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    posted a message on Pokemon RP (ACCEPTING!!!)
    Quote from Snivy

    (Thank you, you may start, now.)

    (Congrats to whoever got accepted.)
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    posted a message on Pokemon RP (ACCEPTING!!!)
    Quote from Snivy

    (Now...I know that this is illeagal in the games, but you, and some other Pikachu will learn it via. level-up instead if the move should have been an egg move, got it?)

    (Okay. Since the last move, Thunder, is learned at level 50, I will make it learned at level... 61.)
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    Quote from Snivy

    (I. DID. NOT. FORGET. now, please, read this when I say that actually having that move right at the start is incredibly OP, even if it is, and it is, legal within the games. I am trying to tell you that it, being the second strongest, if not, the strongest electric-type move, is like starting off with the Ubersword of awesomeness +5 in a weapon-using RP, so no, you may learn the move via. level up, but NOT from the start.)

    (Okay, but the problem is, how else will Pikachu learn Volt Tackle?)
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    Quote from Snivy

    (Dang...can't a pokemon eat without an extra page or so appearing? :/
    going through everything now.)

    <Pikadex>: (One issue...you know Volt Tackle...that's a little more than OP for a level 10...as is Thunder, you will learn both of these moves as you level up, though.)

    <RaxRay>: (I'm not too sure on the whole "entering the pokemon world" thing, and lose the word 'russian' in your name...you could simply be called Darkness)

    <Teck>: (Just be the water form you, and then you're ACCEPTED!)

    1. Volt Tackle is learned by breeding. Therefore, Volt Tackle can be know at even level 1.
    2. Thunder is a TM, as is Iron Tail and Thunderbolt. Pikachu once had a trainer who taught him the 3 TM moves.
    3. Perhaps you forgot?
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    posted a message on Pokemon RP (ACCEPTING!!!)
    Quote from Snivy
    (<Pikadex> One issue...you know Volt Tackle...that's a little more than OP for a level 10.)

    Kind of OP...
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    Quote from SuperGamer5312

    ((I'm not moderater or OP of this rp, but I think you will be accepted))

    ((Thanks. :)))
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    posted a message on Pokemon RP (ACCEPTING!!!)
    ((I will be a Pokemon))

    Pokemon: Pikachu

    Level: 10

    Trainer: Once had a horrible trainer, Pikachu abandoned him.

    Moveset: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave

    Appearance: It is similar to any Pikachu... but it's color is much different. This Pikachu has a brighter yellow body, shinier red cheeks, and darker black ear-tips.
    Check out this image.
    For comparison, here is the normal Pikachu Sprite.

    Gender: Male

    EXTRA - Bio: Pikachu once lived in Viridian Forest, and he was happy being different, even in the slightest way. Then, one day, he was spotted by a Trainer. Pikachu saw him in shock. He had never seen a Pikachu like that. Pikachu loved his home, but, with his kind heart, he cleverly took a Pokeball out of his bag, and let himself get caught. The trainer continued his journey, but he abused Pikachu. Whenever Pikachu lost a battle, he would yell at Pikachu and insult him. After only a few days, Pikachu had enough. He did not want to be with a trainer. One late night, he got himself out, and smashed the Pokemon into thousands of pieces. He jumped out the window and ran back home. Now, when a trainer catches him, he waits until he is let out, and quickly smashed the Pokeball. He then runs away. Maybe one day, a kind trainer will catch him, and he knows the trainer is kind. Also, this Pikachu is enchanted. It learns Volt Tackle at level 61, though normally an egg move.

    EXTRA - Stats: All that is really notable is Pikachu's speed. Pikachu is extremely fast, and will almost always dodge attacks.

    EXTRA - Region: Kanto, of course.
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Evolution
    The basis of this mod would be, well, evolving. When you start a new world, in "More World Options...", there would be evolution stage. You could choose to play in any stage from Monera (Cell), to Early Fish, to Rodent, to Pig, to Pigman, to Cave Steve, to Medieval Steve, to Modern Steve (being basically the classic minecraft). The future ones would have to be gained from human. The future is Space Steve stage, and Galactic Steve stage. In this, I will explain the traits of each stage. There would also be an option called "OFF" which gives the mod no effect on the world.

