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    You should all know that I've made quite a few texturepacks i.e. resourcepacks, some being Nemo and Nemo 2.

    It has been quite some time since I've been active, so I've decided instead of continuing Nemo 2, I will start Nemo 3. I want to go for a very different approach this time, here's a little preview.

    Here's my first question to you guys: Which resolution?
    I can go from 128-1024, but I've prefer to go either 256 or 512. Keep in mind even if I choose 512 there will still be smaller resolutions available, they just won't update as fast. Same for 1024, 256, 128 etc...
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    How do I CTM? Is there a full release of MCPatcher for 1.7.2?


    Q: Which resolution should Nemo 3 be:

    I could also do 1024 but I don't see the need at all.
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    Hey guys.This is my new pack, Nemo 2, which is a 128x "simple" pack based of off my second ever pack, Nemo.I have a customizer up and running with some mod support, although this thread is where you'll be able to download advanced mod support editions including CTM, when I get to it.This awesome guy made me a 1080p, 3D trailer! Go subscribe to him for more awesome texture pack videos! @TheMineCriticI also have another guy who makes spotlights for texture packs! Go subscribe to him! @SuperVampirates
    Nemo 2 1.0Updated for 1.5, new and better pallete, more organized .zip, new and better animations!Have fun!Nemo 2 0.6Updated for 1.4.7!You can go check out the Customizer, which includes lots of alternate textures. (0.6)Download it here, with textures selected by me. (0.6)DonateIf you would like to donate to the developement you can go do so on PayPal!Temporarily Down Due To Technical ProblemsIf you donate you may ask for a custom Painting / Random Mob / Block of your choice.I may choose to not create this for you, but generally that won't happen unless you ask for something offensive, rude or something I don't like.I may also choose wether or not to include it in the Customizer or the actual official download.ProgressBlocks: 100%GUI: 6%item: 100%font: 100%mob: 90%Pictures
    terrain.pngBTW terrain.png
    Legal StuffYou may alter these images, and distribute them IN THIS THREAD ONLY.You may showcase these images on YouTube.com.You may use these images in playing the premium edition of Minecraft.You may not distribute these images anywhere besides THIS THREAD.You may not distribute altered versions of these images anywhere besides THIS THREAD.You may not gain currency through these images besides using them in Minecraft in a monetized YouTube.com video.
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    Quote from epiclinkfan101

    This is the first pixel art I've done in a while:

    Not from anything, just a character I made up. I found that big pixel art is a lot easier if I draw outlines in a normal resolution first, and then trace them (with small modifications) in a low resolution as pixel art.
    Was good practice, I think. Turned out pretty well, IMO. (Until someone else points out every possible thing I could've done better :U)
    May or may not try my hand at texturing again, I'm not sure yet.

    Also, anybody remember me?

    I remember you :D

    Also, the pixel art is nice but the proportions are not very good, I'd say work on those.
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    Quote from Alanay

    I was bored so I just made this on my new computer, thoughts?

    Wood:Stone Bricks:Side Grass/Dirt

    Hot diggity damn Alanay I never get bored with your art. It's like they somehow get better while staying the same.

    It's like this:
    Awesome *stare for few more hours* Awesomer *stare for few more hours* Even Awesomer

    That dithering on the planks tho. It just makes me... happy?

    Quote from Mmm Octopie

    Looks great Alanay, reminds me of that textured road you showed me a good while ago.
    Also more of these things.

    "these things" are pretty darn nice.
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    Dang, you guys are making some pretty amazing stuff.

    I want to try so badly... I just don't want to have to learn the new 1.6 texture system because lazy :(
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    Quote from Dudeofawsome673


    Bumping is against the forum rules, please read them.

    Do Not
      Bump Threads
      Posting in a topic only to bring it back to the front page of the forum is not allowed, a topic should only be on the front page of a forum if there is active discussion taking place.
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    Quote from SiikiKala

    inspired by neoncube's post, i tried something like this style too. looks very bubbly

    Oh my god what have you done

    I am addicted

    You can't stop now


    You can't stop

    Seriously what did you do

    How is it so beautiful

    It's just nice



    So yeah... Apple.

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    Quote from Reitrahc

    This is sort of my point... Its a really simple thing that isnt hard to do, it just takes a bit of time, and between my family constantly calling me to do stuff in the yards and having to texture and write the code for everything, it ends up taking me much longer than it should, which is why I am basically just looking for someone to split up things with. I can take care of it on my own though so its not really important.

    I did not specify what textures I need because It basically is determined by what I decide to add. It would be weapons, tools and armor. When I create a new weapon to add to my mod, I need it in all the materials that exist in vanilla and the ones I have made cutom. So right now I would like to add a hunting knife to the game, and Nether and Ender both as tool/armor materials, so I just need to recolor vanilla textures to fit those, and once I make the knife texture I need that recolored as well for each material.

    Thats why Im not really sure how much more information I could provide... Its really basic stuff, and also why Im not looking for a super experienced texturer or anything. I could even use someone with no experience at all, as it is simple to teach them how to do this.

    I wouldn't want you to teach someone to recolor things as their very first few textures, that's the route to an infamous and evil texturing career.

    Also I fixed your post. Kindof.
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    Quote from krisCrash

    When the stone is so dark, I would perhaps add a bit of light to the iron, or darken a rim around it, for contrast. The emerald stands out and it is lovely. Even if you brightened locally around the other ores you could draw the eye, perhaps. Colours and values are all relative, interestingly enough.


    Damn! CTM is FUN. Repainted the jungle leaves, and oak for good measure (I can't think of a good detail to toss in oak though, acorns ;-) ?). But I honestly like my opaque leaves better at the moment, gah. But I feel like I need concern myself less with tiling errors when I can shuffle a few random blocks in to shake things up.
    I paint so much better now than when I started the pack, though, I must admit I am procrastinating some things.

    Awesome! Those leaves are honestly beautiful.
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