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    Hm. Nobody has told me if they like it or not. :/
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    I wonder why it went down all of a sudden...
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    Quote from Minor Miner

    you should leave a time table of sorts telling what times the server will usually be up...make sure you give the time zone so people can tell what time it is for themselves

    Well... I don't think Box really has set times. Some days he may be sick and not able to run the server, some days he may be tired and get up really late, so the time the server is up will be kind of random until Box gets a better PC, and once the server has been out for a bit. ;)

    We have added a banner! If anyone can make a better one, please PM me with a link (not the image, the link to the image). And call it something like "OwlCraft Banner".

    1. Sign up (if not already) and Log in to ImageShack.
    2. Upload your image, and click on the image.
    3. Activate "Links to share this image"
    4. Copy the direct link.
    5. When sending the message, paste in the direct link to your image. This allows me to copy it, and easily put it in the original post.
    Note: If you do not choose the direct link, then go to "My Images" and, on your banner, the "i" button (Share it), may be clicked, and you can get the direct link. ;)

    Other sites used may (or may not) be troublesome for me to use.
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    Sory, guys. The reason the server is not 24/7 is because it costs a lot of money, apparently. Also, he cannot afford to pay for the server yet, so for now, you will have to play it when Box is up.

    EDIT: Nevermind. Box said why below.
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    Thanks, guys. Press that green "Up" button. It helps promote the server. ;)

    EDIT: This server is SO fun. I gave it the max rating of 1 :Notch: /10 :Diamond: .
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    Welcome to OwlCraft Survival/Freebuild!
    Note that I, Pikadex, do not own the server, but am a friend of the real owner. He wanted me to put this post, so here it is!

    OwlCraft is currently not a 24/7 server, but may be in the future. This server is currently very early in it's life, so expect to see a few glitches.

    Also, anyone may fly! If you do not have some sort of fly mod, then everyone can use the "/fly" command. Fly mod is better, but /fly is better than nothing. /fly allows you to fly the same way you would with creative. Type /fly again to turn off fly. ;)

    This server was inspired by a server which was once Freebuild known as Sl8R Nation. He and I (as well as many other people, I guarantee) once had so much fun on it! It later turned into factions, but nobody was allowed to make a faction (so I quit, because it was no fun), and later.... Sl8R Nation seemed to... just... die. R.I.P, Sl8R Nation. You did awesome.


    1. No griefing.
    2. No swearing.
    3. No hacking.
    4. No spamming.
    5. Try to have fun.
    6. Be respectful.
    7. Follow rules, of course.
    8. No 1x1 towers.


    Quick view of the spawn

    PvP Arena

    Rei's Minimap Overview. The light is from glowstone, and is the border around spawn. Outside of that barrier, no more baby steps.

    1. Starter
    2. Builder
    3. NormalBuilder
    4. AdvBuilder

    5. Mod
    6. Admin
    7. HeadAdmin

    ​8. Co-Owner (jordan4556)
    ​9. Owner (Boxman108/OWL)

    There will be more to come!

    More OwlCraft...

    - Planet Minecraft
    - Enjin

    Support us? Put this in your signature...

    - Copy this link: http://img35.imagesh...ftbannerv10.png
    - Go to your profile.
    - Press the "Edit my Profile" button.
    - Press the "Signature" tab (under Email & Password, above 'Ignore' Preferences).
    - Press the "Image" button in your Signature editing page.

    - Paste the link into the little box that shows up.
    - Select it, and press the "Link" button.
    - In the little box that comes up, paste the URL of the post (http://www.minecraft...ebuild-lwc-pvp/).
    - Save it, go to a post you made earlier on, and click on the Image in your signature. Make sure you are not on this page. If done correctly, you will be re-directed to the OwlCraft post.
    - Now, people who are interested can click on that image, and come here! The more, the merrier. :)

    NOTE: The hand cursor may not appear. Just click on it, anyway. It should work.

    - Put the text from this code as your signature:

    - Select what you just pasted (all of it), and press the "Remove Format" button. It looks like an eraser.

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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Advanced HUD 4.8.1
    I want to post some Crosshairs for the mod. However, the problem is, I am not sure what the resolutions are supposed to be. I am thinking 8x8 or 16x16, but I need some confirming before I just make a few and then find that I have the wrong dimensions. One more thing, will any dimension work, as long as it looks good? ;) I might end up posting some other things for this mod, if it is allowed.

