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    Quote from RobertFrans

    I mean, walls of water, that is absolutely an original and creative idea. Imaging such a building in real life...

    Here you go.
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    Adding to this idea, I'd love to see some kind of "the villagers like this" aspect to the game. It could be something as simple as "villagers like houses made from X number of materials, X type of material(s), and/or X amount of usable space." This might boost your reputation, lower prices for trade, or just give the game something more to latch onto for NPC behavior (and keep them from crowding one building all the time).

    Much like crafting new items, what if buildings could be crafted as well? Use X number of quartz blocks, X number of bricks, and 2 glowstone blocks and you get a Flower Shop, or whatever. An NPC would eventually move in and take up a trade that reflects the building's purpose.
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    Maybe it's just me, but this seems an awful lot like SCP-087, and there's already a video game based on that bit of internet creepiness.
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    posted a message on 1.4 Bug Reports
    I've had two maps (#0 and #1) go blank, even after restarting and reloading the game. This is on a new world, made from scratch in 1.4. I've crafted 4 so far and have yet to try re-crafting new ones as my paper supply is a tad low at the moment.

    Anyway, the maps won't re-draw after I look at them, though the "me" marker still shows up, points in the right direction, etc.
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    Quote from Lady_Oolong

    That's not what he's best known for. Chuck Jones worked for Warner Brothers ; he did a lot of the most famous Bugs Bunny cartoons, and (most relevant to the subject of falling anvils) created the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote characters.

    If there isn't one already, there should be an achievement for hitting either a wolf or a chicken with a falling anvil.
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    posted a message on [HOW TO] Find a Stronghold ! Only two eyes of ender needed !
    "...but since there's only one per map..."

    Is that new? I thought there were three per world?
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    Quote from pokemon4ever290

    when mining make sure you have a crafting table in case your pickaxe breaks and some torches

    Lies! After my pickaxe broke, I tried mining with a crafting table and it just kept making worthless diamonds fly out of the rocks! My torches never broke, though, so I can't speak to the rest of your advice.
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    posted a message on What would you add to 1.4?
    I'm sure some of these exist in mods, but I've always liked the vanilla game, so there. If any of these functions exist in game and I've missed them, then I'm sure it's just a sign of my ongoing battle with time and age. I'd add (some of this is facetious, some actually kind of heartfelt):

    - A dignified way to exit a boat without diving into the water or kicking the boat out to sea.
    - Script chickens not to swim in/drown themselves in the village well.
    - A rope ladder I can throw down vertical drops instead of me plummeting to my death trying to place a wooden one as I go.
    - Failing the rope ladder, a parachute.
    - Mutton from sheep. Also, killer sheep would be welcome, especially if they were made the natural enemies of creepers.
    - Lightning rods. I dunno what they'd do, but I'd love to make my doom fortress the center of attention during thunderstorms.
    - A Genesis Device. Plant it in a biome, run like the dickens before it terraforms it into a new area or land mass.
    - NPC adventurers. Trade with em', attack them, or defend your stuff from them.
    - Mine carts that didn't need me near them to make it to their destinations, even with powered rails. Yes, I'm the center of the universe, but I sent that cart full of junk on its way with a goal in mind, and it wasn't halfway between point A and B. Just because I carry the laws of physics and the forward passage of time in a bubble that surrounds my immediate area, that's no reason for my transit system to stop working.
    - Some kind of non-nether Stargate system. Each town/castle would have a network I could select my destination in. I don't care if I had to build each gate out of diamonds; It'd be worth it.
    - The ability to mark on maps where the heck I built my Fortress of Awesometude, my Sheep and Cow Research Facility, and that one place the creepers keep blowing up before I figure out what it is.
    - The ability to copy maps. I've spent days mapping my world, and I'm going to go exploring where I might fall into lava. Maybe we could get a craftable photocopier?
    - A way to "center" a crafted Iron Golem's patrol area.
    - Craftable cheese. Or "Craft Cheese." Not Kraft Cheese, which is neither craftable nor cheese.
    - We have bread. We have meat. Why don't we have sandwiches?
    - TNT used as furnace fuel should make the furnace explode, but it smelts an entire stack of whatever you want instantly.
    - If you live in a house made entirely of TNT, you should get an XP bonus for every night you sleep in it without dying.
    - Cattle stampedes.
    - 1 gunpowder + 1 lily pad + 1 grass = exploding cigar. Villagers will despise you, but it's worth it for the looks on their faces.
    - Craftable noses for NPCs.

    That's all I can think of for the moment, and I'm sure everyone is thankful for that.
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