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    posted a message on The Mergic Network | Professional | Recruiting Builders | Staff | Sponsors | and more!

    Position*: I would like to be a moderator, though I don't mind being given any lower ranks if needed.

    Current and previous Minecraft Username(s)*: Paxoplace is my Minecraft username, however in some other social media and gaming websites I am called Paxo8.

    Skype ID/Contact Information (you may message it to us)*: Unfortunately, I do not have Skype. I am very sorry about this.

    Do you share your account(s) with anyone else?*: No, I don't share my account with anyone else; my account is relatively safe from others.

    Age*: 11

    Timezone*: New Zealand Standard Time

    Why you want this position*: I would like to be a moderator because I think I can take on the responsibility of helping this server flourish into a popular one; I believe that I will be able to help with keeping this server friendly and safe. I have had quite a lot of past experience, which I hope will help with my moderating while being staff on this server. I think that I can judge people well, and ban, mute, kick, or warn then if I feel that it is the need. You will be able to trust me to be staff on this server.

    Past Experiences with a position like this*: One or two of my friends have let me become staff before on their servers, but besides that, I have been accepted as co-owner, administrator, moderator, and builder quite a few times, on various servers. I think that I have plenty of experience with being a moderator, and will be glad to help out moderating this server when the time comes to help.

    Are you currently staff on another server?*: Not at the moment, no. I used to be staff on quite a few servers, but all of them went down. But, hopefully, I will be able to add this name to the list the next time I apply for a server!

    Extra info about yourself: I am fun, friendly, have good sportsmanship, and helpful. I am also quite good with Minecraft, especially redstone and WorldEdit, which may help if I am given the builder position instead of moderator.

    Thank you very much for taking your time to read this application.


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    posted a message on ***TopNotchGaming*** Needs NEW staff members and builders!

    First Name: Paxton

    In Game Name: Paxoplace

    Age: Too unsafe to specify, but definitely old enough

    Position applying for: Anything open

    Maturity (1-10): 9

    Grammar(1-10): 9

    Why I should hire you?: I have had a lot of past experience as admin, mod, and builder. You should hire me because I think I will be quite helpful in the making and keeping of your server. I also have good experience in knowing when to ban, kick, warn, mute, etc. I will mute people if they spam or abuse the server, and warn / ban them if they majorly break the rules. I believe I will do a good job in making the server a safe and fun place for everyone that goes on it. I will go on (probably) every day (to this server).

    Previous Experience: I have been a Co-Owner twice, a builder about four or five times, and (head) mod or admin many times, maybe ten times.

    Skype: I don't have a Skype.

    What you can offer?: Lots of helpfulness and kindness!!! :)

    Anything else?: Not really anything else to say.

    (If builder) example builds: N/A

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    posted a message on *MinersCentury are looking for every type of staff*Admin*Mod*Builder and Plugin Dev*APPLY NOW!*

    I am applying for BUILDER

    Your Username: Paxoplace

    Your Age: Too unsafe to specify, but probably old enough to be a Builder

    Your Timezone: Also too unsafe to specify,

    What servers have you been a builder on: About 4 or 5 different servers, and all of those times, I have been accepted. I have created a Prison server, and Creative server, a Server Spawn, and more.

    What times can you be online and how many hours per week: 5 - 6 hours per week! Maybe more or maybe less depending on what I have that week. But I will be very reliable, and if you tell me to come on at a certain time, I will try to.

    Pictures of your builds: None of these used WorldEdit.

    Rate how good you think your builds are 1-10: Probably seven or eight out of ten, if I had to guess.

    Anything else to add?: None

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    posted a message on Server staff needed! *UnderCraft*
    IGN: Paxoplace

    I would like to apply for Co-Owner. I would like this rank because I have lots of experience with commands, helping people out, building, WorldEdit, etc.

