About Me

I've been playing video games since I was 4 years old (I'm 20) (legend of Zelda: ocarina of time ftw) and within the past 6 years or so Gaming and Coding has become like a passion for me.

My first ever experience with coding of any kind was with the LUA Language, when I made an attempt to created a Custom Story for the game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Shortly after that burst into flames and flew into the gates of hell, I dumbed down to a simpler language, Ruby. All my experience with Ruby came from Enterbrains RPGMaker Software, which I still use to this day.

After I got fairly experienced with Ruby, I decided to go back to LUA. This time around it wasn't as difficult.

Now 4 years after I started my Game Coding adventure I've decided to make the leap into Coding with Java. I am currently working on a Mod for Minecraft that adds (at the moment) a few new tools, blocks and ores to the game. I plan on adding much, much more to the mod. As soon as I feel that it is ready to be tested by the Public, I will release a Alpha Version of the Mod.

Send me a friend request on XBOX and maybe we can play some Minecraft/GTAV at some point.


Games, Coding, Minecraft, Physiological Horror Games, My Dog(s), Xbox/Playstation and Building/Fixing Computers.

Location Texas

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