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    Quote from amxmachine2008

    scratch the unearthly blue stripes at the bottom of you pants and it looks pretty solid!. i like that we have a mutant app

    Done. Wait... are other mutants I find going to be what Minecraft would normally call "Zombies", or am I a loner both ways?
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    In-game name: Pikadex
    Country of Residence: Canada
    Time Zone: PST (Pacific Standard Time)
    Reason for Applying: I once applied for another Post-Apocalyptic Server, but it has been shut down. I want to see if this server can entertain me!
    Have I been banned: Never for a reason.
    Why have I been banned: My friends joking with me.
    Do I agree to the rules: Yes. I might have trouble remembering to name the mobs and items correctly, however.
    Will I raid Admin Structures: No, how do I tell if it is an Admin structure?
    Will I use "Last Days" texture pack: If my PC can handle it.

    Name: Kane Pikadex
    Faction: Mutant
    (Extra) Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Act: Enjoys to stay with other mutants and stay a safe distance behind, but will charge into battle if necessary. Unless necessary, Kane will not fight anything.
    Family/Friends: No friends or family since infection.
    Education: Kane, even after infection, can still read and write flawlessly
    Special Skills/Proficiencies: Can still think and speak, ^^, Still somewhat smart
    Weaknesses: Softhearted (which may leave Kane off guard)
    Hates: Aggressive creatures (and fears), Testificates
    Fears: Aggressive creatures (and hates), Androids
    Kane was born in a secret, underground town, by the name of Austori. The exact location was not known until the apocalypse, when explosive blasts revealed the town. The town was peaceful, and most people had an average of 543.54 friends. Kane, before the apocalypse, had 612 friends. His life was happy. That was, until the blasts. Austori was revealed, and waves of mutants pored in.

    At birth, Kane was... different. He was born with hair. The doctors reported nothing wrong with him, and after much thought of this, Kane's parents decided he was special. Kane was the first child born, of 13. Kane, Karen, Clementine, Max, John, Aleks, Mia, Melvin, Jackson, Newton, Mary and Mira, and only 8 months old at age of infection, Leah.

    He cared for them all so much. When Kane was only 2, he became a big brother to Karen. A year later, Age 3, Clementine was born. A few years later, when Kane turned 5, Max was born, John being born a few months later. Aleks was born when Kane was 7, Mia when he was 8. Melvin was born when Kane was 10, Jackson at Kane's age of 11. Newton born a few months later. At Kane turning 13, Mary was born. At age 15, Mira was born, and 4 months later, Leah, the last child, took birth. He had a large family, and hundreds of friends. He loved life, until the outbreak. The town had never gone to the surface, and was unaware of the infection. The bombs came, revealing Austori. The loud explosion and screaming attracted many mutants, horrifying the entire population.

    Kane was a survivor. He escaped with only his mother, Mira, Mia, and Karen. They also escaped with a few pictures. The few ran away. After they were "safe", they began to mourn about their family's death. They mourned without stop for many days. It stopped when Mira was snuck upon. It went from a few quiet moans to a ear piercing shriek from Mira. After this, the 3 rushed up as quick as they could, and began to run. They couldn't survive forever, so they ran to a shelter. When they were opening the door, their Mother was attacked by a mutant. She was chomped to death. Mia and Karen tried to save her, but Kane had to make them realise it was too late.

    Suddenly, a force struck him so hard, he almost passed out. In his blurry vision, through his almost-deafened ears, he heard the shrieks. He saw them, as the teeth sunk into their flesh. Kane tried to get up, he was limping away, when he felt the force again. He crawled, he was struck again. Now, Kane couldn't even move. That's when he felt the teeth sink in to him.

    He woke up somewhere he did not recognise. Kane looked at his skin. Rotten. He had turned, but he could still think. He was confused, as he had no craving for human flesh, as he had expected. Once a happy human, now a mutated monster.

    RP Situation Example...
    Kane walked into an open plains area. It was dark, but he could see well. There was a human over there. He had forgotten he was infected.

    In his new croaky voice, he shouted, "Hello? Who... who is this?"

