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    posted a message on Thoughts on new ocean generation?
    Quote from Tailbones

    I think an ocean size of 1.6 should still happen in 1.7, but only be extremely rare. As in once or twice per seed.

    But on the other hand, these are highly zoomed out pictures. Jeb says that several of those oceans in the 1.7 view are some 3k blocks large. So perhaps it won't be that bad at all.

    On a side note, I hope they turn down the number of generated ponds- there's too many of them.

    Once or twice per seed on a world that is 60000000x60000000? Damn, that's pretty rare.
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    posted a message on More in 1.7: Resource Pack Selection
    Quote from Jokie155

    So if I'm reading this correctly...

    Will servers be able to force their textures onto users? If the server-loaded resource pack is given priority, isn't that essentially saying that it will override client-loaded packs?

    I'm really not happy about the way that sounds, and I do hope I am severely misinterpreting this.

    I think using the server texture pack will be optional, but if you do want to use it, it will override other conflicting resource packs.
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    posted a message on [Help needed]Switching block on op layer in a one wide hallway.
    should work. It's a simple block swapper. In the video it's used for a simple hidden crafting table, but I believe it could work for this too.
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    posted a message on Want your own little continent?
    Honestly, if the terrain is so bad that seeds spawning on continents are notable, then you have a big problem. Continents should be common, not so uncommon occurrence. Just my opinion.

    As for the seed itself, it's really cool. Nice that a stronghold is on the continent as well.
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    posted a message on A philosophical look at why zombies do not need balancing.
    I can see where people are coming from, it's all opinions and whatnot, but I guess I should spread the other side of the spectrum. Now, I've played the game since Alpha, trust me, I've seen how difficult Minecraft used to be, but this current day Minecraft isn't difficult. It doesn't matter if you have 3 zombies on you, or 20 zombies on you, you just walk backwards and hack and slash. Not difficulty, just a time waster and a way to kill your sword's durability. The reason Alpha/early Beta was difficult wasn't because Skellies could shoot arrows that could break the sound barrier, or because you get encountered with 20 zombies instead of 5, it was difficult because of the player's handicap. Back then, there was no auto health regen, or stackable food. You brought like 3 or four cooked porkchops, and that's it (unless you did the cheaty Wheat method), if you ran out of food and took a hit, too bad, that damage was staying. Now a days, any damage you take is completely negated by your hunger. a full stack of cooked steak is not hard to get with the breeding system, and once you have that you can go months without worrying with your health, since it'll always come back. Even if you manage to run out of food, kill a few zombies for rotten flesh, and you're good.

    The main problem is, no matter how much they buff the mobs, unless the mobs get some god like AI, you can just block yourself in a hole, and wait for your health tor regen. Back then, if you had no food, you were as good as dead. And of course, this is all assuming the zombies are actually difficult, which they're not. You just pillar up two blocks and start slashing away.

    This is all my opinion, of course. There is difficulties which the new food system, but since food is handed out like candy, you really have to have screwed yourself over to die from mobs with your (literal) infinite health (If you play smart at least, obviously you may crack under pressure, or get screwed by water streams.) The only threat from mobs personally is getting knocked in lava. Other than that, you get some iron armor, it's just a click or two with a sword and they're just more XP for you.

    Anyways, just my opinion on the matter. Some of you may completely disagree, and others may see the difficulty of Minecraft in a new light.
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    posted a message on 1.7 Sneak Peek: Sunflowers, Falling Particles
    People are actually complaining about sunflowers? They're just new flowers in the game, it's not like THAT is going to kill Minecraft.

    Jesus, what is this forum, a bunch of 5 year olds?
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    posted a message on 1.6.2 Zombie reinforcements spawning in your face - WAI?
    I was fighting a horde of zombies from a little bunker I made. I was hitting at their feet, and they had brought me down to relatively low health before I made this dirt bunker. As I was killing them, a zombie reinforcement spawned; BEHIND ME, IN MY BUNKER COMPLETELY SHUT OFF FROM THE OUTSIDE WITH AN IRON SWORD.

