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    In the following spoiler is the escapades of my test-hardcore world, which ended swiftly and solemnly. It was also a fail in regards to the roleplay portion of what i'm trying to do, but I promise future journals will be better.

    The seed is an incomplete quote from the end of a great show, so use it if you like this world... which you will. Trust me, you will.

    Hardcore... time to create new world. I'll be sure to make backups of the world, of course. I suppose whenever I die I can just get a vote as to whether I continue the hardcore world or create a new one? Maybe when I die a certain amount of times no one can vote for me to stay with the world? That works. Anyway, onwards and upwards.

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLVES!!! :steve_lol: :steve_lol:

    I find the center of the world and decide that i'll build my "spooky" beacon here. How do you even make a "spooky" beacon without an actual beacon? I find that the "what should I build" creator gives more mid-game or late-game things to build or just generally frivolously things. I really need a "what should I build" that pertains to an actual base.

    I remember that I can use optifine and a wonderful light-map and build a really nice little mountain home entrance here. It's still not really safe to be outside, but I have to be anyway thanks to the rules of making the game better. Note the dirt pillar marking the center of the world, by the way.

    Here's the inside.

    Here I go chopping trees at night, rather uninteresting. It scares me to chop trees at night or after nighttime usually, but it just makes things scarier, and that's better. Anyway, I dispatch a few mobs and get some bones.

    I need to stock up on those, so I can tame those wolves. I was nearly worried I wouldn't be able to find them again, but then I remembered I had a screenshot of their co-ords and felt comfort.

    My lack of food inspired me to try and create some kind of bark-mud food that would sate my hunger until I find real food. No avail, sadly.

    At this point I realize i'm not really role-playing at all, just sort of... derping around. Speaking of role-play, I downloaded a stock #1 Knight skin off of planet-minecraft for this world. Anyway, here's the stumps of trees which I decided to leave for looks and my revised world-center pillar of cobblestone. As you can see, i've a temporary solution to my hunger, apples.

    Cleared out more room... keeping with the role-play mood, I made sure to put up a pillar to prevent the ceiling from collapsing... to no avail. I guess it loosened up during the time the pillar didn't exist.

    This role-play thing could be fun. Anyway, I reinforce the pillar by adding some more wooden half-slab beams to the ceiling. Afterward, I head out to build some stairs and...

    THIS guy shows up. I really hate creepers in hard mode because I can never rush them. Oftentimes in Normal mode I can hit em twice, back up, and hit em twice again and they're done for... but in hard mode, I can only hit them once per rush and finish them up with a double-hit in the third rush, if that makes any sense. Otherwise, they create a giant crater more easily.

    As you can see, I dealt with the creeper by destroying it with my mind powers, with subsequently caused an explosion. It can't be helped, sorry.

    Also, this Spider decides it is red and does a side-flip.

    I create some nice new windows for my makeshift hill-home which spiders thankfully can't enter... I like this design a lot, frankly.

    At this point you may notice everything looks really nice with the shading beneath the trees and stuff, but that's because I forgot to turn my brightness to moody. Tree shading is perfect now... and night-time is even darker. Darkness is even darker, too. Anyway, I... frankly forget if I took care of this creeper properly... i'm pretty sure this is the ONE creeper who bowed to my might without having to get blown up by my mind powers.

    If you look closely, you can see Herobrine. No no, but seriously, I found sheep. Yusss...

    Can't see it very well in the dark, but that's a giant Birch tree I was building for the center-beacon of the world. It was going to be so... great... and... and then...

    Oh wait, before I tell you what went wrong, I said hello to this guy. Hi this guy.

    And then I died. Minecraft-1, Pineapple_Party-0. I was chopping down a birch tree after nighttime being a gutsy fool and a creeper came up from behind me and blew me to high end. Not high-heaven, high END. It works, right?

    Anyway, this was all within one sitting, so I didn't get the chance to make a backup... sigh. Back in the saddle again. Wait until my next world... give me a role-play idea while you're at it. I'm going to make sure my journals are more role-play-ee after this, so it's more like a Knight or.. a peasant or... a whatever I happen to be is narrating the journal, though, of course, in my regular witty way.

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    Here's the first entry, told from my own faithful perspective! I present Rilend's Rise Episode 1A!

    Upon a fateful day involving a creeper, some diamonds, a bucket of lava and some ill-placed redstone, I found a certain journal inside of a certain cave in my humble world. The land has terrible secrets and many stories to tell, so I supposed this was one. Sure enough, with a bit of research into some ancient tomes, I found more record of the things spoken of in this journal.

