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    My Minecraft computer sort of got rekt. Decided to move on to some tech videos. Hope you guys enjoy. If you do, like my videos and subscribe. Really trying to grow my channel.


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    Wrong section, bud.

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    Quote from Chromezone»

    This is most likely near New York. I don't know for sure. but my guess is New York in consideration that I don't know the proccesses and if they go in loops or they go to different places.

    Yeah, I'm thinking it will be in one of the east Big
    Three (New York, DC, Philadelphia). Hopefully it is, because I could probably attend if it is. I'd also think Stockholm, Sweden, but I imagine they'll save that for the 10th anniversary.
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    Devouch. Never completed my order and did not respond when I asked him about it.

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    I'd go OBS if your system can handle it. If it can't, go with either OBS or Fraps possibly?

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    Looking for five to ten people I can consistently do MC videos with. Please include your Skype and channel link below. Thanks.


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    Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the server will be shutting down permanently. There were two reasons. One was that Nathan (HelpfulFreak191) had become tied up with schoolwork supposedly, but many of the staff (including myself), theorized that it might be a bluff because of the other reason we are closing, which is that there was a lot of discord due to my inability to let past incidents go, and Nathan sort of controlling more than his share of the server, as he did not put in the amount fiscally as I had (by a lot, $40-50 I believe), and not letting other people do things. He was called out for it by myself and one of our new developers, which we think caused him to bluff about the schoolwork. That being said, I know he was tied up with it, but it was an awful convenient time for him to leave.

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    Hello, I'm the other owner. We are looking for some strong applicants, and who knows, you might be the one. Apply away!

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    Quote from Ivel9999»

    • IGN: Ivel97
    • Age: 14
    • Skype (can be PMed): Currently not working so you can email me I will pm you it if you acceot me
    • Timezone: GMT +1
    • Languages you can speak: English
    • Hours can be a server per week: 15
    • Why you should be staff: I love helping servers and i am looking for a server to call home
    • Prior experience: I Have been staff on 4 other servers that shutdown

    As of now, you are denied. If you add more to the "why you should be staff" section, we will consider your application. I doubt you put 10 minutes into this, it really shows me your effort level.
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    NOTE: My co-owner made the old thread, do not use that one anymore, as this one will be our main thread.

    Welcome to Avarus! We are a server trying to provide you a good mix of games, with some being entirely custom gamemodes (RPG), and others that will be spins on classic Minecraft gamemodes (Destroy the Monument). However, to make our server truly great, we'll need some special staff. There are a few set requirements, however, to be staff on our server.
    13+ for Helper 14+ for Moderator 15+ for any other position Access to Skype

    To be staff on our server, you'll need to know what our server is about. Here is a rundown on what our RPG factions server is...

    Our server has a 10,000 by 10,000 custom world, all the kingdom of Asgard. The kingdom is split into 5 different realms, connecting at the center. Jugoro, the realm of the humans is a plains-type biome, with lakes, a small desert, and lots of blooming towns and villages to explore. The Dwarf realm, Koinomoyo, is a stone filled wasteland with little trees or anything happening on the exterior. Down below, however, is a vast mining system. Mines and villages built into ravines litter the underground world. In Telemokolo, the realm of the Trolls, everything is larger than life, from the trees to the mountains. A wonderful place to grow a guild base, as resources are plentiful. Veins are 30+ ores wide, and trees reach up to the skies. Ghoibotrond is the land of the elves, enchanted forest after enchanted forest. Blooming with glittering campfires and Robin Hood-style villages located in the trees, this is an enchanting little place to which the elves defend with their lives. Finally, we have Uidropgo, the Half Blood realm. This hell-like place, filled with strange blocks and lava, is a nice place for warzones and battles. With lots of crevices littering the barren landscape, it's a wonderful place to start a base, and grow your battle-centered guild. Our server offers terrain regeneration on non-claimed land, every 5 minutes the terrain will automagically regenerate so resources will be there for all. Our ores continue to spawn in different places, however, to make sure that players cannot continue grinding the same diamond ore vein.