    EDIT1: I did make a skull pic for the symmetrical health bar I heard you wanted. I hope that using a 32x is allowed. :)
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    This is a mod I have an idea for. It is for an easy-to-install mod (using Modloader) that allows a customizable inventory. Using a keybind, like "C" or "N", the mod would open a GUI, allowing you to change multiple features of your inventory.

    The idea for this... mod idea... is from a mod called "Advanced HUD", allowing you to change a number of things in your GUI. It would be appreciated, if this mod was to be made, compatibility with Advanced HUD mod would be greatly appreciated!

    This is what I have come up with for this idea, so far. I have no ABSOLUTELY no experience with coding, so if someone likes this idea, they can feel free to make it! It would be even better if they posted the link to the thread in the comments if they did. :)

    1. Hotbar
    - Styles: Horizontal (default), Vertical
    Changes the style of the hotbar
    Horizontal is default style.
    Vertical goes along the sides.
    - Re-position
    Can move horizontal style from top to bottom.
    Can move vertical style from left to right.
    Vice versa for both.

    2. Crafting Grid
    - Re-position
    Can move around the inventory
    - Styles: Default (default), Smaller, Vertical
    Default is, of course, the default style
    Smaller changes the result's look and location

    Vertical is like the default, but appears to be turned on it's side. Items put in and the result do not appear sideways.

    3. Player
    - Re-position
    Can move around the inventory
    - Background
    Can select a variety of backgrounds made by random players, and the creator some examples are...
    Beach, Iceberg, Forest, Desert

    4. Armor
    - Re-position Helmet
    Allows to change the location of the helmet equip slot.
    - Re-position Chestplate
    Allows to change the location of the chestplate equip slot.
    - Re-position Leggings
    Allows to change the location of the leggings equip slot.
    - Re-position Boots
    Allows to change the location of the boots equip slot.

    5. Background Opacity
    - Opacity (Slider)
    Invisible (0%) - Solid (100%)
    Changes the opacity of the background around the hotbar, inventory, etc. It is, on default texture pack, grey, to give a bit better of an idea. Not an "OMG NOW I GET IT!" better idea, but a "Oh, so it isn't this..." better idea.
    For an example...

    (The yellow areas are what would be effected by opacity)

    Well, this is what I got so far. I, personally, would like the idea of a more configurable inventory. :)
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    posted a message on [16x][1.3.1]CraftX V0.4 (New Topic)
    Quote from Goodlyay

    Looks okay, but definitely needs more shading, and nicer colors. To me it looks like most of the colors right now are just picked straight from the default palette on Paint.NET

    Really? I DO use Paint.NET, but I messed around with colors quite a bit. I guess I didn't mess around enough. :) Next update will have some bit of shading. It is a Work in Progress, and I am fully open for suggestions. I just want to make sure I don't ruin the style too much. ;) But there are quite a few colors I find noticeably NOT straight from the Paint.NET default palette. For example, the wooden planks and wood stuff. The soul sand. The dirt. In fact, as I write this, I am working on shading and coloring in my pack. :)
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    posted a message on [16x][1.3.1]CraftX V0.4 (New Topic)
    Quote from 18cwatford

    Wow, this is a very nice texture pack. I feel it being simple, but very original in the same way.

    Thank you. Hopefully, what happened to my previous post does not repeat. 2 replies from other people, then...

    Quote from Chubbysnail


    Going to be coming soon. ;D

    Quote from OneWingedPie

    I think it's quite bad... There's a lack of shading, don't rage at me... And start saying things like "OMG, u blind, it's a simpl pak!!" as that's irrelevent it only needs a little... The colours could be more vibrant... And the dirt could be a bit more... Brown...

    Well, not everyone is gonna like it. This is still a WIP, so I am open for suggestions. ;) I am not sure how you are meaning the colors could be more vibrant, however. I do have a little bit of shading on some blocks and items (somewhat). I will try to make the dirt more brown, but in the same breath, keeping it a brighter color. Though I wish you wouldn't say "I think it's quite bad..." but perhaps, something like "It has a few things to work on...", as this pack is not done yet. :)
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    posted a message on [16x][1.3.1]CraftX V0.4 (New Topic)



    This is a re-post of my texture pack, CraftX. Yes, I am the original owner. It's original topic did not get much attention, so I decided to make another post, the new main one. Maybe this time, it will get more attention. I want this pack to be known more than it is right now. I hope you enjoy! If not yet, the original post is to be deleted/locked. Hope you enjoy! ~ Pikadex

    Note!: Go to this link if you are staff, and can delete/lock topics. Thank you.

