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    posted a message on May I kindly ask for some help with this error?

    So after some trial and error and process of elimination I found that removing the Elemental Creepers mod "solves" this problem.

    However I ran another server 2 or 3 years ago using nearly identical mods to the ones I'm using now (including Elemental Creepers) and never had this issue. The only difference now is I'm using newer versions of the same mods I had before (assuming newer versions were available and that they're not alpha or beta releases).

    So this makes me think that Elemental Creepers itself isn't necessarily the problem but rather another mod that got updated is as I'm using the same version of Elemental Creepers now as I was a few years ago on my prior server. I would imagine Elemental Creepers is a fairly simple mod in and of itself so some other mod that got updated is probably not playing well with it.

    Knowing that removing Elemental Creepers stops my server from crashing, is there any information in either of the 4 crash logs I posted that would now shed more light on the issue?

    If it's not another mod causing the conflict, could it be Forge itself? Apart from having some newer versions of mods on this server, the only other difference between this server and my last is that I'm using a slightly newer version of Forge as well.

    I'm not adamant about keeping Elemental Creepers. If I have to get rid of it then so be it. I simply like it because it adds more variety of mobs to face. I'm sure I can find another mod that adds more mobs to replace it though.

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    posted a message on May I kindly ask for some help with this error?

    I tried updating Natura to a newer version and was met with this error: https://pastebin.com/GFDEENk4

    Afterwards, I tried removing Natura entirely and was met with this error: https://pastebin.com/QaUr8Ytx

    So it doesn't look like Natura is the culprit :(

    In the 2nd log I noticed this line here:

    -- Block being ticked --
    Block type: ID #8 (tile.water // cofh.asmhooks.block.BlockTickingWater)

    Is this of any significance?

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    posted a message on May I kindly ask for some help with this error?

    This is the first error I encountered https://pastebin.com/jPLLxJnY

    I'm running a 1.7.10 server on a win10 box in my house and connecting to it as a client from another win10 box in my house. The crash occurred upon entering a new biome.

    I attempted to relaunch the server and reconnect and then upon connecting it crashed again and threw this error:


    If I try to repeatedly relaunch the server and connect again it will just alternate between these two errors:

    "Exception getting block type in world" and "Exception ticking world"

    As far as I can see the stack is not pointing towards any particular mod being the culprit but I really don't have much experience with this stuff so maybe there's something I'm overlooking.

    I saw something in the log about betterfps so I tried to remove betterfps and that did not help and just threw the same error(s).

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