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    posted a message on I need help with a team name!

    Ender Void

    Ender dragon

    Ender Dustruction

    The Ender Skull

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    posted a message on Join IP need staff

    Do you need any builders?

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    posted a message on Making the true creative mode

    *cough* Super flat *cough*

    This isn't completely flat but with some commands you can make it.

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    posted a message on [YouTube] Pyxelcast Group [14+] [Closed- New thread]

    IGN(minecraft username): Princessbellle28[/i]

    Age: 14[/i]

    Country: USA[/i]

    Skype(PM it to me if needed): I have no skype but I do have gmail.[/i]

    Do you have a YouTube account: Used to, got distracted,only had like 3 people who liked it.[/i]

    Will you upload videos: yeah probably twice a month at least.[/i]

    Have you ever been banned from a server: once. It was false ban, Someone said I was a hacker, but I hadn't even started playing xD[/i]

    Have you used mods before: yes I have.[/i]

    Can you run big mod packs with reasonable FPS?: I could.[/i]

    Do you use Discord?(if not get it here Discordapp.com): Nope, but I will get it if I'm accepted[/i]

    Do you have a mic: yes.[/i]

    Do you think you're mature enough: Pretty much. I am a girl, so I have my mood swings. But other then that I'm normally pretty mature, [/i]

    Will you respect rules? Yes, I almost always follow rules.[/i]

    Why do you think you will be a great addition: well[/i]

    I'm a cherry fellow with a big heart, who would love to have fun with you guys.[/i]


    This channel seems amazing![/i]

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