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    posted a message on When will sheep drop meat!
    Why drop food? You already have bunches of easy sources like pigs, tree's and cows. So I guess we could avoid sheep' dropping any type of food for now.
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Why is technology hated?
    Quote from Stealthman917

    I see Minecraft as a medieval era game, and I guess other people do, too. I don't want Minecraft vanilla to become modern, leave that to mods.

    Exactly. Technology like computers and things would be a bit... Weird for the game style that Minecraft is in. Now there is MULTIPLE of cool and fun mods that handle technology and they're pretty cool. But Minecraft just doesn't seem like that type of game.
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    posted a message on MineCon Cape ( 2013 )
    Quote from jackie1st

    For some reason I feel like it will be green with a sword on it.
    They've already had a creeper and a pickaxe with the colors red and blue.

    I feel it will be an ugly plain green cape, sadly.
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    posted a message on Where to hide your Diamonds?
    I always have an underground bunker. So I just dig down in a corner and then make a chest room a few blocks under the bunker. But when you think about it, why am I telling you this? You might steal them! :steve_shocked:
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    posted a message on Can I give Ticket to family?
    Sure, but the ticket is still in your name.
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    posted a message on What's the Worst (but possible) Thing Mojang Could Do with Minecraft?
    Quote from Toph_Rocks

    Monthly fee. nuff' said.

    Yeah. If that was the case, nobody would play Minecraft depending on the price.
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    posted a message on HELP ME PLEASE!
    Um... You uploaded a picture incorrectly. Make sure you upload correctly next time using the special BBCode via http://www.imgur.com.

    Do you have any mods installed? This looks like you installed a mod incorrectly from what I see you've written. If you have any installed then uninstall the mods or try using an un-modified version.

    If not, there may be a corrupted file but I doubt it. Although your graphics card might be out-of-date if it's an older computer.
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    posted a message on Minecon Rant Topic
    They reached the maximum people that they could have in that part of the building. There was no option about selling more tickets because Mojang would be DELIGHTED to sell more tickets for more profit but the building couldn't even hold barely 7500 people itself being that big of a building. Although they did only use the Western side of the building.

    I don't have any bad things to say about MineCon, just hopefully next year.
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    posted a message on MINECRAFT Crashes after I install Minecraft Forge
    Then get rid of Forge.

    Quote from Novicode

    Did you use the auto-installer?

    That might be the only problem I could think of. Never had a problem with Forge.
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    posted a message on Your WEIRDEST Minecraft Habits
    I need to have a perfect stack of items or the rest are useless. If I see a Creeper, I have the need to let it blow up anything in it's path besides me coming from my destructive love in Minecraft. An example of this - I built New York City and then blew it all up since I love the great size of blocks breaking. Not saying I like doing this on Multiplayer or anything...
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    posted a message on What Is The Thing You Hate The Most On The Internet
    p30p13 wh0z tlkz lke thsz.

    Some people on it are a little... Interesting.

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    posted a message on Letter to Mojang [Complaint Letter]
    Quote from Summit

    Im don't mean this in a mean way but....
    Mojang can only have 7500 people. Thats the max the convention center can hold.
    Getting the tickets was all luck and chance, since the spike of all the minecrafters in the past year, so many tried to get tickets.
    Last year tickets took a while longer to sell and they were not expecting it to happen this year.
    Don't blame anyone not even yourself. There were so many people trying to get this tickets, it was horrific.

    Im sorry you guys didn't get tickets, but it wasn't mojang fault or even eventbrites at that fact. Some people have faster internet others don't. You could have just refreshed earlier.

    Don't take it the wrong way,

    Actually, they only rented out the Western side of the convention center. But with all of the money they have dragged in, they could have rented out the entire town! That's actually what I thought they would do originally. Hopefully next year!
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    posted a message on Tips for next year?
    Making an account only helps with payment and billing. Making an account helps with nothing else but that because I made one recently ( yesterday on the 2nd batch ) and it did not help with getting the tickets, only with payment if I would have actually gotten a ticket then it would have been helpful.

    Quote from Calibrix

    You didn't buy your tickets in time

    I remember me and my friend waiting for the exact time and counting down, reloading the website a few seconds before they went on sale.
    We had our emails ready using copy and paste etc, we got the tickets ^_^
    I guess they'll have to go somewhere bigger next year to hold more fans as Minecraft is pretty popular now.. Preferably England...

    I hope that go somewhere bigger as well. I sort've want it in New York but that would probably not happen considering that it's in Orlando this year.
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    posted a message on I confused about Infractions
    They are basically warnings up unto you get banned. If you get one and it doesn't ban you, then just don't do what the report said you did wrong ever again. They go away after a certain period of time depending on what you did.
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    posted a message on More Animals!
    Please! Please no more animals! Sorry, but no support from me as well.
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