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    The Community Chest is, as the name states, a community oriented server. Our main focus is on our players and making sure they have an enjoyable experience both on the server and in our community. Our staff is well experienced with nearly all senior staff having previous experience on multiple servers and in some cases having years-worth of experience in running and/or staffing servers! Our server went live for season two on June 26th, 2020 with a fresh map for 1.16. We currently run paper spigot on a dedicated server hosted out of the EU. Don't worry though! The majority of our players play from North America and have zero latency issues! Being a Vanilla+ server we also run several plugins and datapacks to increase quality of life and accessibility of the server, none of our plugins fundamentally alter the game in a detrimental way. Since our orientation is very much towards community interaction a requirement for joining the server is a working microphone and interest in voice chatting, we're all very friendly people so if you aren't comfortable at first we're sure you'll find your stride! Along the same lines, we are explicitly an 18+ server, there are players under that age limit that have been grandfathered in but any new players must be 18 and older.

    As stated above our main focus is always the players, we as the staff strive to provide events, challenges, and goals to the players to encourage interaction and cooperation on our server. To date our biggest event was our TCC Olympics! There were competitions such as Horse Racing, Javelin Throwing, Parkour, and many more! The event lasted a total of a week with dozens of events hosted by various players across the world. We don't run just major events though, we have had custom challenges, riddles, and impromptu PvP events at various vendors! Of course we understand that players can get burnt out of Minecraft so we offer events outside of Minecraft, such as movie nights (when players are interested) and game nights where we play various party games (lately we've all been playing Among Us).

    If you want to learn more about the server and learn a bit more about us, our plugins, goals, and history be sure to check out our website at http://site.communitychest-mc.net

    Our rules are fairly standard and sensible and follow the typical style for Vanilla+ servers:

    1. Respect all fellow players. This means do not edit the build of, steal the items of, or **** off any player at any given time without permission!
    1.1. No racial slurs, foul language towards others, etc. Keep chat clean of profane language (common curses allowed).

    2. When building in a town and/or community build make sure that your build has been approved of the people that have been put in charge of the area.

    3. Please be honest and respectful with all players on the server. Everyone enjoys their time more when they can have a good conversation with their friends : )

    4. Please try to avoid using third party clients, we'll know if you use one ; ). We do allow client side mods such as mini-maps and Optifine, we just ask you use common sense with your mods. If you are on the fence about if one is allowed or not don't hesitate to ask staff!

    5. Please repair any and all damage done to terrain, if you chop a tree down make sure the leaves decay, just simple things like that to keep our world looking nice!

    6. Do not trigger raids in any village that you directly have not claimed or have been authorized to start a raid in.

    7. Player bases must be built 1000 blocks outside of spawn, this is to allow a large area for community builds to take place in so that it is central to the server. We also ask that nether portals be built a respectable distance away from spawn as well as they have been quite finicky.

    If you understand and agree to all these rules all that's left for you is to apply to the server! You do that by joining our discord: https://discord.gg/v32sgzJ . Once in the discord you will be asked to fill out an application form that's pinned in the welcome channel to help us streamline your application process, once you have submitted it you can ping an interviewer to get you a voice interview. If all goes well in the interview you will be accepted to the server! If any questions arise don't hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Other than that I hope that we can provide a great community for you to join!

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