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    I just want to make things clear...

    How in the living hell... Does it make sense to litterally TELEPORT, from point A to point B.

    This destroys the purpose of: minecarts, boats, your own 2 feet. Just walk the extra mile for god sakes...
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    posted a message on Stone Stairs
    Quote from TheEvilM

    He means smoothstone, stupid. By the way, AS

    Did we really need to use the word 'stupid'? He never said anything about smoothstone stairs... Just stone stairs.
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    posted a message on CapeCraft (Custom Capes) [UPDATED PIC] [TinyURL]
    For Christ's sake Notch, get rid of the cape!

    Or at least make it customizable like this in-genius thread explains.

    Sounds good to me. I don't feel like being the Christmas Crusader forever.

    This basically.
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