512mb - 1GB Memory
    • 24/7 Uptime
    Other things that would influence the decision are:
    • Comes with free Voice Server - Mumble or TS preferred.
    • Pre-Installed and/or Maintained - I am pretty bad with setting up normal MC servers, so an install + maintenance will be pretty convincing.
    • Location - Not a huge factor, as long as there is no delay. The majority of us are from the Southern US.
    • Other Mod Abilities - Though we really enjoy Tekkit, the ability to switch to something else, like Hack/Mine would be nice as well.
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