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    Minecraft - Oriental Mansions


    Hey guys, thought I'd just share my latest video with you all to see if I could get some feedback :)

    This video is a montage of a town me and some friends made a long time ago and utilizes multiple mods to make Minecraft feel as realistic as possible. Let me know what you guys think!

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    Quote from awesome_cmo

    1.it doesn't change anything
    2.the point was that i didn't get any food from it.
    3.dwarves do not give or trade their ores.

    Seems like you're making up your own definition of a dwarf then. If that's the case then I want to be an elf and elves do not dig! But I need coal to light up my tree house so Notch should just remove night all-together to appease me because I don't want to mine coal.
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    Quote from awesome_cmo

    again not the point. Please stop trying to start fights.

    I think he was just pointing out that your entire post is pretty pointless because you're just complaining about having to do something that you already do anyway.
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    Quote from Bldsquirrel


    Where were you getting wood from?

    Dwarves don't need wood! They use the bristles from their beards.
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    Quote from Nymatic

    Hmmm. This is certainly a disappointment, but maybe it can do something else. Maybe it could disguise itself as another mob, then have it's eyes the same as it is now. Then when you look at it, it changes back and kills you.

    That would be a pretty cool mob actually. Though I'm not sure it would fit into the mechanics already done for the Enderman. I think they would be just fine and possibly the most interesting mob with a slightly better teleportation algorithm and a few more buffs :rolleyes:
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    Quote from Ickabodx

    I liked the ability. If people don't like it they should play on peaceful or creative, or GASP! build an actual defensive structure that can defend against them, I mean it's called survival for a reason.

    Yes because survival means having random blocks moved around or deleted for no purpose but to "creep you out". If it was challenging or done intelligently I think a lot of people would be fine with it. However, as it is it's just an annoyance and adds nothing more to the game than what a minorly corrupted save function would do. Not cool.

    Quote from Krova

    I don't think I've ever been more disappointed by a tweet.

    Now they're barely a threat and they don't move blocks (which was my favorite thing about them)? I can't believe he gave in to a bunch of whiny kids.

    Next we'll see creepers' explosions removed.

    Creepers don't just randomly blow up for no reason and mess up the landscape. There really is no point to them randomly moving blocks and if you find that part of them "cool" or "interesting" then we'll just have to agree to disagree on the meanings of those words.

    Quote from HotTomatoes

    Now odds are Enderman will be just watching stick figures with purple eyes.


    Yes, because teleporting monsters that only attack if you look directly at them and also happen to be the first and only mob whose mouth actually animates when aggro'ed simply isn't enough for us.
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    Quote from Nimbull

    I did some searching for that and found this.


    That was a really interesting link :ohmy.gif: I'd give you a + reputation but the forums keeps telling me I've used all mine up for today even though I haven't given a single one out yet :sad.gif:
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    Quote from aLmAnZo

    He made an RPG map... You know, alot of people are making survival maps for others to play. If you work on such a map for months, so that other people can play it, it is not an option to abbandon it, simply becouse of a new patch.

    The endermen are ****ing up gameplay for a lot of people, seriously, deal with it. No matter how much you guys cheer for Notch or defend whatever he is doing, you can't change how other people play the game.

    I am not saying that you are in this group, but this thread is _FULL_ of people who are acting as sect members (I study religion btw). It feels like some people in this thread is going to support anything Notch doess, simply becouse he is Notch. It seems like people are not willing to see that also Mojang can make mistakes.

    Everybody makes mistakes, including Mojang. If I where them, I would most of all appriciate those in the community who tries to make constructive feedback and well thought out critisism, over those who only worshiped me for my genious.

    I think endermen was a great idea. I don't think Mojang considered the fact that endermed could wreck alot of peoples gameplay. Put your self in their shoes. If you made a game wich people loved, then released a patch, and a lot of your players thought that some of the things in the patch ruined gameplay, would you rather not know about it?

    Notch himself have said something like this: If some of the aspects we make for minecraft are not fun, then we will remove it.

    I rest my case.

    ^ This.

