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    posted a message on What would you be doing if Minecraft never existed?
    Quote from Mr Nimlet

    i would kill myself. Plain and simple.

    Quote from minercraft11

    my life would of ended

    If it never existed you wouldn't miss it. So...

    Anyway. I'd probably play more DotA 2, WoW, Skyrim, Planetside, or pretty much any other FPS/RPG/MMO. I'm never bored and for as much as I love Minecraft I enjoy plenty of other games just as much.
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    posted a message on R3D CRAFT - Play Minecraft in High Definition (04.04.17)
    Quote from Kestlerify

    Loving this texturepack. Just tried it and even thought this isnt ready jet (75% at the moment) I can use it just like any other texturepack

    //EDIT: Almost forgot. I used the 128x pack.

    Yeah, I think most of the more frequently seen things are already done.
    If you check the OP there's a section with his progress in it so you can see what areas of the pack are most complete.

    Quote from UniblueMedia

    Terrain textures: 73%
    Item textures: 62%
    Mob textures: 15%
    GUI textures: 96%
    Armor textures: 43%
    Environment textures 43%

    And if you really want to get in depth his Changelog is in this spoiler tag.

    0-15% DONE (24/04/12):
    • Added Dirt/Grass
    • Added Gravel
    • Added Stone
    • Added Regular and Mossy Cobblestone
    • Added Wooden Planks
    • Added Wood & Dark Wood
    • Added all Wool Colors
    • Added TNT
    • Added Bricks
    • Added Farmland
    • Added Sand & Snow
    15-25% DONE (25/04/12):
    • Added Workbench
    • Added colored Wooden Blocks
    • Added Bedrock
    • Added Gold, Iron and Diamond Block
    • Added all Ores
    • Added Chest
    • Added Jukebox/Noteblock
    • Added Bookshelf
    • Added Leaves
    • Added Birch Wood
    • Added Doors
    25-35% DONE (27/04/12):
    • Added Furnace
    • Added Dispenser
    • Added Redstone Torch
    • Added Lever
    • Added Torch
    • Added Repeater
    • Added Chests
    • Added Large Chests
    • Fixed Regular Leaves
    • Fixed Grass
    • Fixed Birch Wood
    35-45% DONE (29/04/12):
    • Added Regular Piston
    • Added Sticky Piston
    • Added Glass (needs more work)
    • Added Stone Brick
    • Added Mossy Stone Brick
    • Added Stone Brick with cracks
    • Added Obsidian
    • Fixed Leaves
    • Fixed Grass
    • Fixed Gravel
    • Fixed Sand
    45-50% DONE (01/05/12):
    • Added Soul Sand or Slow Sand
    • Added Netherrack
    • Added Glowstone
    • Added Ladder
    • Added Iron Fence
    • Added Hatch or Trapdoor
    • Added question-marks (?) to all unused spaces (pink blocks).
    • Added Pack-image (pack.png).
    • Added missing files for snapshot "12W17A" ("write books").
    • Fixed Wood
    • Fixed Dark Wood
    • Fixed all Wooden Planks
    • Fixed wet Farmland
    • Fixed dry Farmland
    50-60% DONE (09/05/12):
    • Added Regular Rail
    • Added Curved Rail
    • Added Powered Rail (ON)
    • Added Powered Rail (OFF)
    • Added Detector Rail
    • Added Redstone Lamp (ON)
    • Added Redstone Lamp (OFF)
    • Added Lapis Lazuli Block
    • Added Bed (needs rework)
    • Added Enchantment Table
    • Added Sponge
    • Added Side of cactus (still unfinished)
    • Added Moon and Sun (sun applied, moon is not, needs more work)
    • Changed Snow Block
    • Changed Sand Block
    • Added missing image-file for Snapshot "12W17A" (book).
    • Added high quality Minecraft logo
    • Added high quality Mojang Logo
    • Fixed small details on other various blocks
    60-70% DONE (14/05/12):
