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    posted a message on Post was marked as spam upon creation?

    I've restored the post for you. The spam filter can catch some innocent posts sometimes.

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    posted a message on I think the support forum needs an update in management

    I don't see how being interrupted is a bad thing, it's one or two more posts versus a whole new thread, and why shouldn't a thread allow multiple closely related topics in it?

    Normally multiple closely related topics in a thread is what we encourage. However, providing support is a whole different ballgame. Like I mentioned, providing support varies between the hardware, the problem, and so many more factors. What works for one person may not even be possible for another. Providing support to one person may just confuse the original poster. We simply ask that people create their own threads and we ask them nicely, it's not like we're throwing bans at people for posting for help on someone's thread. Again, this is all to prevent confusion especially for those that aren't super tech savvy.

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    posted a message on Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the forum rules and where can I find them?
    A: You can find the forum rules here, or linked to at the top of every forum index. Not bothering to read them is no excuse for breaking them.

    Q: What are the post ranks? Why am I a tree puncher? Why am I the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
    A: Read about the post ranks here.

    Q: How do I make a spoiler?
    A: Like This:

    Typing the above gives you this:

    Random text here!

    You can also add titles! You can make a title like this:

    Typing the above gives you this:


    Q: How do I change the title of my own thread?
    A: Visit your thread and at the top right of your post select "Edit Thread" from the Tools drop down.

    Q: How do I post an image or screenshot?
    A: Upload the image to an image host (such as imgur) and then paste the BBCode provided by the image host. Alternatively use the image attachment option provided in the post editor, click "Insert/edit image" below the editor.

    Q: How do I post a video?
    A: Use the youtube or media BBCode.

    Q: How do I delete my own post or thread?

    A: Report the post asking for a mod to delete it. You won't receive a warning for reporting your own post.

    Q: How do I lower my warning level?
    A: Your warning level will decrease when your warnings expire, this typically happens after 30 days.

    Q: I changed my avatar, but it still looks the same! Why?
    A: Your browser cache still contains the old avatar. Try refreshing the page, or going to the direct URL for your uploaded avatar and hitting refresh.

    Q: How do I become a moderator?
    A: We're not currently accepting moderator applications but we will be in the very near future, keep an eye out!

    Q: How do I change my avatar?
    A: From your profile click Avatars.

    Q: How do I upload/create my signature?
    A: From your profile click Edit Profile and fill in the Signature box!

    Q: How do I advertise on the Minecraft Forums and Magic Find?
    A: You need to contact the Magic Find advertisement department here.

    Q: How can I change my forum username?
    A: Minecraft Forum nickname changes are only permitted once per user, please contact support to request a name change.

    Q: How do I report something?
    A: Click "Report" at the bottom of a post, then select a reason and provide any relevant information.

    Q: I cannot see the videos on the home page anymore, all I see is a white space?
    A: You have a plugin on your browser disabling access to the youtube javascript we use to help decrease the load on browsers loading the front page. NoScript is the only known plugin that is confirmed to do this. If you have having this issue, you need to disable those plugins through your browser's plugin manager.

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    posted a message on Where do I ask my question?

    Data packs are modifications to the game, they'll go in the PC Mods section. If you have questions though, try creating a thread in the Modification Development forum with the tag "Datapack."

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    posted a message on Wedding Invite

    Congrats!! Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to make it either, would be too far from me! :(

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    posted a message on How do i delete my threads?

    If you click "Report" then "Move/Delete my Post" and let the moderator know you want to delete it, they'll delete your posts ASAP.

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    posted a message on Minecraft and Mojang tells me i haven't paid!

    Are you sure you purchased Minecraft from the official Minecraft webtie (minecraft.net) and nowhere else? If so, you'll need to contact Mojang support and let them know what happened. Make sure to include as much information as possible such as the transaction ID.

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    posted a message on You need to hire a mod for server recruitment

    Hey there!

    If you press the "Report" button, you can let us know about these threads so we can deal with them accordingly. We try our hardest but we can't always see everything.

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    posted a message on i received a warning

    If you'd like to appeal your warning, please click the link in the sentence "If you'd like to appeal your warning, click here". Warnings will not be discussed publicly.

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    posted a message on Giving thanks??

    On the bottom left of the post, you'll see a little box with an upwards arrow and you click that.

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