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    I really like the look of this. It gives me some classic Minecraft nostalgia, oddly. It also reminds me of a bunch of like, old PC games or something. Double nostalgia! I think it gives me classic MC nostalgia because of the cobblestone texture being so dark.

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    Thanks, MrWigglies, for the advice!

    I'm back from another one of my Minecraft slumps, so I started making another episode of Rilend's Rise. I present Episode 4.

    Another entry in Rilend's journal is due a narration-- more of a quick preamble. In this episode we see Rilend begin to develop his little townstead a little bit more. Of course, this is what he was doing in the first place, and should come of no surprise, but what should come of surprise is that the Pheobe Memorial Garden, earlier today, seemed to be filled with signs of some netherworldly presence, presumably Pheobe. You may be asking what the Pheobe Memorial Garden is, what these signs were, and why all the animals in the petting zoo have escaped and are now climbing the walls. All these questions and more will not be answered in due time, I'm sorry to say, and never will be.

    "Day ???

    Today I decided the town square needed just a bit of sprucing up-- not with actual spruce, of course, but with a few nifty gadgets I will use to tell the current day and to divine myself some water when I need it. These nifty gadgets, therefore, have taken the form of a "day of the week" board and a well-- a safe well, unlike the previous well."

    "Day ???

    Okay, so I still haven't gotten the whole 'day of the week' thing down yet. What I did get down to, however, was meeting four new strangers that came into town. I thought them an odd bunch, frankly. It was a "saintly commission" sent over by one of the many settlements of the desert to spread 'metallurgical enlightenment'. This bunch sounds sort of like a bunch of zealots with good intentions, though, so I'll keep them around, and in return they can grant me the precious gift of 'metallurgical enlightenment'."

    "Day ???

    I built Redd and the three blacksmith brothers some tents. There's room for all in there, although it seems just a bit cramped. I imagine it's a little bit awkward, but it'll do until later when I complete them some proper houses. I'll do that soon, but first I intend on building some defenses, possibly. Redd has been telling me of the badlands of the desert-- though from how he talks, it seems most all of the desert is badlands. I'll have to be aware of this, so I plan to build a watchtower."

    "I also found some odd... discrepancies in the world I live in. I asked the villagers about it and they said that it had been like that ever since they had been there, but I can't help but think... maybe not... along with this 'discrepancy' I have found that there was an odd cutting-off of a tree-branch, and an odd--seemingly from nowhere-- lighting under a particular tree or two."

    "Day 01

    I cannot wait to finally get this 'day' thing on track. I started work on a watchtower, but honestly I didn't like the completed project. It didn't fit in and it looked awkward. Redd and the three blacksmith brothers thought it looked nice. It'll do, I'll just remodel it later... maybe sooner than later..."

    "This is also the official beginning of day one on account of I lost track and I finally finished my cyclic schedule system! It works this way: White-Red wool signifies one cycle of a gauge. A gauge is about 8 cycles. So officially, we're starting on day one of cycle one here. Days are tracked by an arrow pointing to the color of wool which signifies which day of the cycle it is, and gauges are signified by the bone and which direction it is facing. It's supposed to be facing up right now, as it's cycle one."

    "Day 04

    I finished a Blacksmith for the three blacksmith brothers. It's a nice little humble building across the way of the watchtower. I think I might finally build Redd and his crew some proper accommodations, or perhaps an Inn. I don't know if Redd plans to stay here, but I think he might. He keeps saying he wants to send off a messenger and tell more of this quickly budding and beautiful little townstead, so I suppose I should expand the living spaces a bit. Next thing up is 4 houses and an Inn."

    "I also finished remodeling the watchtower. It was too out-of-place for me, so I built it up around the second-story area and added a small coat of cobblestone at the bottom to make it fit in more."

    "I headed back to my base for some more lava for the blacksmith, which I could only find in my mine, and I decided I'd paint the village from this particular vantage point. It looks like quite the beautiful sight-- although, the well could use some fixing. It takes up some odd space."

    "Day 07

    I decided to move the well and subsequently the cyclic board to fill a bit of space. When I thought of someone getting stuck in the well, however, I never thought it would be a Villager getting stuck in the unfinished well... it took some coaxing to get him out. He has some sort of irrational fear of wells and yet somehow he got stuck and didn't want to move."