    • Added Sandstone
    • Added Chiseled Sandstone
    • Added Smooth Sandstone
    • Added Netherbrick (+ stairs/fences)
    • Added Cactus
    • Added Pumpkin
    • Added Jack-o-lantern (lighten pumpkin)
    • Added Melons
    • Added Tall Grass (need feedback!)
    • Added default Cocoa Plants (for snapshot "12W19A")
    • Added Moon
    • Added Moon Phases
    • Changed Wool texture
    • Changed Grass texture
    • Changed Stone texture (less pattern)
    • Changed Lapis Lazuli (less pattern)
    • Changed Leaves texture (not jungle)
    60-80% DONE (26/05/12):
    • Added Explosions
    • Added Lava (unfinished, no animation)
    • Added Gravel (new texture from snapshot "19W21B")
    • Added sign
    • Added Experience Orbs
    • Added particles (not finished)
    • Added Creeper skin (not finished)
    • Added Steve skin (not finished)
    • Added Enchantment GUI
    • Added Alchemy GUI
    • Added Creative GUI (old and new for snapshot "12W21B")
    • Added Crafting GUI
    • Added Inventory GUI
    • Added Furnace GUI
    • Added Trading GUI (for snapshot "12W21B")
    • Added Trap GUI
    • Added Cocoa Plants (for Snapshot "12W19A")
    • Added all other missing stuff for snapshot "12W21B"
    • Fixed Grass (less shadow)
    80-85% DONE (02/07/12):
    • Added Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond and Gold Swords.
    • Added Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond and Gold Shovels.
    • Added Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond and Gold Pickaxes (unfinished).
    • Added Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond and Gold Axes.
    • Added Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond and Gold Hoe.
    • Added Bow.
    • Added Arrow item.
    • Added Bow Animation (when firing).
    • Added Egg item (for some reason).
    • Added Red Mushroom.
    • Added Brown Mushroom.
    • Added Wheat (unfinished)
    • Changed Emerald ore color from red to green.
    • Added all new files from all newest snapshots (ex. tripwires).
    • Changed back to the old creative menu (the newest creative menu is also included under the name "allitems-new" in the GUI folder. Change it's name to "allitems" if you want to apply it to the game.
    • Changed glass texture slightly.
    • Changed GUI size from 2048x2048 to 1024x1024 (due to load-time).
    85-90% DONE (12/08/12):
    • Added Iron block.
    • Added Gold block.
    • Added Diamond block.
    • Added Emerald block.
    • Added Clay block.
    • Added Command block.
    • Added End block.
    • Added End Portal block.
    • Added Vines.
    • Added Cow.
    • Added Moshroom Cow.
    • Added Chicken.
    • Added Water Drop particles.
    • Added "broken heart" particle.
    • Added "green thingy" particle.
    • Added all particles necessarily for snapshot "12w32a".
    • Added clock display.
    • Added map.
    • Added more texture to grass block.
    • Added more texture to stone block and all ore blocks.
    • Added more texture to TNT block.
    • Added more texture to other various blocks.
    • Added coal item (work in progress).
    • Added snowball (work in progress).
    • Added slimeball (work in progress).
    • Added magma cream (work in progress).
    • Added White Egg item?
    • Added "beacon" GUI.
    • Added missing textures to other GUI images.
    90-60% (re-calculation) DONE (12/10/12):
    • Added all new textures from the newest snapshots.
    • Added Fishing Rod item.
    • Added Fishing Rod item (w. string).
    • Added Fishing Rod item (w. carrot).
    • Added Chicken item (cooked and raw).
    • Added Painting item.
    • Added Sign item.