    Now the result is expected, he one shot killed me with no chance for survival, and when I came back he had picked up all my stuff blah blah blah. Now, while I'm sure this is not a common occurrence, but the fact that the zombie reinforcements are so badly designed that that could make it into an official version is insane. That's not difficulty, that's just cheap.
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    posted a message on Dinnerbone Acknowledges 1.6 Zombie AI
    Quote from Shibe

    Great, now the game will be too easy again. The new zombie AI was fine.

    I hope if they nerf it, they only nerf it for normal and easy difficulties.

    The new zombies aren't hard at all, unless you suck. We're not asking for change because they're "too hard," but because it's too constant. It happens way to often, practically every night is a zombie apocalypse, and it gets dull, boring, and annoying just hacking and slashing like 20 zombies every few minutes. And of course the baby zombies. They're good, but they need to be fixed. Not burning in the daylight, and giving small XP.

    And of course difficulty scaling is practically non-existent in terms of the zombies.
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    posted a message on Looks like were getting snow peaked mountains?
    Now all we need are for mountains to have actual green bright grad, not.... Blue.
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    posted a message on People hating -_-
    Quote from MinisterofOrigin

    This is a matter of opinion, your definition of 'cheap' might be different from someone else's. It's all opinion. The reason people dislike updates is because it isn't good in their opinion. What annoys me more is when people get into a fight over opinion. Because in matter like that, nobody is 'right' it is all OPINION. This is a word these forums have trouble comprehending.

    Ironic, considering you are also picking an argument over your own opinion.
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    posted a message on "Time machine" Options in launcher. [Play the classic versions of the game!]

    I'm WAY happier than I should be!
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    posted a message on Ability for Mob Spawners to spawn entities relative to players
    There's really no reason to say no to this. This would be amazing.
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    posted a message on Horse breeding currently pointless and in a bad state
    Quote from JarvaCoder

    Yes that's true but did mojang ever say they were going to ever have it work the way people wanted it to?

    Well, they didn't really say that, but it's an expectancy from fans that Mojang will listen to what fans want -_-.
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    posted a message on What would you rather play? 1.5.2 or 1.6.2
    1.6.2 definitely. Although it does have its problems (Boats were WAY easier when we could control them with WASD, and the zombies... Oh god the zombies are terrible) I believe horses and the stained clay make up for that.
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    posted a message on It seems Zombies won't be changing.
    Quote from jovialmadness

    Yes. Yes it usually is. They don't ignore them though. They politely turn their heads considering a vast majority of the player base for all games don't know what is best for the game.

    Take zombies for instance. Everyone seemed to complain the mobs were passive and simple. They change it. Smaller numbers complained they were too difficult....

    In survival.


    Interesting. See for me, the biggest issues I had before this patch were surviving lava and starving to death. Mobs were just a nuisance. Now, mobs are a serious aggravation and potential threat. What they should be. Why? Well, mainly because I'm playing on survIval. I want to have to survive when fighting mobs, not swat them away and continue building all the while shaking my head and asking myself why they are even in the game. If I had to ask myself this then I'm certain someone else did as well.

    These complainers need to toughen up and embrace the change or offer valid reasons why tougher mobs shouldn't exist in survival. The rest is just standard whining with no reason. Well there is something good that comes from the complaints. It proves the player base generally doesn't know what is best. Of course occasionally single players have good ideas. I have to concede that.

    This patch has caused me to build in totally different ways now. More interesting and careful ways. Its a GOOD thing. If it isn't a good thing for you then I suggest creative mode or offer reasons other than 'zombies suck, I build and get rushed so ded'

    I love the new skeletons and spider's. The new zombies aren't a challenge though, I can easily slice through 20 zombies, just like I could with 2-3. The issue isn't that's it's too difficult, it's that it's not adding difficulty, just an annoyance. All it does is waste your time slaying endless waves of zombies, and destroy the durability on your tools. All for what? Rotten Flesh? Lol. What Mojang SHOULD do is make it so if a zombies agros on you, it'll start sprinting after you (Just like zombie pigmen do, but the zombies have better AI.) Make it that if a zombie can spawn another zombie, it won't spawn behind you, and change the agro range from like 90 blocks to 32-48. Imagine the difference between have 20 slow walking zombies coming after you, or 7 or 8 zombies sprinting at you, and you can't run away because they run just as fast.

    Now, THAT is how you buff a zombie.
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