    After talking, he remembered his infection. That deep, hoarse voice, it wasn't normal.

    The person replied, "Uh, hello! I can't see, can you move closer?"

    Him being infected, he was afraid that an approach would cause his second death. The permanent one.

    Cautiously, he said, "I can't. I am mutant! I have to--".

    He barely managed to dodge the arrow that whizzed pass his head.

    While dodging what seems like hundreds of arrows, Kane managed to shout out, "Listen!"

    The man stopped. "What do you have to say... infected."

    With a sigh of relief, he managed to finish. "As I was saying, I have to leave. I can think and speak, but I do not crave. I don't want to risk hurting you."

    For a few moments, there was nothing but silence. Suddenly, there was a scream. Another Mutant got the man. Kane saw that figure dash over to the man. That scream, that bite.

    This was all horror to Kane, so he ran away. He tries to ignore humans most of the time. Sometimes, he'll lose control and eat the nearest human.

    Character appearance: He always stays in his hoodie, and in his pants. He never changes his clothes, as he is in major depression. The hoodie casts a shadow on his face. He sleeves are thick enough to cast a shadow on his hands, as well. Here is an image...
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    posted a message on 1.3.1 update, not saving progress
    If you are talking about the bug where world terrain does not save (but position and inventory does), then I experience that bug, too. If Mojokojo knows what he is talking about, then I find it hard to believe him, as early on, it was working fine, but now... ...no.

    I had a Hardcore world (Superflat type, for a challenge). I died multiple times on it, but the world was still there, still labeled as Hardcore Mode! Which I know should not be happening, so after a few times, I deleted it, but the thing is, village chests were re-stocking, new villages were spawning randomly, and buildings were stacking atop one another.

    Anywaaay... this bug makes Minecraft Singleplayer almost unplayable. I would also like to note that when I got a new .minecraft, I ran a world, found it worked perfectly. I took over my texture packs, server.dat, stuff like that over, patched it, and BAM! Bug is back. Can't be MCPatcher, as it did not do it before. I don't think LAN feature is the only cause...
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    Quote from scoobie

    jeb said that he wanted emerald ore to be a nice surprise to find.
    it wasnt really supposed to have any use other than trading.

    good solution.. bit late
    jeb and notch try to make thier updates not effect player made
    anyone with a emerald house is gonna be p***ed

    Wellllll.... they don't necessarily have to remove Emeralds, they would just have to make it so Emeralds are replaced in trades, Emerald generation is disabled, stuff like that.
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    Quote from Jellomob

    We should just get rid of emeralds all together and just use gold coins so people won't be so bloody tempted to give it more uses.

    Hell it may even solve our "GOLD IS USELESS!!11one!" problems as well


    Problem solved.

    I never thought of that. I do think gold should have more use, like Gold Coins for trading, but if they removed Emeralds completely, what would happen to the ores in the world? The gems in your inventory? All those trades involving Emeralds? Wouldn't they get bugged out? That is the problem. Once it is in, I don't think it would be that easy to remove.

    Quote from FireHawkDelta

    Emeralds are worth much less than diamond, and can be bought for 18 paper. Emeralds are definitely not worth searching for, nor are they meant to be. You're supposed to trade for them.

    Eh, but the thing is, Emeralds are WAY too rare to find in the wild. True, they aren't supposed to be worth searching for, but COME ON, the rarity of Emeralds is ridiculous! You can only find them in 1 biome, and even if you do find Emerald, it is likely to just be a solitary ore.
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    Quote from Lunchguy

    Emeralds are never going to be used for tools, they are a currency and that's the way it is. Emerald blocks are for storing large quantities of emeralds for rich people. I especially dislike YOUR idea of emerald tools because you have suggested them to be more effective than diamond.

    Yes, if they were for some reason added, and still just as rare as they are right now, why wouldn't they be better than diamonds? I have multiple suggestions to make Emerald easier to find (as I don't think finding it and mining it is worth it). Emerald, yes, was meant to be currency, and this topic was not meant to focus on Emerald items, but rather making Emeralds more worth searching for.

