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    posted a message on Alternate Mob Skins
    I'd like to see this in Vanilla! (Random-mobs does this. :P)
    Also, You could easily change the color of the blazes head. Blue, Redish..Just different shades and such. :P
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    posted a message on capes for everyone!
    ..Erm..You do realize, They came up with capes because they're Exclusive, Because, Like others have said, They paid to get the capes when they paid for Minecon. So its completely fair. :)

    Also, Capes should be little add-ons you can buy. But you can't make your own, Theres default ones, and others. Kind of like the Xbox skins?
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    posted a message on What was your reaction to your first Spider Jockey?
    Well, I was in my superflat world.
    "Oh look!! A Spider Jockey!"
    And flew over,(SPC) Took pictures of it.
    Well, I got owned by other crap around it.

    ...Lost all my progress...;-;
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    posted a message on Notch, Nerf The Skeleton
    Really? I think skeleton are easy. :P
    Just move around a lot, Even without a bow they're easy. Just use Invasive action. I'd actually love to see them get harder, That way, instead of "Oh...great, another skeleton. With his little bow..." and go: "Oh ****! A skeleton! Run!"
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    posted a message on [EXCLUSIVE] Secret file in assets.minecraft.net?
    Quote from falconfetus8

    You do realize that this is an old, dead thread, right?

    It was only about, 4 Days old, At least it wasn't a year old. :P
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    posted a message on Dragon Egg Displays?
    My display has elements of each world <3:
    I originally had:
    Endstone was behind the Egg. :P

    Then, Just recently, I changed it to:

    I'm not exactly sure which one I like better thou. :P
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    posted a message on Nether Wart can now grow in the Overworld and the End in 12w27a ( With official response from Dinnerbone)
    Wouldn't you need to add wet soul sand (Or...dry whatever) for the Lava thing to work?
    Other then that, I love this new feature!
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    posted a message on [EXCLUSIVE] Secret file in assets.minecraft.net?
    Quote from SpringGadget

    Minecraft Pocket Edition. It's an Android Application Package file. Like a Java jar.

    Ohh...I don't know how I didn't put two and two together. :P
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    posted a message on Favorite Movie Quote?
    Whats you're favorite movie quote? It can be Romatic, Funny, Badass, Anything really!

    Mine is from "Independence Day":

    "The world could end, You don't want to die a virgin do you?"
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    posted a message on Weird happenings in my world
    To get rid of herobrine:
    Get a bucket of water
    Place it over a gold block, Shove a baby sheep in there
    Place fences around the area, To keep the baby sheep from jumping out.
    Throw gold ingots in the water with the sheep.
    Kill the sheep with sheers.
    Then pick up the water with the bucket.
    TADA Holy water. **** YEAH.
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    posted a message on [EXCLUSIVE] Secret file in assets.minecraft.net?


    Whats this? I happened to scroll down and find it..
    Quote from aminecraftguy00

    CONSPIRACY ALERT! *Spy music starts up*

    *Puts on sunglasses while looking at a camera*
    Pop Shively here, Here to investigate this file, Hidden in the very depths of Minecraft itself...
    What could be inside it?
    The coordinates to a muder victim?
    The capes to Minecon?
    That Hobos password?
    Team Avo's hacked client?
    The world may never know...

    Does anybody remember that show? Where the guy investigated some sort of conspiracy theorys and such? (The really stupid one? Paul...Lazone or something was his name)
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    posted a message on What's the coolest Way you've died in Minecraft?
    I was helping my friend collect wood, Off one of those big trees?
    Boom!! I had 3 stacks of just wood on me, Then all of that went down the drain, I had like 16 wood from that tree. It was devastatingly funny. :P
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    posted a message on zombie pigmen busting up my ride
    Quote from Bellaabzug21

    Maybe if running the latest snapshot, you could use a dispenser to dispense the minecart and then when you're done put it back. You could do it without a dispenser, but the dispenser makes it awesome.

    ..How exactly would this help? :P
    Also, try putting Glass/Top Half slabs above the Minecart rail, It'll still work, And you won't take damage! Although, Leave a pathway next to it to make sure in case of an emergancy you can get out of it.
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    posted a message on 100 Ways To Die: MineCraft Edition...
    210. Hey, Would a redstone torch look nice next to this Red and white block?
    211. Thinking you are the most powerful on a server, Then getting pwned by a newbie by Potions of instant harming
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    posted a message on What Else Can I Do In Survival
    Have you:
    -Gotten every achievement legitly with no help. (Even I haven't done that)
    -Killed a thousand creepers.
    -Killed every Enderman in the End.
    -Made a Nether base/End base
    -Made a easy way, But hidden way to the End Portal
    -Backed up the save
    -Make a bunch of TNT
    -Blow every single part of your world up with the TNT
    -Then go back into the backup
    -Build a Underwater house
    -Build a secret room,
    -Build a rainbow room
    -Make a giant tower, Stair cases going up to the top and everything, Then at the top add rooms, Unlit rooms, And wait for mobs to spawn to FIGHT
    -Make a library
    -Enchant all your armor with Level 50 Enchantments (Unless your in the latest snapshot, That is)
    -Made legit pixel art.
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