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    Hi everyone,

    I do hope I've posted this in the correct place. Please redirect me if not.

    I currently host a LAN 1.14.4 server that me and my partner use. It was created on vanilla Minecraft, and then I added a few mods to it via installing the forge client on my computer only (i.e - Only I could see/use the mods and my partner could not.)

    What I want to do is make those mods available for my partner as well. I believe this is done by setting up a modded forge server. The problem is that I've read in places that you need to start from a fresh world to do that, which I don't want to do. I want to take my existing server world and be able to have mods accessible by anyone on the server. Is this possible? Do I have to look into this "FTP" that I've heard of?

    I've tried installing a forge server via the forge installer, but it says "There are already files in the target directory." which is the .minecraft folder. I'm not really sure if I can just make a new folder anywhere, or if it has to be in the original server location....MC server stuff has always given me a bit of trouble!

    Any assistance is much appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Peaceful Jim.

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