    1. Monera, eat or be eaten.

    The Monera stage is the earliest you can go. Monera does not starve, but must eat in order to evolve. Somewhere on the screen, there would be the count of how many cells you have eaten. To evolve, you would have to eat a total of 100 cells. The place Monera would live in is water, but light is full and there is no overlay. After Monera comes Early Fish. Be aware that the first stage that has the capability of handling items and blocks, as well as the ability to break and place blocks.

    2. Early Fish, Stay away from the deep.

    The Early Fish stage still lives in water, but can go to the surface. This stage will breath under the water, but "drown" on the surface. This stage is not just focused on eating and staying alive, but it is also required to stay away from the deep. As a small fish, you are relatively defenseless, so the "monsters" in the deep will easily kill you. Your goal in this stage is to choose your diet in rodent. You eat 125 plants/animals in the stage, and, whichever you eat the most of, will be your diet in rodent, as well as pig.

    3. Rodent, a world to explore.

    The Rodent stage evolves on to land. At this stage, your species is named Ropope sachelle blocsus, the Blokite, if carnivorous, or Ropope machelle blocsus, the Blokhite, it herbivorous, later to be Homo sapiens blocsus, Steve. Anyway, your rodent will change quite a few things. First, you will have hunger. 3rd person view becomes available. You will compete with other rodent species for your survival. You drown underwater, but breath on land. When killing another animal, a pile of meat appears. If the Blokhite tries to eat it, it will get no raised hunger, and poison for a quick 3 seconds. If Blokite tries it, though, it will get less hungry, and no debuffs. If Blokite eats plants, though, it will get poison for 2 seconds, and more hungry. Blokhite will get less hungry, and, on some rarer plants, a buff. After eating 400 of the required food, you can move up to Pig.

    4. Pig, carnivore boar or herbivore hog?

    When carnivore, you are boar, Sus scrofa blocsus, the block boar. When herbivorous, Sus blocsus domestica, the pig we all know today. When in the Pig stage, you become 1 block high, 2 blocks long, and 1 block wide. As boar, you get the ability Charge. When you sprint, if you run into a mob, they take 2 hearts damage, and weak blocks, such as tall grass and leaves, will be destroyed in your path. Your goal as a boar is to kill and eat 300 hogs. When a hog, on the other hand, your ability is Sight. You can see 1.5x farther than normal. This is your chance to escape assaulting boars. As a hog, your goal is to eat a total of 400 plants. Note that plants are more common than creatures. When entering pig stage, monsters can spawn. Vanilla monsters, you got Spiders (but not cave spiders because no abandoned mines) and Silverfish. The exclusive mobs to this stage are Crigs/Creepigs (creeper-pigs), Zombie Pigs, Skeletal Pigs, and Ender Pigs. After goals are complete, things start moving.