    I don't understand why people are focusing on Emerald tools and armor, but not other shtuff.
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    Quote from DwarfishMiner

    I like the tool tier, minus the armour buffs. Perhaps negation of all damage until x amount of damage has been taken.

    Emerald is supposed to be on diamond tier, so having it more common/drop more would be kind of over powered.
    I like it only being common in extreme hills, because it gives you something to search for.

    If you like these things, then why don't you add your votes to the poll? :)
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    I would say that Ice Aspect should inflict a serious slowness effect. I have always had an idea of Poison Aspect, as well. :)
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    Hello! I made this thread because Emeralds are really rare, and all they are useful for is trading. Honestly, Emeralds are not worth it. So, I think at least 1 of these ideas should be implemented...

    1. More drops
    This idea would implement Emeralds dropping a range of Emeralds, like Glowstone, or a set amount, like Lapis and Redstone Ores. Emeralds would be a bit easier to get, helping the fact that Emeralds often appear in (I believe) small patches.

    2. Increased population
    This would make Emeralds spawn more often. Some ways are to increase the patch sizes that Emerald can come in, and allow it to spawn in more biomes.

    3. New tool tier

    This implementation would add an entirely new tier of armor and tools, the Emerald tier. Diamond tools would also be necessary to mine Emerald ore. This is what the effects would be...

    Uses = 1.5x diamond
    Mining Speed = 2x diamond
    Pickaxe DMG = 6 HP (3 hearts of damage)
    Shovel DMG = 5 HP (2.5 hearts of damage)
    Axe DMG = 11 HP (5.5 hearts of damage)
    Sword DMG = 12 HP (6 hearts of damage)

    Armor Defense is equivalent to Diamond, since Diamond maxes out the armor bar. Instead, Emerald includes some positive buffs (does not include potion effect). I shall not say the number for the effects. Any alts are another option I came up with for that Emerald Armor piece.
    Helmet Buff = Night Vision (Made to work proper, if not already)
    Helmet Buff ALT = Water Breathing
    Chestplate Buff = Strength
    Chestplate Buff ALT = Haste
    Leggings Buff = Speed
    Boots Buff = High Jump

    Other players' ideas...
    3. Armor Buffs
    - No armor buffs
    - Negation of damage until x amount of damage has been taken
    - (from Pikadex) Negation changed to minigation?

    The effects may be a bit overpowered, but I cannot be sure, since Emerald is SO damn rare. But considering it would be buffed to make Emeralds require Diamond Tools, I think it would be a bit more fair. What do you think?
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    posted a message on More Enchantments
    Why does Amnesia work on Shovels?
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    posted a message on Sticky Redstone Dust? Sticky Redstone Dust.
    Personally, I think normal redstone should be able to stick on walls.
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    posted a message on The New Glass Texture!
    I am not a fan of your texture idea, as it is kind of plain. Maybe the current glass, but with semi-transparency (not on the outline). Also, if you want REALLY ugly glass, you should see the original glass texture. I don't know if it was even released. :P Sorry, just think that the idea you are showing is really plain.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.3.x]CraftX V0.4
    V0.4 is almost out! Just adding more unique textures. So far, I have changed Diamonds, Soul Sand, Grass and Snow Sides, Apples, Mycelium (or Mushroom Grass, whatever you prefer) Sides, Diamonds, the Iron, Gold, and Brick Ingots, and Coal. Plus I am still doing more! ;)
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    posted a message on IPB 3.2 Tagging system
    Well, what about a "Customization" tag, for packs that are able to be customized?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]CombatPig Plus+ 1.1 - Controllable pigs with miniguns!
    I thought of an idea for the Valkrie Pig! They should be more of a mix between the other 2 pigs, plus an addon (the flying). They could still fire with the "F" key, but with the "DOWN" key, or "B" key, instead of dropping a Mine, they could drop an impact bomb (Bomb explodes the instant it touches a solid object). It would HAVE to have something to not make it TOO overpowered. Ammo? Long Delay? Something that makes it so you can't SPAM BOMB.
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