    The economy on the server is a freerange economy meaning that there is no set shop. We believe in supply and demand. To list an item in the market, do /ah sell {price}, or broadcast an offer: "I'm selling a Ratojo for 48 Gold! PM me!". Remember, you can also request things to buy: "Buying an Erajo, paying fairly well." To display the name, lore, durability, and powder statistics of an item while broadcasting, type [item] while you are holding the item in your hotbar, and it will display the statistics in chat when you hover over the text message. To make an offer on an item in the Auction House or in a broadcast, /msg the user. Keep in mind, you will be in Direct Chat (/msg) unless you do /msg off. /trade is a command that people can use to make sure that your trades go scam free. You are allowed to insert money (banknotes) by doing /note {amount of money}. This will give you a physical piece of paper that will allow you to left click, and earn the money back in your account. You can trade these items, and any other physical item.

    Instead of banning, muting, kicking, warning on the spot, we award "Punishment Points". Punishment Points are points that you get each time you break a rule. Everytime your number of points hits a certain mark you'll get an appropriate punishment.

    • 1 Punishment Point - wither potion effect for five seconds
    • 5 Punishment Points - removal of iron, diamond, and gold items in inventory
    • 10 Punishment Points - temporary mute for 24 hours
    • 15 Punishment Points - temporary ban for 72 hours
    • 20 Punishment Points - permanent mute
    • 25 Punishment Points - temporary ban for one month
    • 30 Punishment Points - permanent ban

    You can appeal your punishment on the forums, whichever it may be (other than #1). Unless you're permanently banned or muted, punishment points erase after 1 month. Which means, if you were awarded 3 points for stealing, your points will be reset in one month.

    Powder is a type of magic on the server that allows you to increase damage, speed, and other abilities. When choosing a class, you automagically get assigned two positive powders and two negative powder. Each magical weapon, piece of armour, potion, or Koino has ratings up to 25% on each piece of gear. This either positively or negatively impacts the player based on their powder levels. For example, take a basic weapon: An Archemis.


    4 Damage

    9 Critical

    30% Chance for Critical Hit

    15% Fire, -15% Air, 20% Earth, -5% Water

    If the player who is using the Archemis has Fire and Earth powder levels, he has more chance of a critical hit, more chance of getting a boost in battle, and more chance of getting more gold. If the player has only one positive powder, he'll have a lesser, but still pretty good chance. If he has both negative powders, he may lose Gold, gain negative potions such as Slowness, and in extreme cases, Wither, and less chance of a critical hit.

    Classes are a secondary Role Playing system in addition to the guilds, races, and the economy. Classes are chosen after you select your race, information on the classes can be found on the wiki. Classes start off with a set kit when you first log into the server, and gets a different set gold and XP bonus every week. Also, when you talk in chat, a suffix with your class name will be toggleable in /chat. We’re working on making a spells system for classes. This will allow certain classes of certain levels to access certain spells.

    Available Kits:

    • Wizard
    • Sorcerer
    • Palladin
    • Firelock
    • Waterformer

    This is the basic information on our server. More advanced information will be provided if/when you are hired.

    Here is a format for staff...
    • IGN:
    • Age:
    • Skype (can be PMed):
    • Timezone:
    • Languages you can speak:
    • Hours can be a server per week:
    • Why you should be staff:
    • Prior experience:

    We want as many applicants as possible, so apply away! I personally wish you the best of luck.

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    Welcome to the official Team X recruitment thread!

    We are a new Youtube group looking for some members of all sizes to join. However, with that in mind, we still have to set a few requirements.

    • 4+ total video views
    • 10+ subscribers
    • 2+ videos
    • Play at least two different games, including Minecraft

    Our group has several goals...

    • Grow the group's popularity
    • Grow everyone's channel
    • Give each other more collaborators
    • Give each other more variety in our videos
    • Provide our viewers with enjoyable content
    • Have fun!

    That being said, if you meet all the group's requirements and think you can contribute towards the group goals, go right ahead an apply! We are really looking for some strong, underrated, and up-and-coming channels. Here is the format to apply...



    Channel Link:
    Proof of Channel Ownership:
    # of Subscribers:
    # of Videos:

    Twitch (optional):

    Why we should let you join Team X:

    We are looking for about 10-15 people to join. All of the group's members will be listed below this thread. I wish you the best of luck with your application, as I'm really excited to get this going.



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    Hey guys, welcome to my clan, Can't Stop Won't Stop! We are as of now exclusively a Hypixel clan, with the hopes of expanding in the future. We are looking for all sorts of players, whether you are good at PvP or not. If you'd like to join the clan, go ahead and join our Discord server!

    Join here!

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    I'm looking for someone/some people to play different mods and maps with. We'll record some games, others not. I'd like people who are 13 years old or more and have 50 or more subscribers. If you are interested, comment down below.

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