    • Added Gold Nugget item (needs re-work).
    • Added Ghast Tear item (needs re-work).
    • Added String item.
    • Added Bowl item.
    • Added Book item.
    • Added Book & Quill item.
    • Added Paper item.
    • Added Glass Bottle item.
    • Added Map item.
    • Added Repeaters item.
    • Added Red Apple and Golden Apple item.
    • Added Egg item.
    • Added Shears item.
    • Added Melon Slice and Glistering Melon Slice item.
    • Added Boat item.
    • Added Clock item.
    • Added all Discs.
    • Added Buckets (need re-work).
    • Added Cauldron block.
    • Added Iron, Gold and Diamond Armor.
    • Added Book GUI.
    • Added Beacon GUI.
    • Added Connection Status icon.
    • Added HP Bar icon.
    • Added XP Bar icon.
    • Added Drowning icon.
    • Added HP icon.
    • Added Hunger icon.
    • Added new misc colors.
    • Changed Bricks (re-shading).
    • Changed Clay block (better tiling).
    • Changed Moshroom Dirt (re-shading).
    • Changed Trading GUI (fixed slot error, added new chicken).
    • Changed BG pictures (color correction).
    • Changed Minecraft logo (re-shading).
    60-65% DONE (for 1.4.2 update) (27/10/12):
    • Added all new textures that's missing
    • Added Armor icons.
    • Added HD paintings.
    • Added slot.png
    • Added Break Animation.
    • Added Anvil GUI
    • Added Connected Textures support (ctm).
    • Changed Glass block/panel.
    65-75% DONE (13/03/13):
    • Converted R3D.CRAFT to the new texture pack system (Minecraft 1.5 update)
    • Added still Water animation.
    • Added Fire animation.
    • Added Netherquartz block.
    • Added Item Frame.
    • Added all three Anvil textures.
    • Added Squid mob (R3D: smooth version).
    • Added Zombie mob.
    • Added Villager Zombie mod.
    • Added Gold Ingot item.
    • Added Iron Ingot item.
    • Added Nether Brick item.
    • Added Brick item.
    • Added Bed item.
    • Added Wooden Door item.
    • Added Iron Door item.
    • Added Blaze Rod item.
    • Added Leather item.
    • Added Emerald item.
    • Added new Compass animation item.
    • Added new Clock animation item.
    • Added Raw/Cooked Beef item.
    • Added Raw/Cooked Porkchop item.
    • Added Frame item.
    • Added Eye of Ender item.
    • Added Fireworks item.
    • Added Potion item.
    • Added Hopper GUI.
    • Added new Minecraft menu logo.
    • Changed Steve mob.
    • Changed Creeper mob.
    • Changed Grass block.
    • Changed Dirt block.
    • Changed Snow block.
    • Changed Mycel block.
    • Changed Sand block.
    • Changed Brick block.
    • Changed Stone block.
    • Changed Snow block.
    • Changed particles.
    • Changed Art (paintings).
    • Created new official logo for R3D.CRAFT.
    • Updated copyright info.
    75-75% DONE (26/03/13):
    • Converted R3D.CRAFT's mod-texture-support: "Connected Textures" (ctm), to Minecraft 1.5 update.
    • Added new mod-texture-support: "Better Glass".
    • Added dropper.
    • Added Waterlily.
    • Added fire animation to Furnace.
    • Added Vertical Dispenser.
    • Changed Destroy animation.
    • Changed opening-title (improved quality).
    • Changed Wooden Door.
    • Changed Iron Door.
    • Changed all Ores.
    • Changed Mob Spawner.
    • Fixed Powered Rails (did not appear in-game).
    • Updated copyright info.
    75-75% DONE (27/03/13):
    • Added Trapped Chest.
    • Changed Chest and Large Chest.
    • Changed Oak Leaves.
    • Changed Minecraft logo (improved quality).
    • Fixed possible download problem via Mediafire.
    • Removed Jungle Leaves (reason: appearance).
    • Removed old ctm.png file.
    • Removed url links.

