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    anyone found copper yet please?

    found goats and axolotls and I can see that the graphics have changed, so the game has been updated.

    nevertheless, I haven’t found any copper, after long hours of searching.

    have searched some of my existing mines down to level 12. Searched known underground mines and even found a new underground mine. Searched caves and dug new mines, as well as excavating at levels 45,46 and 47.

    anyone else had the same experiences please?

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    posted a message on Problems with cats and wolves

    I will try that, thanks.

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    Hi all,

    since the update in March 2021, I have been unable to interact with cats and wolves. Can’t feed them, can’t make tamed ones sit and can’t used the lead on them. A couple of named animals have also disappeared. It’s ruining the game at the moment.

    has anyone else had this problem or does anyone have any ideas please?

    I raised a ticket with Mojang but they just linked it to a vaguely similar issue from someone else in 2019


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    posted a message on 8 March - repeated problems logging on, then issues in game

    Last night, it was clear there were issues logging on. When I finally managed to log on, the character wasn’t moving correctly, my inventory was dumped on the floor and there were multiple problems in-world.

    I have logged on again and although the character is moving, problems remain:

    - named animals, kept as “pets” missing. This has caused some distress to family members.

    - animals kept inside, are now on the loose outside,

    - tamed cats and wolves won’t sit.

    - leads won’t work on cats and wolves.

    - villagers have changed roles

    - inventory items missing

    - items missing from chests inside property.

    I am guessing this was caused by the update. Can the game, specific to my world, be returned to as it was on 7 March?

    any other advice welcome.

    I have reported this to mojang but they normally gaff me off with “reported in another ticket” and then do nothing

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