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    Quote from Haydossy

    how do I change the name of this topic?

    You press the edit button on your original post. Then, use Full Editor. It should show the name as whatever it is currently. Change it to whatever you feel fits.

    Also. Randomherobrineanddinosaurswtflol.
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    Quote from alphadawg555

    I would gladly try my hand at this but I must warn you I am very new to modding and it will most likely be minecraft forge. :)

    I would love that, but likely not use it until a non-forge version came out. Though if you would like to, try your very hardest! I support if you want to make this (though I assume it would require quite a large amount of coding)!
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    It appears nobody is interested. :(
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    What this mod would basically about would be making Wood types to make more sense. I REALLY would appreciate if this mod were to be created for it to be something like "Download ModLoader and this mod, delete META-INF, Put in ModLoader, drag all the files into minecraft.jar, run Minecraft." Also, I would like to see if this mod (if and when created) to be compatible with most (or better, all) mods.

    I want to say that this mod would have no real purpose. This "wood" support in-game aesthetics. There was once Premium Wood, which had different colored planks (as well as doors, workbenches...). Now though we DO have new planks, we don't have a lot of features Premium Wood had. This mod would have some features of it... plus more.

    The first feature would be what got me the idea for this mod. Spruce (what most people call pine) wood planks would create "Spruce Crafting Table", "Spruce Wooden Door", "Spruce Boat", et cetera. Birch, "Birch Chest", "Birch Stick", et cetera. Jungle is pretty straightforward, Oak would have no texture change. There would also be some customization with the tools. For an example, let's use a wooden pick. The sticks would be Birch, and the top 3 planks would be Spruce. You would get what is still called a "Wooden Pickaxe", but with a darker "head", and a lighter handle. This has NO effect on the tool's durability, mining speed, et cetera. With a diamond pick, you could use any of the 4 new sticks for the handle, and get different looking tools. The possibilities are epic. However, unless somebody REALLY wants to get into detail, they could allow multi-colored handles and heads. Any blocks or items that directly require wood or a wooden item (in Vanilla Minecraft) would be effected by this mod.

    As a little bonus feature, this mod would include different bed colors. The wool leftmost would be the sheet, the wool in the middle would be the designs on the sheet, and the wool rightmost would be the pillow. The base could be multi-colored as well, perhaps. The wool feature is just because the base of the bed is changed, so why not the main part, too?

    The second feature would be to change the top of the logs. For example, a Birch log would have the outer rim for the top to be a white-ish texture like the actual log and the middle to be lighter than an Oak's (around the shade of the birch plank), Oak would be the same as in Vanilla. You can probably tell Jungle and Pine log tops' looks by now.

    EDIT: I would actually like this to be made in 1.3. Any 1.3 features mentioned here, disregard.
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    Awesome! As far as I am aware, this Fictional Creature has not been suggested...

    Cthulhu: Extremely Rare, Extremely Large, Large amount of HP, Has 3 color variants, drops 5 Cthulu Scales (Used for Armor and Weapons), spawns only in oceans, sight range is 500 blocks, many ways to attack
    Red: Rarest variant, most HP,
    Green: Most common variant, least HP
    Blue: Middle-rarity variant, middle HP

    As you can see, I have a good amount of info on Cthulhu. ;)
    EDIT: 1000th reply. Sorry. I had to do it.
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    It would be nice if the zombies wouldn't burn in daylight in this mod. Could you also make it when zombies attack villages and kill testificates, the testificates would get infected after death? Also... Sky sent me!
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    Quote from agentsteve101

    -293317855 is a good seed wit a mushrombiome and a strong hold wit a mineshaft rightnext to it
    mushroom biom sw from spawn and the strong hold/mineshaf x= -681 z=517 :D :D wit a :Diamond: in da chest

    Sorry, I don't actually post seeds from other people on here. I want to find lots of seeds, and call them my own. :/ Hope you understand.
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    Quote from Withersting

    I'm sorry man, but there are no naturally generated melon blocks in vanilla Minecraft. :(

    Also, the terrain generation in the pictures, does not match up with 1.2.5. when I generated the world I got a completely different generation...

