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    I have been working on a new server for about a month. It is still def a work in progress. Basically the main parts are all set up. I got ranks and rankups working. The higher ranks are not finished yet but It will take awhile for people to get to those ranks I think. It is def a roleplay type server. With factions tied into it. You start off as a serf and you have to work your way up to an emperor. The low class cant do certain things like start a faction or following. They can only join the factions. As of right now they can join all jobs but in the future i plan on making it so they can only get certain jobs. The economy will be 100% playerbased meaning all shops are made of players with a really nice GUI plugin. Right now theres limited functionality but i think lots of people will grow to like the idea. I plan to make most features free and only a super small amount paid because i do want to keep doing this. Hopefully i will get a few players in within the next few months but let me know what you guys think. I love constructive criticism. Here is the IP for the server incase some of you are interested!

    NAME: MineTopia

    IP: Minetopia.mcalias.com

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    You guys should check out my survival server MineTopia
    I put 40+ Plugins into it

    And i love feed back it helps my server grow! Please come check it out maybe you can catch me on there!

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