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    Quote from Peanut8Man

    Why cant you just use your voice

    No, but on topic, ShingFling, maybe you can...have a friend have their volume up high...no...
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    Wow. Well, um...like TheZorgyBaby said here:

    Quote from TheZorgyBaby

    Haha you know a comment like that is just going to get hate right? You just need to stand your ground and be smart about it. People just like to put down others, and in turn it makes them feel like they are smarter/better then other people. Just remember that and ignore them, because all they want to do is start a fight with some random person whom they will never meet.

    Just ignore them. That's how I ignore Herobrine. :D

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    If you're reading this, that means you're in the year 1100 and a war is brewing.
    Awesomely, I am the leader of the Hard-Bocken-Saturn(or the Hard Chart Planet tribe)
    There are Dwarves, Elves, Humans(so few)Dragons, and so on and so forth.
    If you want...

    1.You need good grammer
    2.No fighting
    3.No Meta-gaming
    4.No power-playing
    4.none of the -playing stuff
    4.Have fun...OR ELSE
    4.Notice the fours? Put "4U" in your app to signal that you read the rules
    4.You can only have 3-4 characters max.

    Story(more will be added once we begin)
    Paperyscus file 1:
    Name:Armadan Hersworth Year:1099 Race:Dragon
    OK, so we have a war brewing between us and the Armada. I hate them. They stink, they work for the Empire, and their ruler is a disgusting human named "Herobruscus".[pronounced Hero-brus-cus] He has in-human powers and tens to thousands of soldiers. I am declaring a meeting with all the free races in my fortress, which is made of smelted gold.
    Armadan Hersworth, son of legendary Hendrick and legendary Hersu, signing off!
    File 2:
    None yet!

    Bio:[you don't have to]
    Weapons of choice:
    Type of magic they do:

    They are short, excellent craftsman, and great at making stuff. They have a minimal set of magic, so they don't accidentally cast a spell as they are working.
    They are excellent runners and use Magyk frequently. But, of course, they are bad swordsman and don't eat meat.
    Dragons are the eldest of every race. They have a max of point 9 Magyk, and can fly. They can't eat vegies, otherwise they throw up.
    The most common race, they are common swordsman, and uncommon with Magic. They are the best commanders and uses strategy mostly all the time.
    They live in fear of every race, and since that is a fact, they don't socialize with any other race except the elves. They have every animal in known history, except the Do-Do.

    Torixa: The good faction, they fight the Armada and uses every race as soldiers and the leader, Du-Gata, thinks of all of the Torixa as his family. They specialize in craftsmanship and fighting.
    Dragoniz: They elves faction, their leader is Shulavinia, a Dragon, live in the outskirts of Dragonillius, and extract magic from the power crystals that are there.
    Unknown Force: The unknown source of power and assassins that kill the good factions and are professionals at killing.
    Armada:They are the exact opposite of the Torixa, the leader, Wheatly, doesn't care about the Armada-more, in fact, he hates them.

    News and Updates
    March 12, 2013:Sorry I was gone! Anyways, I hope you didn't miss me. So, the attack is in real life, like Fang can rip out an enemy's throat, BUT if the enemy has an armor plate on his neck, it hurts Fang. Later!

    Empire soldier;50 HP;does 5 damage each hit.
    Wheatly;???HP;does 1,000,000 hit points each attack.
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    If Notch(or Jeb, whatever) wants a suggestion, then they'll have it.

    My suggestion is adding Villages and Villagers in Minecraft PE edition. And also trading.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket Edition Clan- MinerZ ***ACCEPTING ALL JOIN NOW******
    WHICH CONTINENT YOU LIVE ON (optional): Minnesota, USA

    My Youtube name is HaloBorderCraft.
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    hmm....very murderous indeed....MWAHAHAHA!!!
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