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    Any possible Chance of getting a new link?
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    Quote from DoUbLeMiNt

    Sounds nice!

    Quote from YinTaiYang

    looking good :D

    Thank You! Im looking for maybe one or two more votes and ill probably continue my work with the map. If i do, would you have any suggestions for things i should change, move, add to the map?
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    Hey Guise, I decided to waste a few hours of my life to put together this easy simple parkour map. It mainly goes in Biomes but could easily be changed to just different "areas". And when i mean Biomes i mean, like. That Biome feel the that Specific Parkour and room. If You Want to give it a try feel free to download it And try it out! :D If you have and Reports about Bugs, errors, have suggestions, and or feedback. Just leave a comment. I am very new to the Forums but hope to use them more often. So yeah. Hope you download the map and give it a try. ._.

    P.S. This is my first map, sadly. But to me it is nowhere near done.

    Here's The Link To The Map- http://bit.ly/1VqjkmC
    - Fixed Vine Location In The Snow Biome
    - Added Another Checkpoint In The Forest Biome
    *Update (2-8-13)
    -Added new area
    *Update (2-10-13)
    -Fixed Some "Cheatable Areas" =P
    *Update (2-16-13)
    - Added Area 5

    First Area Below

    Second Area Below

    Third... Area..... Below... ;-;

    Fourth Area FTW

    Area 5 (No Picture Available Yet)

    Well! I Hope to get some feedback! Thanks For At least looking and possibly trying! :D

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    Im Going to make a lets play of this on my channel. My Youtube user-Sandboy000
    (Not that im advertising just so you know who i am)
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