    With further archaeological evidence, I found this journal sound in its speakings. Here are the first few entries of the journal of Rilend, respectively titled "Rilend's Rise: A Journal of Discovery and the Education of an Untamed Land"

    "Day 01

    I awoke in the water, a puddle, it seems. Within the middle of a small plains- abreast a large desert- I took my first memorable steps upon land. I have sense come to terms with the questions that came to mind those first few days: 'Why am I here?', 'Where did I come from?', and more. Nevertheless, I managed to, through a gradation of careful discovery, survive that first night.

    The logs were soft and pliable but set firm and steady enough to build a home-made interstice. While digging the thing out the recalcitrant ceiling collapsed, though I was unscathed. I managed to repair it by building a support made from cobblestone. Night set upon the land, so I decided I would dig a staircase down as far as I could manage and begin a mining operation to better the tools I had obtained. I was, at this point, set in a goal: A goal to tame this land, whatever the trial may be."

    Later on, I discovered some sketches that the aforementioned Rilend had painted up to express the sights he had seen. I think it is some type of oil, obviously derived from something natural and easy to obtain, but I cannot pinpoint what. Ah, what does it matter? Take a look. It appears he had found Iron.

    From upper left to bottom right, 1) Obviously a painting of his point of spawning, though I cannot yet figure out how he did so, nor can I figure out how I, but it seems these questions pass quickly, as Rilend previously observed. 2) An image of Rilend's cave-in. 3) His solution, that is, his support beam. I think it looks rather smart. 4) You can plainly see that during his excavation of his staircase he discovered some iron, however crude.

    "Day 02

    I managed to find some Iron after a full night of digging. The passages I made, gladly, had no need for supports. I made a furnace out of some stones and I started a fire, threw in some coals, and began heating the Iron. I don't have any proper equipment, but I managed to make a crude pair of shears and a bucket using a shovel and an axe.

    I made the shears so I could find some wool and make a proper sleeping surface, as the odiousness of my stone floor or the top of my wooden chest just could not provide me with proper sleep. Furthermore, I seem to be quite the insomniac.

    The view from my vacant window(lacking glass, that is.) was beautiful as the morning light shed upon the placid trees. It was beautiful, however, not because of the sight, as it was extremely lacking due to the small size of my window, but because of the natural light. I took this opportunity to do some exploring.

    I discovered the presence of a village, which I found to be a very exciting discovery, as I discovered that they had a Library and wheat. I decided to talk to one of their leaders- at least, I assumed he was their leader as evident by his vestment- so as to negotiate a trade for some of their books, perhaps, or maybe for some food. He wanted "about half a stack" of ROTTEN FLESH! How was I supposed to comply with this trade? I ended up stealing some of their food by force- well, their wheat. They ran me out of their town, but I managed to scour four bundles.

    I could not find a way to turn the wheat into food... I vaguely remember a substance derived from wheat, flour. It was made by grinding up the wheat. I still am confused to this day how I recalled this, but the knowledge seems to be there, just as the knowledge for complicated thought, and just as my clothing.

    I set out to build a Mill-house of sorts to hold a crank mill, or possibly in the future some other type of mill. Mills are what they are called, right? I still can't quite recall... it seems right. I did put the building off for a while to give myself a chance to plot out the design and basic building materials.

    Then I remembered I had yet to procure the materials to create a bed... night fell quickly, however, and I set back into the earth to find more precious materials, but not before crafting some more crude tools and armor. Originally it was my purpose to create an Iron chestplate, however crude, but the universe seemed to want to divest this goal from me. I crafted a pair of Iron boots and some Iron tools, namely two pickaxes and a sword.

    Among these were an odd red dust that made me feel odd... almost wiser. This dust calls to me, as if it has some celestial purpose I have yet to discover. After I found a few more veins of this glowing red dust I discovered a mysterious ore indeed... I believe it is... a diamond? I await further discoveries regarding this seemingly rare material.

    At the end of my trip I found a small underground pocket full of lava! I tried to create a safe route going through it, but it singed and burnt my skin just being next to it. I'll need protection if I look to make any more progress."

    Rilend included further illustrations.

    From the top left to the bottom right, 1) We see the shears Rilend crafted. 2) The view outside of his window, apparently lacking any glass. 3) A painting he either procured from or painted himself of the Village. 4), 5) Iron boots and Pickaxe respectively. 6), 7) The Diamonds and the Lava he had found, which he was more fortunate with than I prior today. I shall relate more entries from Rilend's journal at a future date.

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    Every time I look at one of your posts I can't help but read it because of how interesting it is. Bravo in finding that Mushroom Biome! You are what every Minecrafter dreams to be ;-;

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    This looks like a great mod but will it be 1.7.10 aswell and I really think you should change the Female villagers' appearance. Frankly, i've always viewed the Witch as female but just really ugly, so maybe the female villages should just be really... ugly. Maybe with a wart on their nose, just like the witch?

