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Pokemon Name: Astrid

Roblox: TheAbsolGaming

Skindex: DelphoxGurl007

Hypixel Forums: DragonGurl007

Brutal Network Forums: DelphoxGirl007

Twitch: DelphoxGirl007

3ds FC: 1306-7449-9717

What I like


I love Pokemon, Roblox, making skins, going onto forums, playing minecraft, etc...

So in short I love video games.

I also love anime :3

More Stuff


All aboard the hype train for pokemon Sun and Moon!



Any other excited peeps?

Stuff I support



I love... (In order of how much I love them)

1. Pokemon

2. Roblox

3. Minecraft

4. Anime

5. Forums (any kind!)

6. Any other video game I've ever played

How you know I dont support:

How to know I support:

Location Vaniville Town, Kalos

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Minecraft PokemonGamer111 Xbox Don't have it. PSN Don't have it. Steam Don't have it.

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