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    posted a message on Server Network Looking For YouTuber! [Open]
    Hello, I own a Server Network. I need a YouTuber for it.

    The requirements are the following:
    1: 25K+ Subs. (Or an average of 1.5K views per video) (Or we can work out a deal if you are gaining subs and views fast)
    2: Record at least once a week.
    3: Come on at least 1 per 2 days. (To run around on it and interact)
    4: You will have to put a code, link, and the server IP in the description of the videos that you record on the network.

    You'll get the following:
    1: [Owner] rank
    2: More subs (From the randoms joining)
    3: Get to have fun on the server!

    If you have 750+ Subs you'll be able to get [YouTuber] rank (Or we can work out a deal if you are gaining subs and views fast)
    But you must do the following:
    1: Record at least 1 video per 2 weeks (To keep the rank)
    2: Record a video 5 mins+ (To get the rank)
    3: Put IP in description of the video(s) that you record on the server.

    Also, we have Factions, Creative and KitPvp. (And a Hub)

    (We are also in Beta Testing right now)
    IP: PixelCrafted.Net
    (We are not looking for staff, other then the YouTuber, and also this is a Sponsorship, so if anyone can respond quickly that would be nice)
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    posted a message on TNT War Server
    Hey, I knowticed that you guys are looking for a Tnt Wars server. I am currently in the making of a NetWork called PixelCrafted. We are going to have Factions, Creative, KitPvp, Sg, One In The Chamber and of course Tnt Wars! But the NetWork will be up in about a month, so then I will post the IP and stuff. But the Tnt Wars is going to be fully automatic, so you can keep playing!
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    But we do have 2 ways of advertising, I also have some other friends with popular websites 100-1K hits a day. But I would also give 30% of donations to the hoster. And this is also a network, like Hypixel or The Hive. Ive ran a successful once, but it got shut down because I didn't have the money. I do have a following on YouTube with 600 subs, but that isn't much, then we have about 10-20 YouTubers with 250-15K subs that would record, and I guess I can make it so every 5 mins there would be a link to the hosters website. (We plan on having 50-300 players on the high of the day). Also I have a few (5-10) live streamers with 50+ viewers that would like to LiveStream some minigames and stuff.
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    posted a message on Seaking Server Sponsorship
    Name of proposed server: PixelCrafted

    How much RAM you want: I would like a 32-64Gb box.

    How many player slots: 500

    Describe your server idea: Well my idea is a artistic server, it would have almost all custom plugins. It would be a MiniGames, Factions Survival, Creative, and KitPVP. MiniGames would include, Survival Games, QuakeCraft, One In The Quiver and others in the near future.

    Why you want this server: I always wanted a successful server, but the servers cost so much money, it is hard for me to get that much money (Noting about $200-400 per month). I have been dreaming about this server for along time.

    On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want the server?: A solid 10. I have staff, coders, testers, basicly everything that a successful server would need, I also have some YouTuber friends with 200-15K subs.

    Proposed plugins: Factions, PlotMe, Survival Games, Quake Craft, One In The Quiver, and more

    Donation plan: Ranging from $10-$150

    Do you already have a community? If so, how many active players? If not, how will you be getting players?: I don't have an active player base. As I said before I have about 20 YouTubers with Subscribers ranging from 200-15K. And if that does not work, buy a server sponsorship rank on a website.

    Is there a reason why you can't pay for the server?: Yes, I don't really make a lot of money from YouTube and can't get a real job at 14.

    What is your preferred method of contact? Skype? PM?: Skype, Email.

    What will you do for the company in return?: I will have free advertising of your company on the server with a notification every 10 mins, also I will try to have every YouTuber to put a link to the companys website.
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