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    So I have been doing a lot of thinking and messing about this past week and this is what I'm thinking of doing so far.
    IMPORTANT: I'm still in the design and planning stages so none of this is set in stone.

    I've both reduced the number of aspects and increased them. Whaat?! ;)

    I'm reducing the number of aspects to 8, namely Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Positive, Negative, Order, Chaos.
    These are called the Primal (or Primordial) Aspects.

    Taking inspiration from Pyro27 and his Doodle God idea you can then get derived aspects by combining those aspects together. For example you get Light from Positive and Fire. These combinations get more and more complex as you get continue combining these aspects. In theory the number of aspects are limitless.

    However the Primal aspects are the only thing that you use to power your magical doodads and spells and when you break down items you only get primal aspects... at least initially.

    I'm still developing my ideas for this, but my current thinking is leaning towards the following:
    I'm going to use Nitor as an example. As one of the first things you will need to research it will have a 100% chance of having all the required aspects revealed. As the researches get more complex this chance will go down.
    When you open up the research table and start working on Nitor you will see that it requires 2 aspects: Light and Energy. Neither of those are Primal aspects. The player only has access to primal aspects that he has gathered (I'll reveal how in the future). He needs to combine those till he has Light and Energy. Once that is done: Ta Da! Nitor research is done.

    Obviously I'm leaving out some details there, but that will be the (very basic) gist of it.

    No progress yet - until the above two is complete I can't really start redesigning them. What I can say is that nodes will probably be attuned to the primal aspects. There might be more complex nodes that have more than one primal aspect or even derived aspects. Also I'm using the word "node" very loosely. Current nodes will still exist, but the term will probably also include other objects that act as sources of aspects (obelisks, etc.)

    if this Idea is not dead, I'm not too sure how much I like the primary aspects, I guess if every item in the game are secondary or tertiary aspect combinations it would be like nothing changed and only the level of control would increase, but it feels like too much of a change from the previous system, that one was very comfortable and accessible. Plus the doodlegod game gets frustrating when you are trying to find that last combination that you are missing to unlock the next tier. (the theory of everything in TC3.0X would be a good example)

    Also wouldn't the need to combine aspects make aspect filtering and manipulation a basic skill instead of like late tier 2? in the current version there is a long process you go through, after doing the unified thaumic field theory where you discover how to separate the aspects into essentia liquid and store it. Such a thing seems necessary from the start in the 3.1 system... that was always a huge break though for me when I get control of it, suddenly I can save and store things for later, not waste my valuable multiaspect items like string (especially in thaumic bees) and rubber (IC2)
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