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    posted a message on Chat starting height is too low

    I know of no way to raise the bottom of the chat, but you can reduce the width of the chat until it is off or almost off of your health bar. Not sure if this was already known, but I hope it helps.

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    posted a message on Custom Fusion Crafting Recipe Won't Work

    I am developing a modpack and have gotten several custom recipes to work, but I can't seem to add a new recipe for the Staff of Power from DE. I can open the recipe in JEI, and it will show nothing but the energy and the tier. Also, trying to do the crafting won't work either.

    Things I've tried:

    • Changing the energy
    • changing the tier
    • changing the catalyst
    • changing the ingredients
    • not removing the original recipe
    • specifying metadata
    • Checking the syntax/spelling in the file

    Custom Recipes File

    Other recipes do work, as shown in the screenshots:

    Absent Recipe in JEI

    Recipe not Activating

    Other Recipe

    If I can get any help with this, that would be great. I am far from releasing this pack, but this problem still needs to be fixed.

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    posted a message on Draconic Evolution Custom Fusion Crafting with Enchantments

    I am making a modpack that includes draconic evolution, avaritia, and others, and am making a tiered-ish tool leveling system. Each tool requires a tool of the previous mining level. Working with draconic evolution' fusion crafting, I figured out how to add and remove recipes, but I can't figure out how to give a resulting item an enchantment. Example: upgrading a base draconic pickaxe to the world breaker from avaritia, but cant get the fortune x enchantment. Here is the current file I am working with:


    EDIT: I found out that if you shift-right-click the pickaxe, it gives the enchantment, but I want it to be present from the start. Not everyone knows you can change the form of the world breaker.

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    posted a message on Buggy water in modded world

    I've been trying to make a mod pack for a decent time now and almost done, but I keep having this random problem where if I try to swim in water, I get launch forward. You can see me bouncing above the water when I try to jump in. I can drop in perfectly fine though. I know it's not the best quality, but I made do with what's available.

    EDIT: I have solved this issue. It was just an outdated version on inventory pets that had an issue in its coding.

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