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    posted a message on 🐟FishCraft🐟 Vanilla SMP 21+ [Whitelist] 1.16.4 - Dynmap - Datapacks

    1. Age: 22
    2. Minecraft Username: PermaDerp

    3. Discord username: PermaDerp#2328

    4. Country/Timezone: CEST
    5. Why are you interested in joining this server?: I've recently started enjoying MineCraft again, and I'm looking for a mature community to play with, like in the good old days.

    6. What other games do you play?: At the moment I'm mostly playing Minecraft, Stellaris and Apex Legends every now and then.

    7. Screenshots of your builds (optional): Seeing as I've only started playing very recently again, I only have my little, and rather unimpressive starter hut to show off :P

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    posted a message on BareBones SMP [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {1.16}{16+}{Whitelist}{Discord}{No Resets}{Active}

    In-Game Name: PermaDerp
    Age: 22
    Discord Tag: PermaDerp#2328)
    Why are you interested in joining?: I've started enjoying Minecraft a lot again recently, and I'm just looking for a like-minded mature community to explore 1.14 with. Half the fun of any game, for me, is playing it with others.
    What is your favourite thing about minecraft?: I enjoy many aspects of Minecraft. The creative freedom to build whatever you can come up with, gathering resources as well as exploration with the newest updates.
    Do you agree to our server's rules?: Absolutely.

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    posted a message on *NEW* AltisCraft! HermitCraft, Mature, Whitelisted, Pure Survival, Brand New Map, Discord, Friendly! Apply Today!

    In Game Name (IGN): PermaDerp

    Preferred Name To Be Referred As: Perma/Robin

    Discord (Please make this correct as possible and include your 4 digit number. Ex: CptBigD#2847): Permaderp#2328

    Location: Switzerland

    How much time can you afford per week (Hours)?: Holidays for the next few weeks, so a lot of time to invest intitally, after that at least 2 hours per weekday, weekends 6 or more.

    How can you contribute to the server?: I like to make things look pretty, so expect a lot of Terraforming and medieval style buildings. Other than that I'm also very sociable and generally am fun to be around (at least that's what people tell me, if not my whole life has been a lie).

    Tell us a bit about your hobbies (sports, music, video games ;)?): Mostly gaming, I played a lot of shooters back in the day, discovered the more calming Minecraft later on, currently actively playing Smite and well, looking to play Minecraft again :P. I'm a big fan of music (mostly electronic), used to play the guitar and Ukulele back in the days, but had to give it up due to college.

    Why do you want to join this community?: Been a part of many of these community servers in the past, all of which shut down sadly, and genuinely I just miss playing Minecraft with a bunch of likeminded people :D.

    Will you abide by ALL of the rules listed above (answer wisely)?: Definitely Not!

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    posted a message on 🌟 Survival Haven 🌟 1.11,✨BRAND NEW✨ Semi-Vanilla Survival, Grief Prevention, Community, Player Shops, 🗝 Crate Keys 🗝

    • IGN: PermaDerp
    • Age: 20
    • Do you accept our rules? Pretty standard rules, so yes.
    • Why do you want to join us? Been on a couple community servers before, all of which have sadly died down, so I'm looking for a new one. A fresh map is a big plus for me as I can help shape the server grow. Generally just looking for some fun people to havea good time with.
    • Any additional info about yourself: Been playing MC since Beta 1.7.3, I also play other games and see MC as a great way to just calm down and chill out from the stress of the day. I'm swiss, so my timezone is CET, not sure if that matters, just thought I'd let you know.

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    posted a message on ===CraftiteSMP II===Looking for Dedicated Players!===
    • In-Game Username: PermaDerp
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Age: 20
    • If you could describe your personality, what would it be? (Ex. Redstoner, Builder, Explorer, Griefer, Thief, Redstoner & Griefer, Griefer if bored, etc): Builder/Explorer, used to do a lot of redstone back in the Beta.
    • What is Rule #7? (Word for Word): Every player must live (in the overworld) within a 500 block radius of the Spawn Town. Although roads may not reach you anytime soon, your base should be within a reasonable area for roads to have the possibility of reaching you. If your base is in territory not yet used (no roads, buildings, etc.), please ask Ninja before building for confirmation that it is good. Building in the Lakes or Rivers at Spawn is also prohibited.
    • Do you have any friends who may be interested in joining? (Make sure you have them apply!) Nope
    • How much can you play per day? Can you make a minimum of at least 1 hour a day? Should be able to play 2 hours at least on weekdays, on weekends it can go up to 8
    • Are you a Leader or a Follower? Do you listen to the rules or make the rules? Generally more the follower, but if the situation demand I can adapt to the leader role.
    • What are your plans for the Realm? What will you contribute to the Central Town (LakeMaine II)? Help building up the town and making it look nice.
    • Do you mind playing Minigames/UHCs? If not, why? I like UHC's, Minigames sound like fun too ;)
    • Is there anything else we should know about you? Been playing this game for a long time always looking for great people to play with. I have been a member of multiple servers before, most of which don't exist anymore. You can expect a lot of dedication from me :D
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    posted a message on Midlife Minecraft - Adult Survival Server - Preparing for 1.11

    In game name: PermaDerp

    Age: 20

    What you like to do most in SMP: I'm the builder type, generally building in a medieval style. I also love to do collabs with others, generally just want to meet some cool people, to talk and have fun with.