    "The well was finished, and so was the board-- which I modified to be a villager messageboard. This new board states the currently and recently ongoing/recent projects respectively. I also decided to reset the cycle to day one again, but I soon after decided against it. The Villagers like the new messageboard, as far as I can tell."

    Rilend was quite the builder indeed, and so I think and reflect on his classy stylings as I now rebuild the ashen ruins of the Pheobe Memorial Garden into the Pheobe Memorial Graveyard, holding such names as "Mr. Oinkerz", his wife, "Mooella", "_jeb", and "Sheepie". Let us now take a moment of silence in memory of all the lives lost in the Petting Zoo incident. This is has been, and will be, another ending to Rilend's journal entry. I await our next encounter.

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    Rilend's Rise is underway! Look out for new episodes of Rilend's Rise --or maybe something newer--at least once a week! To get started, either scroll down to the first episode or just click here!

    I tried on my last journal and, well, that world is gone. I keep getting bored of playing Minecraft, so instead of giving up on creating amazing journals, I am instead going to create a sort of journal/story mix, taking some wonderful Minecraft-enhancing tools into account, which are this and this, respectively. These are what i'm going to use to make Minecraft fun and benefit the roleplay in my journals. My process?

    • Make a story(general idea, that is.)
    • Create the world, observe surroundings.
    • Create a building style.
    • Start on journal/story.
    • Work on story, basically wing it.

    The way the "multiple journals" part will work is as follows...

    • Go through the process
    • Die on the world once.
    • Keep(from last backup)/Delete the world based on vote, otherwise flip a coin.
    • Keep voting until I die ten times, then delete the world.

    And that is how it will work, so it sort of is based on your vote. Keep in mind, though, that you can vote on pretty much ANYTHING I do in this journal experience. If you would rather I climb a mountain and build an observatory than do a "What should I build?" project, then by all means I will do that, as long as two or more people agree.

    Here are my(slightly-edited) Base rules. (they're subject to change and usually only rough rules.)

    1. Brightness to moody.
    2. Difficulty to Hardcore.
    3. All sound to 100%+Headphones.
    4. Focus on Survival, live the game.
    5. No going big from the start.
    6. Keep farms of any type small.
    7. Keep torches semi-minimal.
    8. Zombie-friendly doors.
    9. Keep sleep minimal, be an insomniac.
    10. Do everything you do at morning at night.
    11. Don't bring everything to your house.
    12. Populate animals outside of a fence.
    13. Eat food with variety.
    14. Use wood for building, save for aesthetics.
    15. Instead of always using Iron, use leather(make dyed suit combos/camos!)
    16. Go on a fishing trip when you want to fish.
    17. Find out what goes bump in the night.
    18. Use leftover bone-meal on the ground.
    19. Create the Nether portal somewhere ethereal.
    20. Use pistons only for small things, save for special occasions.
    21. No big hulking walls, keep things open.
    22. Keep grinders/auto-farms to minimum.
    23. Levels are precious, enchant with caution.
    24. Indulge simple comforts, jukeboxes, fireworks, etc.
    25. Suggest something

    My goal is simple: have fun, create a good story, discover the world one step at a time, and entertain with interesting, perhaps witty, Lemony-Snicket-esque narration.

    Worlds as of today:

    "Knights Squalor"; Seed: "...those years... with wonder."; Hardcore, of course. Dead as of... errr... sometime in March.

    "Rilend's Rise"; Seed: Shakespear's Sonnets; Hardcore; officially began as of 3/22/15.

    Description: Rilend awakes in the world with sudden knowledge and begins to tame the wild land aimlessly.



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    I think that is is a great suggestion but also sort of needs to be an option, too. What about the impact of this in PvE battles? It'd make Singleplayer a lot different and people would not like this, in otherwards I should have an option to turn this off-- then again, Minecraft does need more difficulty, so i'll let you consider that. This is a great idea to balance out current PvP and if applied to changes that are being made for 1.9 would really serve as a system which isn't complicated but isn't as easy as it is now.

