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    Found this link for the 1.1 download. I searched " download minecraft SkyBlock1.1.zip" on Yahoo. Seems like the original, but I never actually played it before.

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    Well, I never did get it to work right server-side. It loaded with very random results. I thought maybe that it was because the new format was so new and maybe some kinks had to be ironed out. Locally, however, the texture pack has been working perfectly.

    You have to make sure you completely close minecraft and what I did was clear out the cache folders too. Java seems to hold onto a lot of cached data. Once I cleared out all 'old' copies and cached files it worked for me.
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    Actually, I JUST figured it out. I was zipping up the FOLDER of the texture pack that I was keeping all the files in. Once I zipped it without that extra top-level folder it finally worked. :) Total noob mistake, but I had never done texture packs before so I'm going to forgive myself.

    Thanks for the tip though!
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    I was really excited about the new texture pack format because it makes it sooo much easier to just edit a few textures without replacing everything. (glass, glowstone, etc)

    Anyway, after extensive monkeying around I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I grabbed a couple of textures out of painterly pack to replace on my game and when I zip up the new texture pack the game doesn't read the textures.

    I went through tons of trial and error and long story short, if I have the texture pack UNZIPPED with a pack.txt file in it's folder, it works fine and just as expected. The few textures I swapped out are loading correctly in the new format and it's perfect. However, as soon as I zip up the texture pack to use it locally (or on my private server) it doesn't work. I've tried winrar, winzip, and windows built-in zipping tool. I tried unzipping a working texture pack and re-zipping it up. I've tried pretty much every combo I can think of, and no matter what I do, anything *I* zip up won't read in minecraft, but I can use other zipped texture packs fine.

    Am I doing something wrong?? Is there some bug? Do I have to use some special tool? Is it because I'm on 64-bit windows (not sure that even makes sense) How could a texture pack work fine, then I unzip it and rezip it without changing a thing and suddenly it stops working?

    Anyone have any thoughts or have similar problems?
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    Here's a solution of sorts that I came up with on my server:

    Put down a little pool of lava when you've accumulated a lot of XP. Remove all your items and jump in. When you die, all the experience orbs will burn up immediately in the lava. Do this routinely after adventuring and then if you -do- die way down underground, in theory it won't be so much that it takes down the server. :smile.gif:
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    Cactus Wall.

    I have a double-thick ring of cacti and one hole to run through to get to the door. then I have a glass observation deck above that extends out over the cacti. I let the creepers chase me back and IF they make it through the cacti I just go upstairs and lure them away from the door and they usually run into a cactus and die.
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    I would really love to see a gamma slider too please!!!

    On my laptop I can see pretty well at night. On my desktop monitor (which I have calibrated as a graphic designer) it's almost pitch black at night. I can't walk five steps without dropping a torch. If I turn up the gamma for my entire system it not only screws up my graphic work, but it makes everything around my Minecraft window super-bright and hurts my eyes.
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    Quote from DraXX »
    I just had a strange message pop up.

    It said "You are not allowed to run MCAdmin!"
    On clicking ok, it took the server down and lost everything to the last backup (regular backups, but as the server was busy with people building, the peeps were a little displeased).
    Upon restarting the donate question popped up (as the latest update kicked in).

    Anyone else have this happen?

    Same problem :sad.gif:

    Is this something that's a bug or intended to happen?
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