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    posted a message on AoA--25 New Dimensions• 330 Mobs• 27 Bosses• Skills• Quests• 600+Items [LARGE Bugfix Update, May 2018]
    This mod is awesome!
    Just one thing..
    I can't find the Divine Shards to create the Divine Sword..
    The only Shards I can find are Molten and Ender. What exactly drops a Divine Shard?
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    posted a message on The hardest mob?
    Wither, then blazes.
    I battled the Wither before, in full enchanted diamond armor!
    But then theres the Blazes..The from the fiery depths of the Nether..
    I'm more of a grass type, lets just say that. :P
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    posted a message on Computer Lag and Combat
    Well, since I have about 8-10 FPS and I only get mob lag on computers, I'd say its due to just not running away fast enough. I suggest a bow. :P
    Also, when you hit it, does it flash red immediately? Or does it have like a 2-3 second waiting time?
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Emeralds Plus
    Cool! The only problem I can see is that it seems to overpowered, all you need to do is steal some wheat from a wheat farm, Trade with the villagers, and bam! Greatest tool set. :P
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    posted a message on NUBETOOBER39's Mods
    ...What mods..?
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    posted a message on Ever found a Stronghold without using ender eyes?
    I was mining in a "Pass it on" World, Mining coal, Whats that? A stronghold brick.
    It was awesome. :P
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    posted a message on Which Is better? swords, or bows?
    Equal, Swords are boss in Close Combat, but Bows are great for Gaurds.
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    posted a message on What is the worst gift you've ever recieved?
    ...A pillow pet...
    1. Since I'm a dude...
    2. Since even if I wasn't a dude I'd still be too old for it.
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    posted a message on Hotbar preferences
    1. [Sword]
    2. [Bow]
    3. [Pickaxe]
    4. [Cobblestone]
    5. [Torch]
    6. [Food]
    7. [______]
    8. [______]
    9. [______]

    1. [Red Katar]
    2. [Red Morning Star]
    3. [Ring of Arcana]
    4. [Ring of Archery...something]
    5. [Water Amulet]
    6. [That blue torch that I can't think of the name xD]
    7. [Food Item]
    8. [Block]
    9. [Alchemy Bag/Blank space?]

    I use the numbers, I don't know how to scroll with a laptop. :P
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    posted a message on Minecraft has lost its "spark" anyone agree?
    Have you tried creating a new world? Once you get so overpowered, That a creeper explosion in 1.3 on Hard doesn't even hurt you. Then you know you need to go jump in some Lava at the bottom of the world from the new heigh limit.

    Or, also, Tried installing mods? The Technic pack is a good start, Even thou it isn't updated.
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    posted a message on CRAZY THING TO Do
    Quote from SPASTIC

    they would still push each other off -,-

    They actually don't, As long as they're far enough away from the ground and make sure theres no water below them. Because then they'd be to afraid to move.

    Then the second you touch one...Bam!! An amazing array of Creepers going in every direction!
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    posted a message on Wool+
    I'd love to see this ingame! Although, not sure what the uses are in Single Player...
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    posted a message on TNT effects

    Great idea! i tried to go to that support link but it wouldn't load. :(

    ...You d realize that this thread is about two years old..Thats most likely why It didn't load..
    Also, evenifthisthreadisveryold , I'd love to see this added into the game!
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    posted a message on ULTIMATE POST: 555 things to make in survival mode!
    I've seen a lot of these things lately...Oh well.

    14. Room of complete light
    15. Piston door leading to a room of darkness. Muwahahaha!
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    posted a message on capes in minecraft + offline skins
    Hey man. Don't call yourself "Poor" just because you couldn't go to Minecon. You managed to buy the game right? You have a computer, Right? You have a Roof over your head, Right?

    Also, Capes...as said a million times before, Are meant to be Exclusive, and yes. Jeb said something about adding them. But you'll probably have to pay Money for it. Personally, I'd like to see custom capes, But they're reviewed by other people. So everyone doesn't have Minecon capes.

    As for the Offline mode. Just drag and drop a "char.png" with the skin you want into the (I think) "mobs" Folder. As for the adding lan to Minecraft thing. You still need to login somehow. And you still need internet access..
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