    Otherwise, this mod looks great. I'll try it out soon and tell you what I think of it in-game, i'll be tracking this mods progress.
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    I love this suggestion. A++ all the way, but I think that coesite sand should drop gold nuggets as common as gravel drops flint. This would reduce the amount of added blocks, and really make sense with Minecraft mechanics since a block already functions that way.

    I thought I'd make my own rendition of your textures, so here they are.

    You can barely see it, but the gas ore thing is there too. That's a good thing though, I guess. Here are some shots of the blocks mixed with the landscape.

    Metanetherrack mining operation through use of TNT. (Note the connecting Epsilon iron texture and the fragmented diamonds!)

    Coesite sand in its regular and gold-filled forms. In the distance you can see an iron-coesite-glass barricade and, if you look closely, some natural gas ore.

    That's my contribution. Here are the actual blocks, for future reference. Nether Diamond, Natural Gas, Epsilon Iron, Gold-embedded Coesite sand, Coesite glass, and regular Coesite sand.

    Support 100%.
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    That is an ideal screenshot of a base location. Nice job!
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    I was listening to some show about a treasure or something and naturally they mentioned something about Quartz and how minerals are usually found in and around it, and it got me thinking. "Hmmm... why isn't Quartz in Minecraft the same way?" I thought to myself, and then I thought of this simple little suggestion for ore pockets that would have Quartz dispersed around them. So, I got on the forums and did a little bit of research to make sure what I was suggesting was original.

    Well, there were a lot of Quartz threads, and a lot of good ideas, so i'll be referencing/tweaking the ideas of about 9 threads. Here's my table of contents for you.

    Table of Contents

    • Quartz prospecting.
    • Quartz as an aesthetic.
    • Quartz functionally.
    So let's start off with Quartz prospecting, and what it can do for you.

    Quartz Prospecting

    Sure, we all love finding that cache of diamonds and gold that would've otherwise been one block out of sight, but I have an idea involving Quartz and another suggestion that would make a new generation come about to the humble over-world of Minecraft.

    This new generation would generate about (number-which-makes-it-rare-enough-to-be-balanced) times as rare as Diamond and hold a bunch of ores, basically. Additionally, it would generate just about bedrock level, at around level 10. The new generation-- i'll refer to it as "the vein" from now on-- would have a few different types. Pressure type and Gold type. Those are stupid names, I know, but they'll do for now.

    Now let me explain what these different types of the vein are. Firstly, "Pressure" type would spawn as a giant lump of coal with about 2-3 veins of diamonds dispersed in the center. Secondly, "Gold" type would spawn as a heap Gold and Lapis Lazuli, because--as we all know-- Lapis Lazuli commonly has a bit of gold dispersed through it itself. These two vein types would have veins of 1-2 quartz spread around them within a (spherical) 10-15 block radius.

    "BUT QUARTZ IS A NETHER ORE!" some might say, putting all their letters in capitals for whatever reason, but I say nay. Quartz, along with all the other ores, should follow the advice of this suggestion and just spawn in any old block as a metadata. Boom, Quartz can be in the over-world just as easy as Diamond could be put in the Nether.

    Now that we have my initial idea out of the way, feel free to tell me what's wrong with it or what I need to add to it, because I do want to make it better, so help me please to fix it.

    Quartz as an Aesthetic (Warning, this is where the suggestion is iffy and widely up for debate!)

    We all know and love our original Quartz ore in the Nether, commonly used for many decorational purposes because of the blocks it can make, and also commonly used for getting tons and tons of levels-- and we can't forget the Redstone uses...which there are only two of, but still.

    Of course, Quartz could be a lot better. There are some suggestions that really stand out, mainly this one, this one, this one... this one... okay, there are a bunch. I'll be examining these four suggestions though and seeing what I can do to make them better.

    First of all, Dark Quartz. This one is awesome and I want it now, but I just want to edit it a little bit. You may think, by the way, that I could just make a texture pack that makes Quartz Dark, but i'd rather have two different Quartz in vanilla than just make all my Quartz dark with a texture pack.

    Dark Quartz needs a bit more detail. According to this thread-- and the Minecraft wiki-- the Blast Resistance of Quartz blocks is only 4. This causes a bit of problem, of course. Quartz is a widely popular building material but it's extremely brittle and weak-- to add Dark Quartz and remedy this at the same time, I'd like to change up the recipe for Dark Quartz a little bit.

    Instead of coal, the recipe will be Quartz on all sides but with one Obsidian in the middle, creating Dark Quartz which can be crafted into a Dark Quartz block or pillar with a blast resistance of 50(just above Endstone and the Dragon Egg). This creates a new functional aesthetic.

    Now we tackle this thread on giant Quartz spikes. Now this would be amazing to see in the Nether! I just have a suggestion or two to change it.

