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    Ok, we know we need to make the Nether and End cooler, but here's someting after that. Put a :Pig: of you support!


    Getting there...
    Well, to get here, just simply make this portal- (Both sides have flowers, and must be jungle wood)
    Jungle leaves in middle, jungle wood for frame, and flowers of both types infront of 2x3 section (Base of nether portal). When all of the portal is made, the leaves will go and the middle will glow a very neon green.


    Who doesn't like more mobs? Well here's my ideas!

    Crawler- A bigger-than-normal spider that is retuxtured and can burrow underground, a block of the ground will pop up to show where it is. This creature can deal 2 1/2 hearts of damage and have 6 hearts of health. This will drop string, dirt, and a new item called "Big spider eye", it is used for brewing and when fused with a potion of slowness, it can make a potion of blindness (Or nausea, up to youu guys :D ). The spawn rate is less than a creeper but more than an enderman. These mobs are hostile, but passive unless you get to close at day.

    Spitter- Spits poison and looks like a venus fly trap but can move slightly. They can drop many types of plant poison like "Slow poison" that can make a quick potion. They all have negitive affects besides the "Random poison". This can lead to any effect, good or bad. They spawn like zombies, but only up to 40 in a chunk and at any time. They have 3 1/2 hearts of health and can snap and do 1 heart.

    Apes and Monkeys- Apes are much bigger monkeys and walk like they would in real life. They drop Ape Hides which makes better leather armor with speed 3 on it, it will never die unless the armor dies, and the armor's condition will make the speed level drop from 1-2. They have 7 hearts of damage and deal 3 hearts on stirke. They are neutral mobs. Monkeys are creatures with 2 1/2 hearts of health. They drop leather and are passive mobs.

    Tree People- These people can be woken up when punched, they look alot like a regular tree, but will have a little feature on it that will make it noticeable- it will have 2 closed eyes. They are the length of the tree person when normal, and same with the hight. The trees will deal damage and have as much health depending on how tall and wide- taller means more health, wider means more damage. They have the same spawn rate of endermen. These will drop greatwood planks or logs.


    Dungeons- Inspired off of 1.3.1's new jungle temples, we can have more dungeons in this realm! One can be a regular dungeon, this dungeon contains up to 1-4 rooms, each having a treasure and a different mob spawner, the mob spanwers being Cave Spiders, Spiders, Crawlers, and Silverfish. The treasures will be better from the looks of the spawners like if there are 2 spider spawners, and some soul sand for floor, the treasure would be good, not very good, but good.

    Treetop Villages- These contain testificates, and have the place made of wooden planks of greatwood trees and the village bridges will have greatwood stairs, fences, and wooden bridges going downwards and coming up like a wobbly bridge. There are some monkey's up in the trees around there and such. The villages house with a chest will be inside an expanded part of a tree, where this will lie a couldron full of water, cauldron full of lava (Maybe it will come out one day?) and a few furnaces and a crafting table. This will be the blacksmith's house. Note he is quite a leader, so his house is big.

    The ground, middle, and canopy- The ground is full of grass, greatwood leaves, and the bases of greatwood trees. Greatwood trees are 3x3, and so tall it makes big jungle trees a regular forest tree, but they are the ones who are rare, the jungle ones. The ground also has apes and herbs at the bottom of the trees. The herbs are used to make new potions, such as the upcoming invisibilty potion released on the home section of this website. The middle is where you can spot small gaps to see treetop villlages, but oyu can also see with fancy graphics. Nothing much but monkeys and the villages. The top, you can see lots of the amazing sights (And you hear bird plus wind noises) and also see the Boss Temple spires.

    BOSS TEMPLE- Time for a new mob, but it's down here! The boss temple has one room, but you can see it by looking up from the canopy to see it. The stairs lead into a big underground room, full of logs that stick out of the ground. Then, when you fully enter the middle, all the blocks will be unbreakable, and the entrance will close. Then, always from behind you will pop up a two headed venus fly trap like snake. This is the boss. Lot's of health will be included, not sure how much, but he will deal 4 hearts when he attacks. HEADSHOT! His weak spot is inside his head, but that is not the only part you can hurt him from, but it will do the most damage. When killed, this creature will drop the Sword Of Plant Gods. The sword will deal as much as a diamond sword, and has a durribility of 2,500! But hey, what makes it the sword of plant gods when it has nothing to do with plants? THINK AGAIN! This will rise plants under another living creature, trapping it in the air for a few seconds and will do half a heart each tick in the vines. The boss health will be decided accourding to this sword. (This costs 10, I said 10 uses per right click.)

    Mine it up!

    Ooh! Diamonds! Well say goodbye to that! We got a new and BETTER material than THAT! We got mithril here, oh and don't forget silver! (Not better than diamonds) The new caves will have marble (From the technic pack, no idea what mod, sorry D:). Who likes the boring old materials that would be found normally in real life? Well you guys, the readers, can post an idea for a new original ore that does not exist in real life! Tell how strong it is and what it's uses can be, I'd think a new type of random ore could be cool!

    Water realm is below, I just gotta make it seperate! (Sorry for spelling or grammer mistakes if I made any)
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    Quote from Carzmoviefan

    Underwater mobs, guns
    Nah, guns don't fit MC. MC is a fantasy game :/
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    You got me at Pit Frenzy. Then when I saw the walls I was like YESH!
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