    This is my first ever actually released texture pack, so it may not be totally great. It is a very simple pack. However, if you want to feel the full effect of my pack, you should download Kahr's MCPatcher HD Fix. Patching currently adds a number of things, such as new water, lava, randomobs, and custom colors. You need some pics. This texture pack is not complete, but you can try it as it is currently. Anyway, tell me what you think of this toony texture pack. It IS my first one, with the toony effect. I honestly hope you really enjoy this pack! Happy Minecrafting! May Toon Shine...
    - Pikadex




    Latest Download...
    Note that adf.ly is not used. MediaFire only. If I knew how, I would make a direct download like an option in "Risugami's Mods". ;)
    V0.4 (MC1.3.x)•CraftX V0.4/CraftX V1 Pre-Release 4

    Old Downloads...

    Note that adf.ly is not used. MediaFire only. If I knew how, I would make a direct download like an option in "Risugami's Mods". ;)
    V0.3 (MC1.2.4x)CraftX V0.3/CraftX V1 Pre-Release 3
    V0.2 (MC1.2.4x)CraftX V0.2/CraftX V1 Pre-Release 2
    V0.1 (MC1.1)•CraftX V0.1/CraftX V1 Pre-Release 1

    To be added to the post...

    • In-game pics/videos (Suggested by cgull)

    Next Update...

    V0.5/V1.0 Pre-Release 5
    - Update cancellation
    - New Panoramic Background (For the latest CraftX)
    - Updated Hardcore Healthbar
    - New Randomobs Creepers

    - Moar Texture Updates
    - Moar GUI (Including Inventory for sure)
    - Sugar and Reed
    - Equip images
    - Nether items
    - Gold nuggets
    - Cauldron
    - Brewing Stand Icon
    - Last item in terrain.png (Eye of Ender placed on portal)
    - Diode/Redstone Repeater
    - Ender Chest
    - "Browner" Dirt (still a brighter color, though)
    - Complaints about 1.4 coming in late 2012/Early 2013 JUST KIDDING
    - Should be last update until CraftX V1.0

    NOTE: Bold means complete, Italic means partially complete. If there is no Bolding nor Italics, it means I have not yet got to it. :Notch:

    Mods being supported

    - Mo' Creatures (Pre 3.7, support features removed as of V0.4)

    Other posts

    Planet Minecraft (not updated)

    Thanks to:
    -Forum Member: Forever A Troll (How to name animations)
    -Mojang (For the game)

    Coming soon! CraftX Animation Pack: Elite

    This is the first of the animation packs that I will come out with. These packs allow you to have sets of animations for specific things. They automatically are included in the download for the normal CraftX In the future, I am going to have Animation packs with themes to what the sets are. Here are the following sets I have came out with...

    GlowPlus: This set makes light-emitting blocks, such as torches, glowstone, and jack-o-lanterns, appear to glow slightly. The effect is not too notice-able, but it is there.

    PowerBlades!: Gives an animation to the Iron, Diamond, and Gold swords. This animation set is not highly recommended if I do not change it, as it is quite strange.

    ToonPortal: This set is for those who want their portals to match CraftX more. Just. 1. File.

    Well, I really do hope you enjoy it so far! If you guys can please post some replies, please do! I want to know if people are liking this pack. Also, I would like to have a video review, mainly so I can have an in-game review. ;)

    CraftX is able to be customized! You can customize it at Minecraft Customizer!

    P.S. If you are one of the (few) people who enjoyed the look of this pack, I may bring it back if you show it some love for me. <3 Farewell.

    - Pikadex
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    posted a message on [16x][1.3.x]CraftX V0.4
    I don't really know what people like. I may need some feedback. I would like for a staff member to remove/lock this post, as I am going to re-post it. Hopefully with more feedback than this one is getting. Thank you.