    It's good to see that there are civilized discussions still taking place in this thread at least.
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    Quote from DanAllen117

    the challenge is the fighting part. the mess cleaning is just something you gotta do to make sure everything is working properly. and to your earlier comment, endermen are only super easy to kill if you play on easy. try playing hard mode where they hit for 4 hearts.

    I agree, I love the idea of them teleporting to attack. THAT is the fun part, them carrying blocks however is just pointless. It doesn't serve to be a challenge, it's not scary, and I simply don't find it fun having to go back and replace things that I already built. Especially when they flood areas with water, or worse, lava.

    By the way, I do play on hard just to try and make it a challenge. I killed three of them in a row with no weapon before two finally ganged up on me and finished me off. If you move right, they can't even touch you most of the time so the fight becomes too easy. Especially since it was my very first encounter with them and I was expecting it to be much harder to combat them.

    But as I said, I love the idea of their combat style. Even if it could use quite a bit of work still. But the block carrying, which sounds like it is being gotten rid of now based on Notch's recent twitter, was the part that made them seem like dumb little kids that just made a mess more often than not. Other than that I love the new mobs as they are quite creative with their teleportation stuff :wink.gif:
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    Quote from Timtek

    I agree with the OP. People seem to forget it's supposed to be a game, not 3d modelling software. Having monsters that mess with your creation was an awesome idea. If anything I think there should be more mobs that mess with stuff. It's a shame notch is gonna nerf em for the whiners. Creepers are way worse and they ain't goin nowhere.

    Creepers only blow up if you let them get too close, THEY add a challenge. What challenge is involved with Endermen? It's just a matter of picking up their messes every morning.
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    Quote from TerryJ

    Hello everyone,

    After being away from Minecraft since version 1.5, I've gotten excited about the Adventure update, and done a bunch of reading on it. I haven't updated to it yet (as I like to have a stack of mods running, and not all of them have updated to 1.8 yet), but I was a little disturbed by something I read...

    Apparently the features in 1.8 won't work in worlds created prior to 1.8? Is this true? Do I really need a new world to experience stuff like Enderman? That's a depressing thought, as I've spent countless hours shaping my world to how it is now, and I'm rather fond of it.

    So my question to you all is this: is there any way around this? Some kind of conversion tool to make my pre-1.8 (in fact pre-Beta) map 1.8 compatible? If not, are there any hacking programs that might help me? I've never been interested in cheating in Minecraft, but perhaps I could use some kind of program to copy and paste just my castle into a new 1.8 map, would that work?

    Thank you for taking time to read my post, and for your assistance!

    You should be able to use pre-1.8 worlds with the new updates and mobs and such will spawn just fine (far as I know). However, for any of the new terrain generation to take place you either have to start a new world or move outside of the areas of your map that were already explored (generated) before 1.8.
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    I think the idea behind them was really brilliant but the implimentation really disappointed me. They're not creepy at all (especially now that they have pink/purple eyes and sparkles <_< ) and are so weak that I feel bad using any weapon against them, despite my habit of fighting them whenever I see them in the hopes that they'll be able to actually give me an interesting fight.

    With some tweaks to them though I can see them being a really cool mob. Not sure what is up with the way they move blocks around at random though, I can see a very few cases where this might be mildly creepy but as it is it is just like picking up after toddlers. Have to go and move blocks back around in and even replace them in some cases where they despawned or died while holding parts to a building. Not challenging, fun, or creepy... Just annoying if you ask me. Thankfully they don't do it often though I still wonder what in the world prompted the designers to put such a feature into them in the first place.

    Overall their concept is excellent but the actual mobs are just laughable rather than scary and mildly annoying with their constant misplacing blocks. They've become like the little kids of the MC world instead of the scary monsters that they could have been. That's just my opinion though :wink.gif:
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    Green eyes and hopefully black smoke again? You sir, are awesome. It was bad enough that Endermen were so weak but then when they changed them to have sparkles and pink/purple eyes, they just became laughable. At least if they go back to how they were they'll be mildly reasonable in appearance again.

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