    The community may not like it, but the community, oftentimes, is stupid. People need to move on, keep taking in updates, accepting difficulties added and ease added, and work with it. This would be a game-strengthening thing because it'd add difficulty and a new layer of strategy that is MUCH needed in PvP. I, for one, would enjoy it.

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    You know what we should all suggest to Mojang on reddit? To actually release a snapshot. I think that's one of the best Minecraft suggestions i've heard in a few months.

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    Quote from Leftypower123»

    I cannot BELIEVE what they did yesterday.

    I literally wasted EIGHT HOURS.. EIGHT!! Trying to find that code in the hope of some reveal or release date or snapshot. I was absolutely perplexed and buzzing all day, that finally, after this seven months of silence, we were actually going to find something out.

    But it's Mojang. Why did I expect anything like that?

    Some totally irrelevant Steam code that only one person could redeem.

    I was 90% ready to quit, but this has pushed me over the edge. Yesterday's events have made me wake up and realise, they will NEVER stop screwing with our expectations. They probably all sit round the table and do it for laughs. For every person angry, they chuckle, and pretend to be apologetic. I have no respect for Mojang anymore. Yesterday's stupid hunt destroyed the last of it, when I realised that there was literally no more other than Steam codes.

    I am done until I finally discover through the grapevine that a snapshot is out. Until then, I'm done with Minecraft and Mojang.

    Quote from RedNova»

    You guys I am so disappointed... Searge's code turned out to be nothing more than a Steam redemption code for a game...a code that only ONE PERSON could use! That's right. He created a community wide event, using Minecraft 1.9 screenshots with redacted content and even mentioned a "dark secret", only to have the reward not have nothing to do with 1.9. Not only that, there was no big announcement or reveal, or anything special at all. Talk about no climax.

    EDIT: I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the concept of the hunt, but I expect a real reward that will benefit the community as a whole, such as a snapshot, release date, feature confirmation, or even just an announcement of some sort.

    Just to let everyone know, that whole hunt was all Searge's thing. Dinnerbone confirmed Mojang had nothing to do with it. I don't know where the reddit post is where he posted that anymore, but I saw it. Blame Searge, not Mojang.

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    I present Rilend's Rise Episode 3! This one was a doozy...

    The following is the sad, sad events I have researched thoroughly, suspense-fully, and dangerously. Rilend has seen better days than the following-- speaking of which, my day was nice. I had a lot of cake, fed it to my many wolves, ocelots, and pigs(Which I keep around commonly as pets for all sorts of purposes), and then realized that I would have to quickly produce large amounts of milk to cure them of their new apparent illness: sickness due to chocolate cake.

    Erm, anyway, back to Rilend's rigorous trials.

    "Day 07

    "Today I found myself waking up in the middle of the night... I don't know why I woke up at that particular time. I felt a very eerie feeling as if someone was watching me, even in my dreams, and that woke me to the strong and particularly unpleasant smell of smoke permeating the air I-- and all the horrendous creatures of the night-- breathed.

    "I felt a strong urge to check for the location of this smoke, as I was frightened... I knew what it would be. All sorts of options ran through my mind in hopes that it would not be what I knew it would be, but the faint screams couldn't mask the truth. The village was burning."

    "I encountered a witch as I headed toward the ruins to find survivors and fix this mess-- she poisoned me, but I injured her. Somehow she managed to get away, but not before telling me something I will not soon forget: "This is just the beginning!" and then she vanished into a cloud of smoke. She left behind a potion of instant healing-- almost as if to mock me and my horrible predicament. How was I supposed to heal this?

    "So much was lost, but at least one of the few local rabbits was still saved. It was a small sight in all that wreckage that gave me at least a semblance of hope, and it moved me to paint it out."

    "I encountered one of the few survivors and asked him what happened. He was frantic-- in shock, I suppose. He blared a few words into my face as the flames crackles... something about pigmen, wolves, and horrible beasts, far scarier and intimidating than the simple creatures of this world's "humble" night. I can't imagine it, I just can't imagine it.

    "They even destroyed the library. The books! They're all gone! Every building was destroyed, leaving only a crater, a mix of sand and odd internal organ-like rocks, lava, and obsidian pillars. Who would do this? What would do this? What, exactly, IS this?"