    5. Pigman, pigs are taking over.

    When evolving to pigman, you become Herbivorous no matter what. The hogs eventually got enough intelligence to find expert hiding places, and the boars on Planet Minecraft became extinct. However, some boars evolved to hogs, and Pigman The hogs became known as Sus blocsus, the pig, and then soon Homo sus blocsus, the Pigman. At this stage, most of the vanilla mobs are living, but not Cave Spiders. At this stage, the following items can be built: Workbench, Sticks, Wood pick, Wood spade, Wood axe, Wood sword, Leather Armor, Torches, Planks, Ladders, Chests. Pigmen are not experts at crafting, but they are decent. After evolving to a Pigman, you become 2 blocks high, 1 block wide, and 1 block thick, a big disadvantage to the stage (your char is normally 0.5 blocks thick except at the head). When entering Pigman, you spawn by a large tree, with ladders up the side. If you go up, you will find a tree house without a door. In a chest, you would find seeds, which at this time, are edible. You would also find some other random stuff, but always seeds. Agriculture is not yet discovered, so farming is not capable. Also, at this time, the planet is covered by jungle, and the ocean surrounds the one continent of Minecraft, Blockea. There is a few small deserts and one or two little forests, but mostly jungle, which you spawn in. Your goal is to become completely dominant. You must discover the bow, and reveal it to the public. Hunting spiders and chopping trees would be necessary. However, it is not that easy. When making the bow, you MUST test it. If it is good, it will withstand one shot. If not, it will break. The chance of the bow working is 30%, but once you discover it, it will be good. You must also discover stone tools and stone sword. Again, if it is good, it will withstand a hit. The chance is slightly higher at 35%, however. You must get each tool successful, and the sword too. Finally, after achieving these and revealing them, you must discover the furnace. You would smelt wood to discover Charcoal. If the furnace holds up for a full smelt, it is successful. There is only a slim chance of it working, at 5%. This stage can take a long time, so it requires patience. After this, the Cave Steve stage comes. Also, there are multiple Pigman camps, so they can be nice to check out.

    6. Cave Steve, the rise of the Homo sapiens blocsus.

    This stage is about discovery, like Pigman. At this time, you are 2 blocks high, 0.80 blocks thick, and 1 block wide. You start in a well-lit cave, with other Steves. You have, from Pigman stage, learned to make stone doors and stone signs. These are new additions, which are mainly for Cave Steve stage, but are available in future stages. Man has rose above all living species on Minecraft. The world is covered with continents. You have to discover more in this stage compared to Pigman, but success rate is around 75%. You must discover the following: Wood Items, Iron Items, Iron Tools (NOT including hoe), Iron Sword, Iron Armor, and Redstone Items. This stage does not take nearly as long as Pigman, but the next stage can be very long...

    7. Medieval Steve, the walls of the war.

    Your family line has discovered many things in the past. You have learned to use the English language. You are king of the kingdom called Shard. This stage is discovery and domination. On your continent, there is you, and 9 other kingdoms: Waged, Bloks, Lamba, Yotti, Jorda, Stour, Hunte, Karpe, Monos, and your kingdom, Shard. You have learned almost everything available in Minecraft, but one thing you still need to research is Diamonds. You have the goal to make a diamond sword, diamond tools (including hoe), and full diamond armor. Your kingdom has mined a total of 2, available in a chest by your throne. The king is not recommended to mine, due to the risk of invaders, as the king needs to sort out things. You should wait for workers, which is absolutely free to have your first miner. You want him to mine mainly gold at first, so you can hire more workers for log cutting, mining, defense, and assault. Multiple messages can appear in the corner. These are possibilities:
    "A miner was slain by [Lava, a Zombie, a Yotti Guard]."
    "A lumberjack was slain by [a Zombie, Lava, a Jorda Guard]."
    "You have sent a group of [#] Assault Knights to [Kingdom]."
    "Your group of Assault Knights was defeated. They destroyed [#] buildings, killed [#] knights, and killed [#] workers."
    "Your group of Assault Knights successfully took over [Kingdom]!"
    "A group of [#] Assault Knights from [Kingdom] was sent to attack you!"
    "You defeated the Assault Knights from [Kingdom]. They killed [#] knights, destroyed [#] buildings, and killed [#] workers."
    "Your miner found [#] coal, [#] iron, [#] lapis lazuli, [#] gold, and [#] diamond.
    "Your lumberjack collected [#] oak, [#] birch, [#] spruce, and [#] jungle.
    After getting something diamond, a corresponding NPC will learn to use it. Miners will get a pick and shovel, lumberjacks get an axe, the local farmer gets a hoe, and knights get sword and armor. Once you take over every kingdom and get everything diamond, you enter the second-to-last stage: Modern Steve.

    8. Modern Steve, pretty classic-ish

    This is pretty classic. You start off with full diamond armor, tools, a diamond sword, and a bow from the medieval stage. You live in a modern city, found all over the map. Bad things have risen in Minecraft, the world has many monsters, but you must stop it. In this stage, you must enchant all your diamond things, and your bow. The Ender Dragon must be slain. When killing the Ender dragon, the credits do not roll yet. Instead, you enter Modern Steve stage. Also, this stage allows the crafting of everything vanilla, plus everything added for the past stages.

