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We are looking for experienced modder's that know how to make Mostly Anything in minecraft. We will start modding when 1.8 MCP come's out, So Be ready. We will be looking for proof That you can mod. (pictures, Mods, Video's) If you make good mods, & have been making them for 1 month or more. You Would probably be accepted right away. But if your new to modding. & have just started modding, (say for only 1-2 weeks) Then we probably won't accept you. (unless you can show us you deserve to be on the team).Mainly what we need in the Team is Around 3 Coder's, 3-4 Texture artists. maybe Someone Who can make a website for us? Could be great, & We would need Certain jobs for everyone. Like, World Gen coder, Mob coder. items & tools coder. Special FX coder's. & people who know how to make mob's do epic stuff. (Gathering resources.. etc). Also If we make a good team, We Can Start making small video games, Modding xbox. Maybe even Geta studio & Be an actual Game Making/Modding Team. (But lets not get all to dreamy :rolleyes: )


You Will Need to make a new account, Ex: PrototypeWalrus (You can have a separate Nick name like .. "Nicholas"), you will need skype, For communicating. & sending files. & You must live in canada Or U.S.A. (Mainly just so you dont have to go 20000km's to work everyday. & thats if we become a real gaming company)

How you can Join:

To join you need to fill out a forum, Here.

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Your New Name: (PrototypeWatever)<br />
<br />
Your Skype: <br />
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How long you have been Modding:<br />
<br />
Any Proof Or pictures/videos Of your mod's here:<br />
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Your age:<br />
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Do You live in Canada Or U.S.A? :<br />

Things I hope We can make happen:

- Get someone who know's how to make professional websites, So we can post are mods & games there.

- Get a Real Company Started. (& A new Name for it)

Interests Modding Mac's The ultimate MacPro

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