    "After fighting off the undead of the horrible night so the last few remaining survivors wouldn't die, morning dawned."

    "Day 08-10? 11? 17?

    "Construction began on the village-- well, more like deconstruction. I took down all the wreckage to make room for the repairs. Lava and obsidian, fire and sand... it was everywhere! Thankfully, with the Villager's help, I managed to repair all of the damages! Well, repair the damaged created in the earth; that is, the craters. I myself managed to tear down the old buildings' wreckage. The villagers continued to help in removing the sand and obsidian and I myself took the odd organ-like rock for further studies.

    "I even had to tear down my Mill for extra materials in the process!"

    "After the deconstruction was over, this is what the land looked like. I left a small hut made of a mix of sand, organ-stone, and cobblestone for the villagers to stay in until I had made proper accommodations for them."

    "During the construction process, the villagers were very helpful. They donated materials and helped me build(but probably so they could all the quicker have a proper place to live.)"

    "I had built two buildings very tediously and slowly, but surely. It was a beautiful sight to behold, but not all the villagers yet had a proper place to stay, and I had yet to tear down the old hut made of odd materials."

    "While the building was in progress, I managed to do some talking to the villagers. I never actually knew any of their(or their loved ones') names until now, and found that James(the Shepherd), had a wonderful friend named William that died in the onslaught, and I tried comforting him... by building him a house, of course.

    "Jerry, the Librarian, was quite excited that he had a new home(the first one) and told me all about the knowledge from his ancient-- now burnt to ashes-- books, but I couldn't quite remember it all, so i'll surely have to take notes next time.

    "Joe, the Cleric, was a bit grumpy that he didn't have a house yet, but Jerry and James informed me that he was always rather grumpy, so I made sure to build him the most awkward house. I felt bad for making his house look and feel so awkward, though, so I fixed it a little bit and built him a nice wheat farm. He was very happy."

    "James and Joe are pictured here above, Joe closest to his house, eager to enjoy a warm bed. That is all I have to report for today."

    That is all Rilend had to report, in fact, for that day-- whichever one it may be, whether it was day 11, 13, or 16. I thought his homes looked rather smart, don't you? Rilend was an excellent architect, and I surely must take a few notes from his book-- or, rather, journal. Until next time, dear reader.

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    Rilend's Rise Episode 2!

    The Minecraft forum is being REALLY weird for me. The fonts aren't going in the right places and it all looks muddled, but the font sizes- oddly enough- are working, sort of. Not with block quotes, though.

    It's really annoying, and I hope I can fix it in the next few updates so the narrator and Rilend can look as pleasing as possible to read.

    If I ever do get the fonts working again, I will also be changing the Narrator's font to something else, like Times New Roman... maybe Andale Mono? Georgia? I don't know. Suggest something, maybe?

    Today I found a few more interesting artifacts and the remnants of an ancient stone-brick wall. It was a very fancy wall, and it happened to give me quite a few ideas on how to build my fifth castle. I was also delving into further research of Rilend's time and, apparently, his experiences took place about 700-900 years ago! I certainly did have to dig a while to find the ruins of his tamed paradise... anyway, onto Rilend's adventures.

    "Day ???

    I really must retrace my steps and figure out what day it is. I'll do that soon... anyway, I discovered some more diamonds down inside of the earthy depths and I used my newly crafted Anvil to create a diamond pickaxe and sword. The pickaxe works marvelously, but I haven't quite gotten the chance to try out the sword.

    A short time after crafting these tools I set out to mine a substance I spotted in the lava, a hard black substance which oddly enough is glassy in appearance. Some sort of volcanic glass which is so solid not even an iron pickaxe seems to be able to mine it? I must obtain it and use it as some sort of out-of-this world crafting ingredient.

    The rainfall from a day past has as well filled my compost bin... basically a cauldron, really, with water. It ruined a lot of compost, frankly, and I don't think I will be using my compost bin outside any longer, though when I moved it inside it made an odor most foul. Instead, I shall just use the mill to grind the looted bones from the mornings into bone meal. It seems like a lot of work, but certainly faster and more accurate.