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    posted a message on [Request] Coastal City Seed

    guess what I've been doing the last 2 days :P

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    posted a message on [Request] Coastal City Seed

    Hey, I'm looking for a seed to build a coastal city on, so what I'm looking for is:

    - an ocean (obviously)

    - flat terrain (plains/forest)

    - mountains

    - a river leading into the ocean

    - if possible no annoying beach biome

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    posted a message on Chaos Craft SMP (Mature) (16+) (Snapshot 15w39c)

    I'm sorry, but I wont be able to play on Chaoscraft, since my ping is to high to play properly, but I enjoyed my 2 days on the server and wish you the best of luck to get more people :D

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    posted a message on Chaos Craft SMP (Mature) (16+) (Snapshot 15w39c)

    1. Minecraft Username: PermaDerp
    2. Age: 18
    3. Timezone: CEST (GMT+2)
    4. Describe yourself as a player: I love building and planning stuff, used to be good with redstone. I prefer a medieval/antique building style. I also try to make things realistic where possible.
    5. Describe yourself as a person: More of a casual palyer, always up for jokes but I can be serious if need be. Pretty laid back, it's pretty hard to make me angry. Generally just looking for a good atmosphere and nice people.
    6. Skype Username: robin.fasnacht
    7. Tell me a joke :P (optional): Not good at coming up with jokes, usually I make them based on the situation :D
    8. Anything else you would like to say or know: Been looking for a vanilla community Server a long time, so I'm looking forward to this. I live in Switzerland and always love getting to know people from all around the world. I like your description and your building style, so I'm hpoing to join you guys soon :)

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    posted a message on [Whitelist]Nirvana Minecraft(100% Vanilla) MindCrack inspired! Great Community!
    Quote from finnurland»

    need your IGN

    Oh, yeah, it's PermaDerp aswell.
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    posted a message on [Whitelist]Nirvana Minecraft(100% Vanilla) MindCrack inspired! Great Community!
    Age: 18
    Timezone: GMT+1
    Why you would like to join: I've been looking for good community servers for a long time, most of them died down though :/
    What are you best at in Minecraft?: medieval building I'd say
    What are you 3 most favorite foods in the game?: Steak, Carrots and Pufferfish :P
    What kind of player are you?: friendly/funny
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    posted a message on BayCraft: ~Now on 1.8~ [New World] [100% Vanilla Survival] [24/7] [Small, Friendly Community] Apply today!
    IGN: PermaDerp

    Age (Don't lie, I won't judge): 18

    Skype (optional): maybe later

    Which server(s) do you want to be added to? (There's vanilla, Hexxit, and zombie survival): Just Vanilla

    Why you want to be added to the whitelist?: I've been looking for good vanilla servers a long time now, most of the ones I played on got shut down :(

    What do you hope to bring to this server and what do you hope for this server to bring to you?: I will try to bring the server fun and an enjoyable atmposphere, and from the server I hope to get some good times ^^

    What is your greatest skill in Minecraft (this will not affect your chances of acceptance, I just want to know)?: probably medieval builds

    Do you promise to follow these simple rules and accept that repeatedly breaking them will result in your permanent removal from the whitelist?: yep
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    posted a message on Vanilla SURVIVAL - Mature 18+ Whitelist 24/7/365
    Name? Robin
    In Game Name? PermaDerp
    Age? 18
    Country? Switzerland
    Favorite Aspect of Online Play? Building
    Least Favorite Aspect of Online Play? Resource Grinding ^^
    Were You Referred By An Existing Apollo Player? Nope
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    posted a message on (New whitelisted Vanilla Server) (Searching active Players) (Closed)!!
    InGameName: lethalix

    SkypeName: robin_fasnacht

    Age: 17

    How mature are you?: depends, but usually 18

    Where do you live?: Switzerland

    Have you ever been banned from a server?: when yes why ?: yes, dying in hardcore mode :P

    When did you start playing minecraft?: Beta 1.7.3

    Do you have experience with survival-mode?: I've been playing survival since i started

    Do you have building skills?: i love building in a medieval theme

    Do you have technical skills?: a bit rusty maybe, but some time ago i was loving to do redstone stuff

    What are you best at minecraft?: terraforming and building

    What do you enjoy most at minecraft?: everything! :D

    Do you have a YouTube channel?: and when yes would you record regulary?: I have an unused Youtube channel, and i'd really like to record some stuff!
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