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    posted a message on It seems Zombies won't be changing.
    Quote from Down_He_Fell

    It's their game. They decide what goes into it.

    So stop complaining. :P

    Okay, so in your mind it is okay for them to just add whatever they want, without the feedback of their players.

    No, it's not. That's how you LOOSE a fanbase.I like the 1.6 zombies "TO AN EXTENT", but I feel they are a bit.... Much. Not as in difficulty, but in the quantity. Seriously, I'd like to see a variety in the mobs I fight, not endless waves of zombies. I'd play the Last of Us or the Walking Dead if I wanted to fight constant zombies, not Minecraft. It's going in the right idea, to make zombies an actual challenge, but fighting 20 zombies compared to 5 isn't a challenge... It's just annoying (Unless you're playing a CTM map, in which the new zombies break any CTM maps made before 1.6 by how ridiculous they are.)
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    posted a message on 1.6 = It's Zombie Apocalypse Naow!
    I want a hard, challenging game. This feature isn't hard just annoying. I don't see how having to hack and slash a little more makes the game any harder. All it does is wear down your durability. The AI change in 1.2 was actual difficulty, this is not.
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    posted a message on I Need 10 people to do a beta test of MY new CTM map Finks Lab
    I'd like to test it out. I've played many CTM maps in my days (Mostly Vechz's and Amlup's maps) so I have lots of experience in them. I also think it'd be cool to just see what could be improved, for a better user experience.

    Username: Pintopinata

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on Do you think 1.6.1 is a success or a failure
    It succeeded in some places (most places actually), but where it did fail, it failed HARD.

    Succeses: Horses are great, and give an actual uses to saddles.
    We now have storage blocks for wheat, and they're good decoration too.
    Leads make it so much easier to get a farm started, especially if you live nearby a swamp, free slimeballs for leads for a lifetime.
    Lots of other new decoration blocks (Hardened clay is fantastic.)
    The new launcher, even though it also failed in some parts, is also really nice.
    Also, the new golden apples are cool as well. Absorption and Health Boost are two nice and new effects.

    Fails: There were a couple fails, but are also BIG fails. The biggest: The potion nerf. WHY? This makes potions that were only used sometimes completely worthless. Regen, instant health and strength potions are completely dead in a ditch now. I could see if the potions were being abused and exploited, but the only times you really used them was when in dire need of them, AKA the polar opposite of being abused, so there was no need to nerf them. It only puts the brewing and potion system further into a ditch.

    The new launcher, while great, wasn't ready. Even with 1.1.1 of the launcher, offline mode still isn't fully implemented, and just now are we getting a version of the launcher that doesn't look ugly. The launcher should have been held off until 1.6.3, or 1.7. We'd all rather wait then get something incomplete.

    Oh, and the bugs. Other than 1.3, this has the be one of the most buggiest updates.

    That's that. These are all just my opinions, so if you disagree, please say-so in a kind manor. I'm not looking to start childish arguments over the internet. I'd give the update an 8/10. Good day to you all!
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    posted a message on Do you think 1.6.1 is a success or a failure
    Quote from ArrogantLobster

    I am sick and tired of these threads...

    1.6 is being worked on for the better of everyone. Stop complaining or downgrade.

    You need to re-read the OP. -_-.
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    posted a message on New Launcher Design
    Quote from Barberetti


    That made me laugh way to hard. As for the launcher itself, my only issue with it is that they removed the info of the login servers, authentication servers, ect... Having that info back would be helpful in diagnosing why certain things wouldn't be working. Other than that, it's a lot better than the old one, and WAAAAY better than the one from 1.5.
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    posted a message on Animals getting stuck in fence corners
    It's probably because the game wasn't originally programmed to have mobs technically be inside the same meter which also has a block in it. Another reason 1.7 should be the update where (finally) the entire engine is re-written. Notch we all love ya', but damn, the Minecraft engine is a mess of code ;).
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    posted a message on What You Don't Want To Be Added To Minecraft
    Quote from Calico

    Guns, Magic and Alchemy. All three would ruin Minecraft entirely.

    Magic: We already have enchantments, the beacon blocks and multiple dimensions.
    Alchemy: We have a full implemented potion system as well.

    The things you don't want to see are already here...
    Quote from CreepyDjole

    What would destroy Minecraft by my opinion?

    Guns are better as a mod.
    Boss Creeper (Altough i like creepers) which would destroy 4 times larger surface than Charged Creepers.
    More redstone stuff.

    How would that destroy Minecraft? -___-
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    posted a message on Just downloaded pre release and found a bug that makes game unplayable. Help!
    That's quite odd. Are you able to take pictures or get a video of this happening?
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    posted a message on 1.6 Doesn't have a bin?
    The Jar is in the version folder. In order to run a mod, you have to make a separate copy of a Jar, then mod it and make it's own profile on the launcher. I'm sure it will be fixed up to be made easier when the official release comes and, and especially when the Plugin API is finally released.
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    posted a message on Playsound Command for Custom Sounds
    There are many un-used sounds in the game that could work around this. And if your map doesn't use note blocks, that's an extra 7 or 8 usable files right there.

    I do agree it should pick up custom sounds anyways, so you don't have to go replacing files.
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    posted a message on Why the Change to Boats?!
    I agree. You can control Horses with WASD, why not boats? There is literately no way of stopping a boat other than getting used to the momentum and stop acceleration at the right time and hoping you stopped early enough so you don't hit land hard enough to break the boat. That's something you do with trains though, not boats! The movement in general is unnecessarily difficult as well. Let's say a skeleton is shooting at your boat and you want to shoot back at him so it doesn't shoot your boat and break it. You turn and aim your bow at him but all of a sudden the boat turns and you're going full steam ahead straight for that skeleton. One of the only things I don't like about 1.6. other than that, it's a great update.

    It's only a small fix, too. Too bad not many people use boats enough to care and get Mojang's attention :/
    Quote from BryGuy1

    Why don’t they just let us decide, by allowing the controls to be setup the way we want in options.

    [ ] Simple Controls (W) only
    [ ] Advanced WASD Controlled.

    BAHM! Simple and much more flexible.

    I agree with this. in the controls section of the options, we should be able to choose, since it seems some people like the new controls, some don't.
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    posted a message on Can you change music?
    Yes, yes you can. You can edit both the music that plays at random (calm1, calm2, piano1, piano2, ect... Located in the "music" folder) and you can even edit the music records can play (located in the "records" folder.) I don't know if you can make record music play via the /playsound command yet, though.

    I played a small adventure map yesterday that used the fact you can change music :). Hope I helped.
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    posted a message on WHAT THE HELL MOJANG!
    Even Shakespeare wouldn't have words for this post.

    Look at every version's change log since let's say around Beta 1.6...
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    posted a message on Do you like the new hunger system? (Now with amounts of health each food heals)
    I'm up for making the game more difficult but this doesn't make it more difficult at all, it just makes it WAAAAY more tedious to do literately anything that involves possible damage. Using ender pearls in now nerfed because you take 2 1/5 hearts of damage which is probably 2 slices of bread. Fighting mobs, you're going to go through food like mad. Fighting the Wither, say goodbye to your stack of steak (okay, maybe it's not that bad, but still.)

    Of course, it WOULD be difficult if steak was hard to get, but you can infinite steak very easily, so all it really equates to is just sitting AFK at a farm for a longer time. Artificial difficulty at it's finest.
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