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    posted a message on I wish stained glass was in MC. Do you?
    I may not be the first to think up this idea, but I want to throw it out there regardless that I really wish this game had some stained glass features.

    I'm an avid builder, I would love love LOVE to have this as an addition to my glass structures so that I can make them stunning. I'm sure many crazy builders out there would love to be able to do this to! ;D

    I can see the function probably along the lines of maybe using two dyes and a glass block in order to stain the glass?

    If you can dye wool, why not glass? I want to make beautiful windows! Grrrr!

    What do you guys think? Do you guys want some stained glass in our MC?

    Edit: And before people start jumping on me telling me this has already been suggested and to search, and not post; It's not spam or necro, it's just "refreshing" the idea to the public to continue discussion. If it keeps coming up, then it bears relevance and deserves it's soap box for conversation. :smile.gif:
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