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    posted a message on Nether on vanilla server.
    Just an easy quickie one; I was poking around the wiki, and I noticed that at the bottom of The Nether's page it make a brief mention that setting hellworld and hellworld3 to true will make the Nether work in SMP 1.5.

    My friend runs a vanilla server for a small group of us, so I just wanted to make sure this was the case before we go and change the server properties on an existing world, because we're paranoid and by no means experts at the whole thing.

    Will setting those variables make the Nether and portals work as you would expect in SSP? I'm just a bit skeptical because it's a feature set for a 1.6 release, so it seems strange that the functionality is already there but locked away.

    Thanks for any help!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Causing Reboots.
    Alrighty, so I've got a strange one here.

    While playing Minecraft my computer will sometimes reboot for what appears to be no reason, I've got reboots on blue screens turned off, the CPU and GPU temperatures are pretty low (They get much higher when playing other games) nothing other than an unexpected reboot notification shows up in Windows' event log, there's no error messages either before or after the crash, and I'm never doing anything in particular, and I've had it happen on several maps.

    But the kicker is, if I play with the game window just a little bit smaller than full screen, then it never happens. With a maximised window, I'm lucky if it will run for 10 minutes, but the last game I played, I played at about 90% size, and I was able to keep playing for 5 hours without fail. Thinking that the problem was fixed, I tried with a maximised window later on, and it didn't last 5 minutes, I tried maximizing the window manually, and it also caused the crash.

    Running Windows 7, Intel 2ghz dual-core, GeForce 9800GT, 2gb of ram (Old but runs everything fine on full), no texture packs, It happens both online and off, with both randomly generated and pre-made maps, and started happening a couple of weeks before Beta 1.4 came out, the only significant thing I remember doing around then was that I installed Firefox 4, but uninstalling it didn't fix it either (I thought it was FF causing the crashes at first.)

    Stuff I've tried:
    Force-updating Minecraft.
    Closing all non-essential processes and programs while playing.
    Updating Java.
    Updating video drivers.
    Deleting all existing worlds and creating a new world.
    Entering a pre-existing old world.
    Reverting my main world to a time long before the crashes were happening.
    Running Minecraft with that memory allocation java gubbins in the command line.

    My level.dat file gets corrupted nearly every time this happens so it's starting to bug me quite a lot. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thankee!
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    posted a message on Sonic Pixel Art - Need help with colours.

    Hehe, yeah, that's sorta the problem with being colourblind, you can't compare the colours you can't see well, otherwise I would't be asking, haha. The pink block looks pretty much grey to me, and I thought the skin colour needed a bit more red in it than sand has. But yeah, I can't really tell just by looking unfortunately.

    Thanks for the comments though guys!
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    posted a message on Sonic Pixel Art - Need help with colours.
    Hey fellas, I've been working on some pixel art of Sonic in my save (Needed an excuse to waste a bunch of wool, hehe), and it's pretty much done, but the problem is that I'm colourblind, and I was struggling with some of the colours in the skin areas. Looks fine to me, but I want to make sure it looks good to normal people before I make a video of it.

    Could you do me a favour and tell me if anything looks like the wrong colour and suggest some better blocks to use? I'm mainly worried about the pink and the sand.

    Thankee for any help.
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    posted a message on What's the most complex redstone device YOU'VE made?
    Just a train station for me. Prolly about 30 minutes work, plus about 20 minutes to add in the 4th destination later.

    Three levers select from four possible destinations, stand on a pressure plate outside to call a cart. Hoping to make a highway-style exit system from one of my longer routes later on.
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    posted a message on [Archive #1] Video Megathread

    Just a quickie vid of my first try at some controlled :tnt: explosions to expand a cavern, gunna try and do more tonight, I'm running low on gunpowder though.
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    posted a message on Two story house?
    The new stone slabs :_: make for some decent looking roof tiles, although they're a bit of a boring colour, gives you a reason to use all that damn cobblestone you've been throwing out though.

    I've got a big red brick :brick: house with triangle of stone slabs on top and it looks pretty cool. Only one-storey though, although inside the roof area looks like a martial arts dojo, which is really cool. Still godda decide what I'm going to do with that space.
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