    You are either using some kind of terrain generation mod or something similar. Or maybe you removed some mods but have a corrupted minecrat.jar.

    Try re-downloading minecraft or force-updating the jar and you'll see what i mean... unless other people have your exact mods, the seed is useless to everyone else.

    Odd. I do have Better World Generators (and a few other mods like TMI and SPC), but the world was set as default, plus I don't remember seeing anything about changing the Vanilla world generation. There WAS a natural Melon, too. Also, you might have wrote the seed down wrong, but it could really also be one of my mods. If that is true, that is unfortunate.

    EDIT: I didn't read it all. :( I guess I should add a part saying "required mods", so that these will work.)
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    Well, here I will share with you guys the seeds I have found. I will put the date I have found it according to time in where I live. Please note that some of these seeds may have already been found, but I have never seen them, so I have technically found them. I have not explored the cave systems of these. I will explore around the spawn of these seeds.
    Seed: idontlikeyourpresense
    Found on: July 16, 2012
    Primary Notes: Natural Melon at spawn, Extreme Hills, Forest
    Version First Tested on: Minecraft 1.2.5 Modded
    Version Last Tested on: Minecraft 1.2.5 Modded
    Required Mods: Better World Generation

    Spawn (Yes, that is a natural melon)

    Nice overhead view. The spawn melon can be seen below.

    Another nice overhead view. The spawn melon can be seen a bit left.

    An epic overhang over water

    A drop down which may be cushioned by the water. The spawn melon is in clear sight.

    The forest around the edge of the Mountains.
    Other Notes: Try exploring this seed yourself! It seems to provide a lot of oak wood, and some pretty epic formations.
    Seed: DONT "MINE" ME
    Found on: July 16, 2012
    Primary Notes: No real epic generation. Just a Spider Dungeon with the most epic loot.
    Version First Tested on: Minecraft 1.2.5 Modded
    Version Last Tested on: Minecraft 1.2.5 Modded
    Required Mods: Better World Generation
    Video... (By OfficialPikadex, me)
    Other Notes: The Dungeon Chest has 2 saddles, a Golden Apple, and a bunch of Chain Armor. Beware of Lava and Spiders, and keep an eye out for diamond.
    Edit: This mod makes Golden Apples and Chain Armor quite common. This seed turns out to not be that good. :(
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    I am here suggesting a way to sort texture packs. It would world like this...
    1. Put a ZIP file (or folder in 1.3x) called whatever you want the sort to be called.
    2. Put another folder in (NOTHING that effects a texture pack, such as pack.txt), and call it something exact. For example, it could be put as 'sort' or 'sorting'.
    3. Put any texture packs in it.
    - In texture packs, it would be called whatever you made it, and the "pack.txt" would be "sort" or something like that.
    4. When opening, it will open something that acts like the texture pack folder with specific texture packs. You would have to select it like a texture pack, and, when closing out, select a texture pack.
    - On the second line of the "pack.txt" it would fit as much as the name of the texture pack you are using or used last as it can. If it is new, and you have not used it before, it will be nothing, or something like "None".
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    Awesome map! I find it really hard to find a good map! This one excelled! Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the First Hero's Quest. I really cannot wait to play the next! ;) By the way, I got lots of Gold.
    4 stacks of 64 and 9.
    64 + 64 + 64 + 64 + 9
    128 + 128 + 9
    256 + 9
    265 Gold. My score is 265
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    Quote from Black_Drath

    We already have variations of both the slime and the spider. They are called magma cubes and cave spiders.
    If you want more prefix mobs, select mobs that don't have a variation yet.
    Here's a list of things that already have a prefix mob/variation.
    • Creeper (charged creeper)
    • Cow (mooshroom)
    • Slime (magma cube)
    • Spider (cave spider)
    You can pick any mob, except those four, for variations. But the variations must be more than a simple reskin of the mob. Slightly different behaviour, different spawning conditions and increased difficulty are the norm for hostile mob variations.