    So this is added and we have giant Quartz block spikes that are completely decoration and coming out of the lava. Really cool, right? Well, yes, but it just seems a bit bare. Let's think about it for a second. This is a new generated structure, and all you get out of it are some lava-soaked decorational blocks you could have mass-produced otherwise? I say these need a little bit of filler material.

    These giant Quartz pillars should naturally spawn, but they shouldn't really be rare. Expect to see one or two in every six chunks in lava seas. What SHOULD be rare about them is a particular treasure-- Diamonds, a Chest, or a Spawner. A vein of Diamond ore(replace with gold, maybe? you decide.) would spawn inside of the giant Quartz, and this would happen about 1% of the time. 3% percent of the time a monster spawner would be in the Quartz-- the type of monster it spawns would be determined by a factor i'll get to here in a second-- and the other 5% of the time a chest would spawn.

    These random spawns would actually make you go to the trouble of building out onto the lava to check these giant structures for something useful. Now, though, about those spawners...

    There would be two varieties of Giant Quartz, Regular and Dark. Dark would take up only about 2% of the spawns, and in the Dark Quartz there would spawn Wither skeleton or Blaze spawners. In regular giant Quartz would spawn either Ghast or Magma Cube spawners.

    Please, insult my percentages and tell me whether something should be 1% or like, 4% or what the actual percentage would be because i'm sort of spitballing on them and i'm not exactly enthusiastic about doing the math.

    Now let's get on to the other two things, Wither Skeletons and their unique Quartz swords and Quartz temples.

    Wither Skeletons should have unique Quartz swords that cannot be made, sure, but I have a different idea on their ability and appearance. These unique swords should be made out of Dark quartz-- thusly have a dark texture which would be more fitting-- and they would do about as much damage as stone swords. Less, actually-- the thing about them is their ability, for these swords can inflict the Wither effect.

    Of course, the Wither skeletons would not drop these swords, but they'd be available in creative mode. This, overall, would make Wither skeletons more unique and provide a new PvP weapon for minigames.

    Now, let's get to the Quartz temples. I really like the idea of more things to find in the Nether, but the Quartz temples are a bit unbalanced. The Nether can't just be a treasure trove of chests everywhere in every structure. I'd really like to see these temples have another use, frankly-- maybe something involved with the End? We know changes are coming soon, so here's what I suggest to find in these temples.

    For one, the temples would generate a bit more confined, i'd say. It couldn't just be so open, exposing a treasure so great. So, these temples would probably generate like a much smaller version of a nether fortress. They would spawn being about three times more rare than a nether Fortress, and in them would spawn a chest and a spawner or two... or three. Basically, it'd be a few connected and ruined rooms filled with dangerous mobs like Magma cubes and Blazes, and the chest would be in a room with two spawners in it.

    In the chest you would find an item or something rather to resurrect the Enderdragon. I really would rather not go into that, because it's getting out of this suggestions territory and there are plenty other suggestions involving it, but I figure if you get to the End through the Nether you need to resurrect the Dragon using the Nether.

    That's it for this section, but i'll reference it in the next smaller section.

    Quartz Functionally

    There is a thread I found about a Golem made using Quartz, and I thought... "wow, that's actually sort of a good idea!"

    So, this becomes pretty much the only thing I can put here because suggesting new Quartz-Redstone things is-- I feel-- overstepping my boundaries, as I'm not good with Redstone.

    Anyway, there, of course, would have to be some balance to any Quartz Golems, but I think they should be crafted the same way you craft Iron Golems, but using a Wither skeleton skull instead of a Pumpkin. The Golem has the same frame as an Iron Golem, but is weaker and frailer. They do not spawn naturally. They would have half the stats of Iron Golems, so half of the health and damage done. They would have a smaaall percentage(1%?) to do the Wither effect when they attacked for about 3 or 5 seconds.

    The thing about these Golems is that they would be a little bit faster and have a wider radius of sight than the Iron Golem. Additionally, when you attacked a mob or a player and one is within a certain range of you(5-10 blocks?) it will attack the mob/player you do, so they'd be useful for PvP.

    Anyway, that's my suggestion, i'm tired of typing-- and remember, it's all very changable, so if you think something isn't quite balanced, tell me, and i'll change it or add something or make it different, following your examples.

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    Bison spawn in plains, so if you don't see them spawn load up a superflat world and you'll get big herds of them, likely.
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    I love this mod because finally Bison are in the game and they look good. A suggestion is, though, to add a specific item to them-- maybe even be able to sheer them for brown wool and bison meat? No one has posted on this thread for a while so I hope this isn't dead. Listen to my suggestion please, if it isn't! I would love to see this mob actually have a slight use other than a cow with another model!
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    I'm a pretty good with textures. I don't know about teaming up, but I could certainly contribute some textures as long as I have a general idea about them. I think this would be an interesting mod, frankly.
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