    9. Space Steve, taking to the skies.

    This is the second-to-final stage in the mod. You have all vanilla things, plus a few more. There is Dark Matter tools, more powerful than diamond. There is also Ray Guns, which, in the next stage, are upgraded as the GSGC. This time, you take place on Planet Venus. You have an oxygen tank to breath, and you search for Dark Matter ore. This stuff is 17.86x rarer than diamond. However, since Mercury is 17.86x smaller than Minecraft, dark matter is like Mercury's diamond. You need to make full Dark Matter armor, tools, and weapons. You also need 9 extra Dark Matter to make a Dark Matter block, for a ray gun. In your chest, you have the materials needed for a Ray Gun, excepting a Dark Matter block. It would be crafted like this:
    :obsidian: = Dark Matter block
    :GP: = Redstone Dust
    :Ham: = Leather

    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :GP: :obsidian: :Iron:
    :Ham: :Ham: :Ham:

    After making the needed items, you go to the final stage: Galactic Steve.

    10. Galactic Steve, the credits.
    After completing the Space Steve stage, the credits roll. However, it is not yet over. There becomes alien planets to explore and raid, rocket ships to travel around the galaxies, there is the Galactic Space Gun Compact, the GSGC. There is much more than 1 planet, there is an entire universe to explore.
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    posted a message on More Monsters

    Wow... you totally posted a suggestion with a name that sounded like it was going to be somewhat ood yet a huge cry out for Mo' Creatures, and then put some requests for three mobs, one of which is already in Mo' Creatures, and the other two are completely pointless.

    Humans are just to walk around, and Cursed Humans are ones that turn in to a Werewolf, for not all humans are werewolves. Humans and Cursed Humans don't drop anything, for one, and Werewolves aren't going to drop tools like in Mo' Creatures. Possibly bones? Meat? Don't know. Not planning for the Werewolf to totally look like the one from Mo' Creatures, either, but not like a human. Also, the Werewolves I plan on don't spawn every night, but on Full Moons, and, to shorten the time, New Moons. Similar, but different than Mo' Creatures. I bet that Mo' Creatures isn't the only mod with Werewolves.
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    posted a message on mcedit 1.2.5
    Just change world generation from DEFAULT to FLAT. Then you get a Super-Flat World.
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    posted a message on More Monsters
    The basis of this mod would be to add more monsters into Minecraft. A few items, blocks, and passive mobs will be required for some of the monsters.

    1. Silver Sword
    - Damage = 4 HP (2 Hearts)
    - Durability = 66 hits
    - Does extra damage to Were-mobs
    - Direct Enhancement of Gold and Wood Swords
    - Crafted with a stick and two silver bars
    - Only use for Silver Ingots
    - Cannot be enchanted
    Passive Mobs

    1. Human
    - Uses char.png for skin
    - Health = 20 (10 Hearts)
    - Drops 2 experience orbs
    - Spawns on any difficulty
    - Can be recruited with x amount of meat, and becomes recruited human (adds more purpose to humans)

    2. Cursed Human
    - Uses char.png for skin
    - Health = 20 (10 Hearts)
    - Drops 2 experience orbs
    - Transforms to Werewolf on full moons and new (no) moons
    - Spawns on Normal or Harder

    3. Recruited Human
    - Uses char.png for skin
    - Default holds a stick
    - Armor and weapons can be equipped
    - When right-clicked with hand, with switch between Guard mode (stationary) and Follow mode
    - When killed, drops tools and armor 1 tier lower than given. If no tools/armor given or the lowest tier, will drop a
    stick/no armor