    I don't HAVE to. And my variations are not completely different from the original ones I chose, but not completely the same. I do know that Magma Cubes and Cave Spiders are already variations, but what is there a problem of multiple variations? I chose the Mushroom Spider and Jungle Slime, as I really like the original textures, and thought they should be brought back as a new mob, and not replace the current textures.
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    Quote from YayForMinecraft

    I appreciate it that you took the time to get pictures and format it out nicely, but these are just clones of their original, and are redundant. They aren't in any way special, only with different textures. If you re-read it, and you'll realize that everything is "like normal slimes", "the same of spiders", etc.

    Yet with differences. Just a different version of them. I find them nice to be added.
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    1. Mushroom Spider

    - Same size as Classic Spider
    - Uses original brown spider texture
    - Drops 1 - 3 Mushrooms, and the same drops as the normal spider.
    - Spawn conditions almost exactly the same as a normal spider.
    - Spawns on Mycelium (Mushroom Grass), and Giant Mushroom block parts
    - Neutral (Passive until attacked) in light level the same as Spider
    - Can climb walls like spider.
    - Causes 1 less damage, or half a heart of damage less, than normal spiders considering it's "mushroominess".
    - Has 14 health, or 7 hearts of health, from the normal spider's 16 HP/8 hearts, for same reason as slightly weaker attack.

    Original Spider Texture/Mushroom Spider

    2. Jungle Slime
    Note: for those who may think, this does NOT refer to Terraria's Jungle Slime

    - Jungle Slimes are somewhat similar to normal slimes.
    - Spawn only in the Jungle Biome, but may travel a distance away, a notify that a Jungle Biome is somewhat near.
    - Can jump 3 blocks instead of 1 block, helping it travel across the Jungle's terrain.
    - Appears in size as Tiny Slimes (0.6 blocks), and Small Slimes (1.2 blocks). Only the larger variant may cause damage, like the normal slime.
    - Uses the original Slime Texture (displayed a bit below).
    - Does not have to spawn in a Slime chunk.
    - Does not have to spawn near to bedrock.
    - Both jungle slime sizes have 20 HP/10 hearts of health.
    - Tiny Jungle Slimes deal no damage, Larger ones deal damage equivalent to a zombie (1.5 hearts on easy, 2 Hearts on Normal, 3 Hearts on Hard)

    Original Slime Texture/Jungle Slime

    3. Ender Ghast (Saw that one coming, didn't you?)

    - Appears as a Black Ghast.
    - Spawns only in "The End".
    - Attacks by shooting a Fireball (Fire Charge), like a Ghast, but then teleports to another location in the sky.
    - When killed, drops, like a normal Ghast, 0 - 2 Gunpowder and 0 - 1 Ghast Tears, but also will drop 1 - 2 Ender Pearls, and 0 - 1 Eyes of Ender.
    - Mostly to make fighting the Ender Dragon more difficult.
    - If arrows are shot at an Ender Ghast, the Ghast will teleport away to another location in the sky, but will take damage from the arrow.
    - Will not teleport away from an arrow shot from a bow enchanted with Flame.
    - Has 20 health, or 10 hearts of health, double that of a normal ghast.
    - Slightly smaller than a normal ghast. About 1x1x1 blocks smaller.
    - Spawns in a 4x4x4 space in the Sky.
    - When preparing to shoot, instead of the normal red mouth and red eyes, the Ender Ghasts have it purple. Ender-like.
    - Damage from fireball varies by proximity. The max damage done is double that of a Ghast (max 17 damage/8.5 hearts of damage), at a very powerful 34 damage, 17 hearts of damage, so be prepared with armor!
    - In order to block the blast from an Ender Ghast's fireball, the block must have a resistance of 40.34. The weakest block that will resist is End Stone.
    - Unlike Ghasts, Ender Ghasts can see through any block it can destroy, and can target the player, like the Ghast, from 100 blocks away.
    - Overall, this is a force to be reckoned with.

    Possibly more to come...
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    posted a message on [16x][1.3.x]CraftX V0.4
    I am glad some people are enjoying this pack! I DO wish for more replies to this topic, however.
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