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    posted a message on Yogscast Responds To Statement
    Let me summarize the 4,000 youtube comments by demographic for you:

    Children - **** NOTCH
    Trolls/Dyslexics - **** YOGSCAST
    College Goers/Young Adults - Everyone was drunk, who gives a ****?
    Adults - Very mature/professional reply guys, in the absence of further evidence, I think Notch should apologize.
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    posted a message on Very Fast, simple and cheap Flower/Seed farming in 1.6.6! (Video)
    Avast peoples! I stumbled across this method by accident and realised that it didn't seem to be all that well known yet (There's still quite a few people building water conveyers and stuff for grass/flower farming, etc) so hopefully a few of you will find this useful. It simply involves using bone meal on grass in a dark area, and then bam, instant items!

    Maybe I'm just searching for the wrong things but there doesn't seem to be any videos of this method on youtube, so I thought I'd quickly put this up, enjoy!

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