    The new topic is @ http://www.minecraft...-v04-new-topic/
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    Memories. This mod has been out since... Alpha 1.2.2? Before I got Minecraft in I think Beta 1.2. I used a mix of evidence from these 2 pages to find out since what update Mo' Creatures has been out since...

    Release date: http://technicpack.w...'_Creatures

    This is how I got the date of release. November 17th, 2010

    Alpha Version history: http://www.minecraft...n_history/Alpha

    This here, is how I got the date of Alpha's releases. Scroll down a bit. Alpha 1.2.2. November 10. Up one update. 1.2.3 _____. November 24. There you go. :)

    Anyway, this mod has gone such a long way, and likely hundreds... no, THOUSANDS, of Minecrafters would be devastated if this mod was discontinued, as this mod is SO awesome. Keep it up, DrZhark! Let this mod live long, make sure it gets to where all mods updated to that version will work in any version (if that comes, one day.)
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    posted a message on DrZhark's Mo' Creatures (mod suggestion thread)
    I got an idea...

    Little Penguin (also known as Blue Penguin/Fairy Penguin/Little Blue Penguin)
    - Biome unspecified, something that represents a sub-tropical. Beach, maybe?
    - Spawns in groups (4 - 20?)
    - Rare spawns
    - Can be tamed with 1 - 2 Raw Fish
    - Can be named with book after tamed
    - Small
    - When tamed, can grow to somewhat unrealistic sizes over time
    - Drops 1 - 3 Raw Fish when killed
    - Also drops 0 - 2 Raw Little Penguin (Food) when killed. Causes a hunger debuff (40% chance, compared to raw chicken's 30%) (40 seconds, compared to raw chicken's 30), restores 2 hunger points when eaten
    - ALSO drops 2 - 4 feathers (O.o)
    - Drops 1 - 3 Cooked Fish when cooked to death
    - Also drops 0 - 2 Cooked Little Penguin (Food) when killed. Causes 2 seconds of Regeneration, restores 4 hunger points when eaten
    - Good source of food
    - Can drop a "Little Penguin Egg" as often as a chicken does
    - Same effects as a normal chicken egg, but may spawn a Little Penguin instead
    - Can be cooked into Little Penguin Omelot
    - Little Penguin Omelot sacrifices 1 hunger point for 2 health points when eaten
    - Not attracted by Wheat
    - Attracted by Raw Fish when tame
    - Not bred with Wheat
    - Bred with Raw or Cooked Fish when tame
    - Little Penguins will breed on their own, wild or tame
    - Little Penguins owned by 2 parents are auto-tamed
    - Tamed Little Penguins distinguishable from wild ones?
    - Tamed Little Penguins (Full Grown) distinguishable from others tame?
    - Must be tame to attack
    - Are not targeted by any mob when tame (targetted by hunters when wild), but will be targetted second when full grown

    OH MEH GAWSH! Got a lot of info on how the Little Penguin could be like (as well as it's new drops)! Really, I would enjoy this addition, and some other people may, too. Maybe. Not for sure, but maybe. I AM suggesting new items, just because why say a new item, but not give it any info? For information on the Little Penguin, check out the Wikipedia link below. vvv

    Wikipedia "Little Penguin": http://en.wikipedia..../Little_Penguin
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    posted a message on Outlands: Apocalypse Australia | Post-Apocalypic Serious RP Server | 10 Factions | Instances | MCMMO | Emerald Economy
    Quote from sirloff

    Great you are in. I liked the story, the skin was modified correctly and you are the first mutant we have XD

    Welcome to the wastelands

    Status : ACCEPTED

    Awesome! Am I completely alone, or are there certain mobs who are mostly passive to me. I really hope I am not 100%, COMPLETELY alone where each mob is aggro on me. Even other Mutants ( ;) ).

    I also hope that it is okay that I used the "Miners Need Cool Shoes" Armory and a pre-made skin (along with Paint.NET to darken the pre-made skin. The Hoodie and Pants are both from the armory).

    One more, when the Original Post says " If you die, that sucks, you’re dead. You CANNOT come back and you must make a new character, which means making a new bio, 2 paragraphs, and getting a new skin. Until you do say hello to the banhammer." Does that mean you can keep making apps until you get perma-banned, or you make so many apps before you are banned for good?

    Probably will end up coming on soon. :)
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