    At some point in the conglomerate of days that I cannot tell what they are, I made a peace offering to the villagers. In return for rights of trade and research in their library, I would build them a wall. Nothing fancy, just a simple wall. I quickly took to the task, you know, for chances like this aren't always accepted. I hope to, in the future, expand their village and culture them further so that we can live together in unison, continuing to bring a semblance of civilization to these heated lowlands, these plains.

    Gladly, a heated highland dwells just across a cool river close to the plains, that is, the savanna. In this savanna, while going about the process of building this here wall, I saw a particularly exciting sight to behold: Horses.

    Oh a saddle, a saddle, my diamonds for a saddle... I don't know how to craft one. It's starting to bug me... how could I possibly have access to impossible knowledge I never learned and yet not know how to put together a simple leather-and-tether seat for the back of a horse?

    After this, I led some sheep a bit closer to home so I could later put them in a large pen. Animals need their space, and I can't nor will I crowd them all into a tiny pen or barn.

    I bred the sheep, the cattle, and I slayed some more... I'm getting an awful lot of steaks from these cows. The leather is all I want, but I cannot help but use the steak for something, so I eat it. I'm getting awfully tired of the taste of steak... oh how I long to have a working mill for proper bread, and maybe I could even use some cow's milk to make butter?

    In the process of building the simple "two block"(as the Villagers measurements would proclaim it) high wall, most of the villagers congregated in the Library for some sort of odd fasting ritual. It was rather convenient, as mostly they were going out at night unwisely and getting into trouble until this. They had me block off their libraries' entrance and I left it at that... of course, I may or may not have coaxed them into holding this fast, as just before a green monster- creepy thing, really- blew up a portion of land just outside the library door as I fought it off.

    Needless to say, that was a fright, and I really needed a way to stop worrying for the poor things, the villagers. Let's say they aren't the brightest of the bunch, either, so they really fell for the trick quite easily.

    While building I did incorporate a few of the trees I was growing into the wall. It was very odd to note that tree saplings grew so quickly and naturally, almost right before my very eye! It was a marvel, and I enjoyed it so. Furthermore, it seems that trees grown in the wide open plains have a higher rate of growing out, out, out, into giant trees with draping branches.

    All the better for me, I say.

    The frightening things that go bump in the night are now things I am more familiar with. Apparently groups of strange creatures spawn forth from the earth and just so happen to seek out me as their own prey-- hopefully I will not wake up one day to encounter I am one of them. It seems that bow-wielding skeletons and their partners, the rotting corpses of the living alike, teem in these peaceful fields when one sees that it is quite dark enough for them to come out.

    Really a shame, as the moon can be so pretty on some nights. The creepy beings I mentioned earlier do have a tendency to stare in your general direction when you look at them, as well. Sometimes I wake up, having drifted off, and I find one only a few blocks away from me, not doing anything except staring. Close call, i'd say. I dispatch them with partial ease, but they seem to be superb at kamikaze, a trait which I hope no more creatures can say for themselves.

    Aswell with the spooky beings of the night I sometimes see the walking corpses coupled with a corpse in miniature, almost a toddler in appearance. It hurts my heart to know these things were once living... what happened to re-animate them? Why are all the corpses here... what great injustice was done?

    Sometimes I even go away from just outside the wall and fight them for ease and upon a singular time I encountered a villager who, himself, had been taken captive by Death's cruel grasp. Do the villagers have graveyards?

    Finally, however, the wall was complete, my work was done, and I was not happening to become deceased anytime soon or in the past, so I figured my work was done. After this, I must promise myself to keep track of the days... what good is a journal?

    My journey, my documentation of this strange world and its hidden wonders along with the hidden wonders of my own mind, these both continue as my knowledge-- and this world-- grows around me. I'm thinking of taking up a calm form of poetry."

    Rilend ended his day-conglomerate style of keeping track here, gladly, allowing me to keep up with what he later did in a fashion much simpler than before.

    It now comes to mind that that stone wall was Rilend's and the Village's own, but, then, why were there so many holes in it? So much ash and sulfur, almost like it self-destructed... I shall continue my journey of understanding the past. Await my further entries into my own sort of journal.

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    Rilend's Rise Episode 1B! (There was problems with the website while I was trying to post this so the font is a bit messed up. Sorry! Whenever I try to fix it it just goes back to normal.)