    Oh, and welcome to the forums Kestlerify!
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    posted a message on /GFX-Bin\ Skin Puppeteer Shop and More (CLOSED)
    Quote from Mineguild_Player

    I was only joking :o

    Sorry. Didn't mean to jump your s#1t­.
    Sarcasm doesn't translate well to text and my tolerance for impatient people lately is nonexistent. XD
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    posted a message on /GFX-Bin\ Skin Puppeteer Shop and More (CLOSED)
    Quote from Mineguild_Player

    Has this guy dissapeared? :P


    It's been 3 days... Let the guy finish the current requests in peace.

    Life happens sometimes.
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    posted a message on [Gallery] Audra's Pokéskins! {Baaaaack from the deeeaaaad}
    I think Audra just made an update to the first post.

    Audra is back! Ish...

    Good to see. I really enjoy your work Audra.
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    posted a message on What's the best way to mine?
    Quote from Varzkkar

    I've been mining ever since I started playing and I have two methods (that I use together) with which I get an overload of ores. Note that Y11 is the layer where you have the highest chances at getting ores, although Y12 is safer (Lava spawns at Y1-10).

    The first and main one is the 100% efficiency strip mining. It's main advantage is that you mine 100% of the ores while mining the least amount of blocks possible. I recommend making the middle one at Y12 and not going higher than Y14 or lower than Y10.

    Advanced branch mining is one of the most efficient way to mine 100% of the ores on multiple levels.

    Taken straight from the wiki.

    The second is simply spelunking any cavern you find. This makes your pickaxe last much longer while still getting many ores, although some may have trouble fighting monsters.

    This is actually my preferred method of mining. I also tend to leave a 3 wide corridor at the far right corner of each of the sides so I can take it out further eventually and start a pinwheel with this same pattern.
    Quote from ausador

    Got any proof of that statement? Any at all? Or is it only your own subjective opinion?

    Perhaps you have personally found a code section hidden in the game programming that everyone else has missed for the last three years?

    That is a ridiculously inefficient way to mine, gold only appears between levels 2-29 and redstone only appears in 5-12. You are digging out every single block when you only need to dig about 40% of them at the two levels that all the ores you want can be found.

    While mining your butt off for diamonds at 11/12 you will find all the coal and iron you could want and so much redstone (8 times as often as diamond) that it becomes a nuisance filling up your inventory.

    It's nice to come across, not one, but three voices of reason in a single thread. Breath of fresh air. Usually these posts devolve into ridiculous and unsupported claims and theorycrafting that's already been done 30x over.
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    posted a message on A seed I enjoyed thoroughly.
    Is there anything in particular that makes this seed unique?
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    posted a message on The above avatar is your only partner in a Zombie Apocalypse
    Oh sweet. A ninja. I could just play dead and let you do all the hard work.
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    posted a message on Seed doesnt look the same ...am i doing something wrong?
    That's odd. My first thought was that it was the wrong version (seed gen changes and what-not) but you say you've tried everything between 1.3 and 1.8.

    As BC mentioned it would have to have been before 1.3 since you said you didn't know the seed til the patch came out that let you see the seed.

    I can't remember a time when you couldn't name a seed (Not that that's saying much given my memory) but I didn't start playing that early either.

    I don't think pictures would help. Unless it had ridiculously unique features and was popular at the time, no one will remember it.
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    posted a message on The next poster is ...
    Never been on Omegle XD

    The next person has had enough with the SkyDoesMinecraft fanboys correcting his usage of the word "Gold".
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    posted a message on Should the above avatar be a Jedi or a Sith
    Jedi I suppose. Could go either way really.
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    posted a message on The above avatar is your only partner in a Zombie Apocalypse
    Hmm. A girl and a bean bag doll/sack boy. I think we'd be pretty screwed. Unless I actually had Psionics, in which case... We might still be screwed.
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    posted a message on If you had $1,000,000
    Quote from OaksVirals

    If you had one million dollars what would you do with it?

    I would boringly invest it all in real estate and live off the rental income it would provide me. Interested to know what others would do.

    I'm with you on this one. Rental properties are easy living even with crap tenants every once in a while.

    Charity's always rub me the wrong way. Give them money? For what? Less than half actually goes to the cause and a few of the well known ones I looked into it's under 15%. If I cared enough about a cause I'd donate directly to the village/families/shelters/etc. At least I know it's not keeping some CEO's pockets lined.
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    posted a message on What is your favorite pokemon
    I can never really choose a favorite. Instead I have a pool of most liked haha.

    If I had to pick an absolute favorite I would probably lean toward Alakazam but even typing that didn't feel too confident.

    The others would be Xatu, Banette, Smeargle, Sceptile, Raichu, Ambipom, Weezing, Scrafty, Vespiquen, and Shedinja. (In no particular order)

    Some I like just because I think they look cool and others because I like the way they play in game.
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    posted a message on The Next Evolution for in game Interfaces! [300+ Support!] Now with lots of Pics.
    This would be a great improvement over the UI that exists now. Not needed but definitely nice to have.
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