    1. Werewolf
    - Health = 200 HP (100 Hearts)
    - Attack = 8 (4 Hearts) on Hard, 6 (3 Hearts) on Normal
    - Spawns on Normal or harder, and on only full moons and new (no) moons
    - Transforms from Cursed Humans
    - Silver Sword deals 100 HP (50 hearts) damage
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][MP] Heuristix's TheGunMod 2.0.3 [UPDATED][Forge]
    Ergh! I can't wait for this to be updated for 1.2.4/1.2.5! Anyway, if you make a gun, and want it on a server, does it have to be on the server, too? :) And also a request. Can you add an option for... ray gun? And finally, a suggestion to all those fans of TheGunMod... try a compatible Duel Wield mod! Duel wielding Sniper Rifles... imagine!
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    posted a message on Mob: The Leaper
    Hello! This is another one of my suggestions. This powerful mob is called "Leaper". The Leaper is a hostile mob that will

    spawn at light levels of 3 or less, which is darker than any mob spawns, on stone only. The Leaper is meant to be a

    mob that will annoy the crap out of you during mining trips. This mob has 10 HP (5 hearts). The

    Leaper has the exploding abilities of a creeper, and the wall-climbing ability, jump-addiction, and speed of the spider.

    However, the explosions the Leaper makes are weaker than a creeper explosion (along with less radius), and only

    destroy weak tiles, such as dirt, sand, and clay. I imagine the Leaper as a hideous, crawling, 4-legged monster. It would

    be colored maybe black, or maybe dark grey, or maybe darker beige. I am not sure. The Leaper is meant to be some

    sort of alien creature that will catch you by surprise and attempt to kill you, but will be easily killed, if you see it before it

    sees you...
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    posted a message on Super Power Master OP Killer Gun
    Well, Minecraft is VERY fun, but it lacks for those who like ranged attacks, I think there should be a gun in minecraft, one that is Super Powered, Master, OP, and a Killer! This gun needs a fancy name... for now let's call it Craft Blaster.

    Things surrounded in ' is an item required that is not in vanilla (at the moment, at least).

    Name: Craft Blaster
    Crafting Station(s): Crafting Table, Furnace, 'Long Table*'
    Crafting Materials: 'Diamond Barrel** x5', 'Leather Grip*** x3', Gunpowder x1, 'Steel Barrel ^ x2'
    :DPA: = Diamond Barrel
    :sponge: = Leather Grip
    :IPA: = Steel Barrel

    :DPA: :DPA: :DPA: :DPA: :DPA: :IPA:
    :: :: :: :sponge: :GP: :IPA:
    :: :: :: :: :sponge: :IPA:
    :: :: :: :: :: :IPA:

    Gun Type: Shotgun
    Pellets per shot: 6
    Range: 10 blocks
    Damage: 0 - 4 blocks away = 20 (10 hearts), 5 - 7 = 10 (5 hearts), 8 - 10 = 5 (2.5 hearts)
    Can be enchanted?: No
    Bullets used: 'Diamond Shell ^^'
    OP Level: ***********

    * = Crafting 4 tall, 6 wide, takes up 2 blocks horizontally, crafting:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:
    :|: :: :|:
    :|: :: :|:

    ** = Used in top-tier guns, crafting:
    :Diamond: :DBlock: :Diamond:
    :: :: ::

    :: :: ::

    *** = used for comfortable holding, crafting:
    NOTE: :White: = leather:
    :White: :: ::
    :White: :: ::
    :White: :: ::

    ^ = used in most guns, crafting:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :: :: ::

    :: :: ::

    ^^ = used in the top-tier shotguns, crafting:
    :Diamond: ::
    :: ::
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    posted a message on [16x][1.3.x]CraftX V0.4
    Quote from cgull

    Looks really cool, you should add some in-game pics. Good work :D
    Haha and I love the block destroy animations :P

    Thanks, though it wasn't directly my idea. I have seen quite a few packs with this countdown breaking animation, including Painterly (available through customizer). I am thinking about adding customizer, so people can choose what they want from the options, and have some "fun" customizing the pack to their preferences. If you used the customizer, you could choose what you like, and possibly choose this unless it is not your favorite from the given options. I am glad you think it looks cool, and I am going to get some in-game pics soon. You can count on that.
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