    I continue to relate the experiences of Rilend. Today after a day of perilous searching I was harvesting my golden yellow fields of Wheat and Potato. While harvesting I brought my diamond hoe upon a stalk of wheat and it struck an oddly hard object. I further inspected the object and found that it was golden and containing many gears but it was unlike any object I had seen before. It was a clock, but one very odd and mangled, burnt and hardened and melted together... I could barely make out what was on the back of it...

    Anyway, onto Rilend's day three.

    "Day 03

    As I left my hovel today after a night of insomnia and mining, I discovered an odd sight. There were several objects on the horizon as the sun rose higher into the sky, but what struck me odd is that they were burning. It seemed odd to me, and by the time I got to where they were there were only piles of miscellaneous materials. Some bones, arrows, and, oddly enough, rotten flesh. I was cautious when picking the items from their bed on the sand of the desert I found them in, and then I was attacked!

    I quickly slashed at them- and violently- with my Iron sword I had at the ready. When the two surreptitious creatures had been defeated they divided themselves into puffs of smoke, leaving behind only some string and an odd red eye. It appeared to me that they were giant spiders, but I didn't get a good look.

    Afterwards I looked over a distance and inspected a large green object... it looked at me with vacant black eyes and a frown on its face, and I nearly fell over it frightened me so. I quickly dispatched the thing, you know, so hopefully there aren't any more out there. These creatures leave me wondering...

    Afterwards I decided that there was one thing I COULD use my wheat for... breeding animals! I decided that if I were to mine any further in the earth that I would need some leather armor to protect my skin, so I would need cows. I used the wheat to breed some of the cattle and harvested some steak and leather.

    After I harvested these cattle from their grassy fields I looked over a savanna hill and found myself staring at some vague balls of white and grey wool... I discovered sheep dwell only a very short walk away from my hovel. I took the chance to harvest some wool from them, and harvested a bit extra for good measure. It will help me make a mill in the future using sheets made of wool to catch the wind.

    I also encountered some more vague figures standing beneath a tree in the savanna wielding some sort of object... a weapon? A tool? Something more meaningful, maybe less?

    I made a leather chestplate afterwards, but I forgot leather needed to be tanned so it sort of... really didn't help. I really should get to building those buildings of function! The chestplate worked, by the way. The lava singes much less now. By the way, I found a pumpkin on the aforementioned adventure involving sheep.

    I retreated back home after this exciting day of adventure and went back to mining... or did I fall asleep on my woolen bed for the first time that night? I forget, for these things are difficult to remember when they really belong to memory from days ago. Hopefully I can catch up to my current day soon.

    Day 04?

    I found some gold last night! I quickly discovered only shortly afterwards that redstone and gold worked quite well together to create effective mechanical devices... and I created for myself a clock! It was rainy, that day. A nice rainy day upon some newly planted fields of mine. I hope to complete my mill soon.

    Day 05?

    I completed the first layer of my mill. It wasn't very difficult, but until I can get it fully functioning I will simply use it to house two oversized crank mills for personal use. I made my first loaf of bread with much effort in cranking out the flour.

    I also made a compost bin for the benefit of my fields.

    I shall further tell my tales at a later date... something has come up."

    After this line I feared the worst, as a few pages were ripped out and I couldn't find many records. From a few more books I had previously discovered I assumed safely that Rilend, during this period, was hard at work building something, but I cannot make out what. I would say the rest of the mill, but the building seems to be more related to the nearby Village he had found.

    I shall continue my investigation into the past, as the present seems too rich to continue on in. What is there more to do? This golden artifact seems somehow related to all of this mess... could it be Rilend's?

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    I'm finally ready to tell my next story. I've been working hard when I could to finish the custom texture pack I made so everything would be just right.

    Anyway, I present to you a preview of... Rilend's rise.

    Who is Rilend? Well, Rilend is a skin I bummed off of planetminecraft while searching for a good character to start the next world with. The skin clicked with me in that it seemed very "default Minecraft", the author of the skin actually wanting to mix Steve and Alex's skins. Here's a link.

    Anyway, look close in that image and you'll see some of my Zombie texture edits. I'm quite proud of them.

    See you later, that is, when Rilend rises!

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