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    Minecraft generates jungle temples in jungles, nether fortresses in Hell biomes, villages in plains, desert, and Savannah biomes, ocean monuments in deep ocean biomes, strongholds and dungeons in all biomes but hell biomes and sky biomes, desert temples in deserts, and witch huts in swamps. (And technically wells spawn in deserts too.) Hell biomes don't contact swamp biomes so we can rule out nether fortresses. Deep ocean biomes can't contact swamps so we can rule out ocean monuments. Mobs can't spawn in strongholds so rule out those. Villages and dungeons don't follow the same generation algorithm so rule out those. That leaves jungle and desert temples and witch huts. MC randomly generates these structures in whatever biome that they are meant to be in. So most likely, at least one block of the temple is in a desert biome. So to MC, it thinks that only witch huts can occupy space in a swamp biome since only they generate there. So the blocks that belong to the desert temple that are in a swamp biome, MC mistakes it as a witch hut. So only witches can spawn in the part of the desert temple that is in a swamp biome. If you find yourself in this situation, you can use this space in the desert temple to create a witch farm that is approximately 30 times as efficient as an average one. Use it wisely.

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    Quote from Matty_2011
    Im not sure if you know about this but in 1.8 snapshot you are able to teleport someones head to face a certain direction so you can make people just spin round in circles if you had the time, i haven't tried this myself but if you can test for somebody's eye level then you should technically be able to detect if they are sneaking/shifting, standing on a normal solid block your eye level is ##.620, when sneaking it is ##.540. That is they only way to do it that i know of allowing you to be anywhere in the world.

    When I used the command /testfor @a[49,69,278] {eyes:70.540}, it would say "PCCxox did not match the required data structure". I have activated it while crouching, standing, in 1.7.10, in snapshot 14w27b, in gamemode 1, and in gamemode 0 - and nothin'.
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    PEOPLE LOOKING AT THIS: First of all, when you are kicked from a server for this reason it is ALWAYS the server's issue. Re-installing MC and changing your current version will not help you at all with this problem. This should usually be obvious if you know that other people on the server have the same problem. Second of all, this is almost always caused because the server has been unintentionally closed (crashed). Which usually happens when 1. The PC that the server is hosted on has a faulty internet connection, 2. The server has run out of memory and is struggling to stay open, or 3. A player could have used cheats to cause the server to reset to a previous version when there were no unfamiliar commands being executed. Also note that direct connect will not change the situation either. If the server doesn't allow people to connect then a different WAY to connect to the server will not help... You just have to wait for the server to start. Hopefully this was helpful.
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    That is exactly what my problem is. I am working on Cops And Robbers 4.0 and want to add a way to automatically reset the whole map with no plugins or mods. But when I try to spawn new chests in the kitchen after a round - even using alphabetic IDs - It will only spawn the chest with no items.

    /setblock 103 134 -71 trapped_chest 0 replace {Items:[{id:steak.count:1,slot:1},{id:steak,count:1,slot:7},{id:steak,count:1,slot:12},{id:steak,count:1,slot:13},{id:steak,count:1,slot:15},{id:steak,count:1,slot:19},{id:steak,count:1,slot:22},{id:steak,count:1,slot:23},{id:steak,count:1,slot:24},{id:steak,count:1,slot:26},{id:golden_apple,count:1,slot:2},{id:golden_apple,count:1,slot:9},{id:golden_apple,count:1,slot:16},{id:golden_apple,count:1,slot:20}]} -Please Haalp.
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