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    I made an adventure map that features a lantern mechanic. Currently, I'm using command blocks for blindness and every 2 and a half minutes a command block sets off night vision. On computer 1 it works perfectly, good range on blindness and the night vision causes a total blackout. On computer 2 it has a really short range on the blindness and the night vision improves the range, which breaks the entire map. From what I can tell this is a rendering issue where one computer is trying to amplify the vision but ends up amplifying the blindness and the other one actually enhances the vision within the blindness.

    TL;DR: I need a consistent way to get total darkness, the same way blindness+night vision glitch does.

    Night vision and Blindness are unaffected by amplifiers. Ideally, if someone knew a command for amplified blindness that would be great. If anyone has any other solutions besides "Build 2 maps" that would be wonderful.

    Image references below

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