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    posted a message on <><>The Followers of Herobrine<><>[RECRUITING]
    IGN: Pop3464
    Age: 14
    Ever use factions plugin: Yes!
    Old factions if so: Pyro..? I think. it was on a server that I have left, That was awhile ago. But I have worked with Factions before.
    Minecraft professions: Kinker
    Good at PVP: Kinda, I have a bad computer, So I'll be slow unless the server is on a very fast computer. :\
    Good at Raiding: Yes! I have a great eye!
    Ever been banned: Yes, but it was on Minecraft classic, and I was a newb. And didn't know what griefing was. :\
    How can I trust you not to steal: I am a very trustworthy person. :) I will always respect the rules, and will respect those of higher authority. (Even if I hate they're guts...)
    What job do you want to be? Give me some examples on why you are good at that job: Kinker. Like I said, I have a great eye for spotting that sort of stuff. Our enemy's secrets will be revealed!
    Who will you worship (End Realm monster, Nether Monster, or Herobrine): The End realm. I've always liked Enderman and Slenderman.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Wow, this is old..
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    posted a message on Minecraft Hunger Games clan
    No offence, but I haven't heard anything...I'm going to leave. Sorry. Its just that its been two months and all.
    Sorry! Cya. :(
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    posted a message on Ever get blocked by a Youtube channel
    Me? Not that I know of.
    I have blocked someone before. Forgot who it was thou. They were insulting a friend, Meh.
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    posted a message on Compass needs to point to the bed!
    Quote from Johnny__Alpha

    That doesn't make any sense. Why would a compass point to a bed? The 0,0 coordinates are the only point of reference, since minecraft is flat and infinite, that point is the closest thing to the north pole in the game.

    Maybe beds have a really, Really strong magnet attached to the leg of it. : D
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    posted a message on is my base good
    Thats actually a pretty good base! Although, some fences would be good. Then place an Iron Golem (If you can that is) to attack things.
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    posted a message on Have you died from a odd glitch?
    I was on a multi-player server, I was trying to get away from some spiders. And well, I dived deep underwater. And dug into the wall to get some air. The lag was terrible! I broke two blocks, Then got in, And started to take damage. I kept telaporting outside in the water, So I was suspecting I was drowning.
    Wrong. It had lagged so bad. It didn't catch me breaking the top block. And thus. I suffocated into a wall...The fudge?
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    posted a message on Best. Bug. EVER.
    I've seen this before!
    Its something to do with TNT, Well kinda. The last case I saw of this was because they exploded TNT, They still had the skin thou.
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    posted a message on Is anyone else getting this bug?
    Go into TMI and select the other type of Slab, (By other, I mean the one that looks exactly like the one you have, But doesn't stack with it). Its just doing that because the Top-half is just another block. TMI just has it in the inventory screen for some reason. :P
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    posted a message on Im Back!
    Welcome back person dude!
    *Waddles out of the Pocket edition topic*
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    posted a message on A parody of Payphone by Dreamreaver23
    Erm, No one can see you're video, its private.
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    posted a message on I need to make money, and unable to get regular job
    Ask Neighbors to babysit or do chores for them. That might work!
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    posted a message on Which do you prefer?
    Depends really, Glass panes is an Ugly roof, Thats bad.
    However, they're awesome for building giant glass windows. Thats good.
    But they look ugly when placed with doors inside them. Thats bad.
    But they're cheeper...Thats great!

    ..Glass. It looks better with doors and windows. :P
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    posted a message on Game lag?
    Its generating new chunks, Thats why you are lagging. :)
    Also, I think in 1.3 we'll have a major performance upgrade! So that hopefully will work. :)
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    posted a message on Caterpillar Fungus
    So, these don't affect Mooshrooms, Correct? :P
    Also, I'd love to see this in game!
    ..And how would a Enderdragon get infected if it destroys everything it touches?
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    posted a message on Favorite Movie Quote?
    I like how my mistake "The world IS COULD END?" Went unnoticed for some time. :P
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