    If, for example, somebody is spamming, I will give them two warnings, then a kick, then a mute, then a temp-ban, then, if it continues, a perm-ban. I have good judgement. I also have been:

    Builder 7 times

    Mod 2 times

    Head Mod 2 times

    Admin 4 times

    Head Admin 3 times

    Co-Owner 9 times

    Owner 6 times

    I can go onto this server about 1 to 2 hours a day. I will do my best to help out with the server.

    Thank you for reading this. Please private message me the server IP.


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    posted a message on Survival Pixel Art Brainstorm
    I have a survival world on Minecraft, and I have practically mastered everything on it (defeated Ender Dragon, defeated Wither, made full beacon, found every type of structure, etc). I feel like I should build something else on it to make it look amazing, so I've decided to put some pixel art.

    Unfortunately, as soon as I had everything set up to build some pixel art on survival, I had a mind blank. I came to MinecraftForum and made this post to get some ideas.

    So, are there any pixel art ideas that you have? Do they have rare blocks in them? Are they 3-dimensional? Do they have a pattern? Are they big or small?

    Please be sure to post some ideas of pixel art below. Thanks for helping giving me ideas!
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    posted a message on ===InfinityCraft=== Minigames, Creative, Survival and many more | LOOKING FOR STAFF!
    What rank do you wish to apply for?: Head Admin

    How old are you?: This is too unsafe to specify, but probably old enough

    Your in-game name: Paxoplace

    What timezone are you in?: Again, this is too unsafe

    What country do you live in?: For the third time, this is too unsafe. I will answer all of the following ones, though

    What languages do you speak?: English, mainly

    Why do you think you should become a part of our staff team?: I am a good builder, and I know when people are getting into trouble. I will give them a warning, and if they do not stop, either a kick or a mute. If they still do not stop, I will temp-ban them, and if the trouble goes on, a perm-ban

    How long can you be active on the server everyday?: A couple of hours, maybe 2 to 3 hours a day

    Do you have any past experience as a staff? If so, please state the staff rank you were: I was once Head-Admin on a server, but unfortunately it closed down.

    Thank you!
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    I would like to be builder! That would be amazing!
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    posted a message on A guide on how to make Minecraft survival fun again!

    This was very helpful, I definitely found Minecraft much more fun after reading this. Thanks! :D

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    posted a message on Not sure if this counts as a map or not...
    I think that it would count as a small survival / puzzle map. You may want to add a few command blocks, though. It is way cooler, the more you change it. Think in a creative way.
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    posted a message on What is the best thing to do with gold?
    On my mining expedition yesterday (a few hours long), I found more than 6 and a half stacks of gold. I considered myself lucky, except, what do I do with the gold?

    I have been pondering today, and I decided to ask on the Minecraft Forum. I hope to find good answers!
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    posted a message on Need builders and staff for new upcoming EU server
    IGN: Paxoplace

    Will be very happy if I get to join this server.

    Applying for: Builder

    Able to build: Practically anything, including spawns, automatic day-night lights, houses, minigames, and many other awesome things.

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    posted a message on Found a Derp Village Today
    I once found a desert village, with about 40 villagers trapped inside one of those large, three-quarter-square houses. No joke.
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    posted a message on Iron, iron, what can I do with you?
    Quote from CanaryCasserole
    Make the a scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. Yeah, that'll take a lot of your iron away.

    That's exactly the info I needed, for my more than 32 and a half stacks of iron ingots.
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    posted a message on What did you do when you found your first diamonds?
    When I got my first diamonds (a vein of 17), I started changing to third person, looking up my iron leggings, and jumping. I did this for about two and a half minutes, but then I realized that I didn't know how to use diamonds. I tried every impossible combination (diamond bucket, diamond minecart, diamond crafting table, diamond chest, diamond arrow etc), but unfortunately failed. When I finally learned how to make a diamond pickaxe, I was very pleased with myself. I used it only for obsidian, and cool ores, such as diamonds, emeralds, redstone, gold, and lapis lazuli. About half an hour later, I first learned how to use lava buckets, and that was the end of my leftover 14 diamonds...
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